anml vapors fury reviewANML Fury comes to us as one of ANML’s newest creative flavor options via Phillip Rocke. ANML is one of the most exciting new companies to have arrived on the vaping scene in recent times. Headed by famous creator Phillip Rocke, the company has so far come up with three incredible bottles that do an amazing job of perfectly recreating the flavors of our youth. One such example is Fury, a picture-perfect recreation of the flavors and sensations you enjoy when chowing down on a bowl of crispy, sugar-coated cereal. Everything from the grains in the cereal to the savor of the frosting to the cool, refreshing nature of creamy milk has been wonderfully captured in this little bottle. ANML has quickly developed a reputation for coming up with the very best recipes and Fury just shows how good they are at what they do. Almost everyone has, at some point in their life, enjoyed the classic sensation of opening up a fresh bag of frosted cereal and bathing them in refreshing milk. If you want to enjoy that flavor all over again in vaping form, this is really the only product you should consider.

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ANML Fury Overall Taste:
There are a lot of different cereal-based vapes out there, with a huge portion of them trying to recreate this very flavor. Unfortunately, a lot of those products leave people disappointed, but Fury certainly won’t. The first thing that hits you is the subdued sweetness of the frosting, along with the undertones of crispy cereal. The whole package is linked together with swathes of creamy milk to make a wonderful all-day vape.

ANML Fury Throat Hit:
When it comes to the throat hit, we can say that Fury’s hit is present but not too strong. Sweet, cereal vapes don’t really need to be too strong in this department, and the mixers at ANML have managed to come up with a good compromise between flavor intensity and throat hit in this product.

ANML Fury Vapor Production:
Fury is made from 50% VG and 50% PG. The relatively low amount of VG means that there won’t be too much vapor in this product, but you can still expect to see a reasonable cloud.

ANML Fury Product & Shipping Costs:
Fury comes exclusively in 30ml bottles that cost $21.95 each. That’s a really good price for the quality of product on offer. Incredibly, ANML even gives the opportunity to save more money by buying multiple bottles. For example, a set of two bottles of Fury will cost you $39.95, offering a saving of $3.95. You could also choose to go one step further and buy a three bottle pack for just $58, offering another excellent saving of $6.90. Unfortunately, this company is not able to sell its products with free shipping, so you’ll have to pay extra for that. Overall though, ANML offers good value for money considering the quality of its products.

ANML Fury Product Availability:
Since the ANML menu only consists of three flavors, it’s almost impossible for them to ever go out of stock. You will therefore not have to worry about this product being unavailable at any time and will be able to stock up with more Fury whenever you need to. As previously mentioned, it’s well worth taking advantage of the multi-bottle packages to save a few dollars each time. Fury is a truly delicious e-liquid and you’ll almost definitely want more than a single bottle anyway.

ANML Fury Review Summary

anml vapors fury review summary

E-liquids aim to recreate flavors. Some of them succeed and others fail. Fortunately, Fury is one of the very best success stories. The team of mixers at ANML have worked another miracle with this little bottle. From the very first vape to the last, you’ll truly feel as though you’ve just eaten a scrumptious spoonful of crispy, sugary cereal and refreshing milk. If that’s the sort of flavor you search for, Fury is the juice for you.