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ANML E Liquid is the latest creation from famed e-liquid developer Phillip Rocke. This brand is an up-and-coming player in the vaping scene and is already generating a lot of buzz for its fresh flavors and original designs. ANML was only recently initiated and has just three flavors to offer for the moment, but each of those flavors will leave you wanting more. The idea behind the company was to create flavors that reminded users of their childhood, while also adding a modern twist and a dash of style. The result is a collection of three tastes named Fury, Looper and Carnage. Each bottle is startlingly unique and offers an experience that you’ll struggle to find from any other e-liquid provider. The company prides itself on spending a huge amount of time and research into perfecting its flavors, and that sort of hard work and determination is evident when the first notes of flavor hit your lips. Each one of these products has been designed with care and attention in order to provide a breathtaking experience for ANML’s customers.

If you’re looking for a big business brand that mass-produces its liquids on a global scale, you’re in the wrong place. ANML is the very antithesis of some of the industry leaders, offering a very limited selection of handcrafted products in small batches. Every bottle has been delicately filled by dedicated staff and each of the three flavors offers something unique. The company boasts that you simply need to try their products to believe them and we’re inclined to agree. These e-liquids aren’t the cheapest ones out there, retailing for around $21.95 per 30ml bottle, but they offer a level of quality that matches the price you pay. In line with the company’s name, each bottle is also attractively decorated with a picture of an animal: a mysterious octopus for Looper, a multi-tailed fox for Fury and a vicious cobra for Carnage.

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ANML E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

With artisanal or ‘craft’ companies like ANML, it’s hard for us to really draw up a list of pros and cons. Naturally, it’s easy to criticize a company for only offering three different flavors, but it’s also hard to justify such a criticism when the quality of those flavors is so staggeringly high. Put simply, ANML doesn’t have a huge selection on offer, but it’s sometimes more important to focus on quality over quantity, particularly when talking about vape juice.

Despite the relatively high prices of ANML’s products, the company does make some effort to offer savings for its customers. If you choose to buy multiple bottles, for example, you will be able to benefit from better prices. The brand even offers a good assortment of ‘Value Packs’ that contain several bottles and offer decent savings. You can also buy 100ml bottles to have a higher volume of juice for a lower price. The company uses only the best ingredients, with everything being sourced and manufactured in America, so you won’t need to worry about buying substandard e-liquids with ANML.

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ANML E Liquid Pros

  • Intense, unique flavors that bring back memories
  • Nicely-designed bottles
  • Dedicated staff
  • Modern website
  • Big social media presence
  • Products made in USA
  • Big bottles and value packs to help you save cash
ANML E Liquid Cons

  • None, we’re big fans of quality over quantity

ANML E Liquid Review Summary

anml vapor review summary

To sum up, ANML is a company that has really impressed us. From what we’ve seen so far, we can safely say that we’re expecting big things from this brand in the future. With three truly excellent releases to its name, this company has a 100% success record when it comes to creating top quality products that truly excel against the competition. You might have heard of these flavors before, but they’ve never tasted so good. We definitely recommend that you head over to ANML and sample their delicious juices.

A point we keep coming back to with ANML is that this company is a little bit limited for the time being, but that really doesn’t have to be classed as a negative aspect. Lots of successful vaping brands started out with just one or two flavors, so there’s plenty of time for ANML to grow in the future. In fact, with just three options on offer, the company has already attracted huge amounts of attention and garnered a big online following. Customers appear to be very happy with ANML products and we’re certainly in agreement with them. These three flavors are truly special and unlike anything you’ll have tasted anywhere else. One of our favorites has to be Looper. There are an awful lot of cereal-inspired vape juices out there. Some of them are terrible and others manage to somewhat capture the essence of chowing down on a fruity cereal mixed with fresh milk, but leave you hoping for more. Looper truly stands out in this category as a flawless recreation of the flavors we’re all familiar with.

Fortunately, Looper isn’t alone. Fury and Carnage also succeed where others have failed at faithfully recreating their respective savors. The former delivers a delicious rendition of sugary cereal coated in creamy milk, while the latter beautifully captures the taste of sweet strawberry candy. These flavors aren’t exactly new ideas in the world of vaping, but it’s the way in which they have been developed that helps them stand out. The industry is littered with juices that aim to replicate the tastes of sugar-coated cereal or strawberry snacks, but very, very few of them are as effective as this line of products from ANML. Dedicated fans are already saying they’ll never go back to other brands after tasting these flavors and we can’t blame them. The team at ANML deserve plenty of plaudits for managing to whirl together so many distinct memories and sensations into just three little bottles.