alpha vape e liquid review

Alpha Vape is a growing e liquid brand focused on sweet, fruity flavors. It didn’t take us long while reviewing Alpha Vape e liquids to see that this is a relatively simple, no-frills sort of company. The e liquids are served in basic bottles without any flashy branding, and the brand doesn’t have its own website right now. Instead of spending time on those sorts of things, it seems that the folks behind Alpha Vape are 100% focused on their products, and that’s a very respectable approach. So far, it seems to be paying off for Alpha Vape. After the first few puffs of these e liquids, you can quickly see that there’s a lot of quality in every bottle. Most of the liquids on the menu offer some really punchy flavors, reminding us of another brand we love: Blu. You can learn more about them via our Blu E Liquid Review.

What’s interesting about Alpha Vape is that the recipes seem relatively simple on the outside, but the brand’s mixers have managed to create some really fascinating flavors here. New notes are revealed with each puff and all of the bottles feel very layered and well thought-out. Fruit flavors can often fall into the trap of tasting similar to each other, but Alpha Vape’s concoctions are entirely unique. The Hoops, flavor, for example, is built around the two core ingredients of cantaloupe and cream. It might sound basic on the outside, but it’s really delicious and definitely one of Alpha Vape’s best flavors. If you’re interested in learning more about our best-rated flavors of all time, check out the Best E Liquids.

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Alpha Vape Review of Pros & Cons

When it comes to Alpha Vape, we’re mostly talking about pros over cons. There are a few little issues, like the lack of an Alpha Vape website to buy these products directly, along with the bland packaging. The high VG blends also result in relatively light throat hits on most of these e liquids.

On the plus side, Alpha Vape’s products offer some strong, delicious flavors. The mixers at this brand have mastered the use of fruity ingredients to concoct some unique, exciting recipes. Our overall view on Alpha Vape is a generally positive one and we’re hoping to see even more flavors added to the brand’s small selection in the future.

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Alpha Vape Pros

  • High quality ingredients.
  • Varied fruit flavors.
  • American made.
Alpha Vape Cons

  • Bland packaging.
  • No website.
  • Light throat hit.

Alpha Vape E Liquid Review Summary

alpha vape e liquid review summary

Alpha Vape might be a simple-looking brand, but its flavors and products are complex and deep. While reviewing this brand and looking through its selection of e liquids, we were consistently impressed by Alpha Vape’s dedication to quality. Each bottle provides its own pleasant surprise, and we can strongly recommend all of these products to our readers, especially people who are interested in fruit-based recipes. It’s a shame that Alpha Vape has chosen such low-key branding for its products, as image plays a big role in the vaping industry and many people might overlook these e liquids without giving them a real chance. That would be a big mistake. There’s a lot of quality in each of these flavors and many of them are perfect for your all-day vaping needs.

All of Alpha Vape’s e liquids provide thick, aromatic clouds of vapor and bold flavors. The throat hit is a little lacking and even non-existent in certain mixtures, but that shouldn’t be a problem for many people. Alpha Vape only has a small menu, but if you’re wondering where to start, we strongly recommend Heist and Sweet Tooth as two of the brand’s best flavors. While reviewing Alpha Vape e liquids, we really fell in love with Heist, bringing together strawberry, mango, and just a hint of pineapple in an explosion of tropical fruity fun. Sweet Tooth is another winner, and it’s the only Alpha Vape e liquid not to feature any fruity ingredients. This e liquid combines a creamy cookie dough with crunchy graham cracker and blends it all together with vanilla notes. Give Alpha Vape a try today and find your favorite flavors.