apollo e liquid review

Apollo E Liquid is a popular e liquid company offering a unique selection of varied, flavorful juices. One of the biggest dilemmas facing e liquid creators since the industry began has been finding the right ratio of VG and PG, the two core ingredients of every e liquid. Different e liquid companies use different ratios, with many favoring high VG or even max VG blends, but Apollo is going down a different route. While reviewing Apollo e liquids, one of the first things we noticed is that this company offers an interesting lineup of 50/50 e liquids, hoping to strike the perfect balance and provide customers with reasonable vapor production and solid throat hits in every puff. It’s a ratio that works fairly well and will definitely appeal to former smokers, especially on the brand’s tobacco-based flavors. If you’d like to learn more about a tobacco-based brand we love, check out our Black Note E Liquid Review.

Apollo’s products stand out due to their 50/50 ratio of PG and VG, but they also stand out for their flavor variety and prices. There are dozens of different flavors to choose from here, including tobacco, menthol, fruit and beverage-based offerings. Some of the recipes are simplistic, while others are more complex, but all of the e liquids we tried offered strong flavors which didn’t fade away with repeated use. And, as previously mentioned, Apollo’s prices are especially attractive. The brand’s e liquids are available in 10 or 30ml bottles, as well as bundle packs to help you save even more cash. When we started reviewing Apollo e liquids and saw the brand’s prices, we were expecting slightly subpar quality from the juices themselves. However, when we actually got our hands on them and gave them a try, we were very impressed with the strength of the flavors and satisfaction provided in each puff. If you’d like to learn about our top-rated e liquids of all time, take a look at our Best E Liquids.

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Apollo E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

For Apollo e liquids, we’re looking at a few big pros and a few simple cons too. On the plus side, the 50/50 blends provide strong throat hits and solid flavors. All of this brand’s e liquids are produced in a state-of-the-art laboratory with top quality American ingredients, and they’re being sold for very attractive prices.

On the downside, part of the way that Apollo saves cash and manages to keep its prices so low is by offering its e liquids in plastic bottles, but this only a minor complaint and shouldn’t bother many people. In addition, the relatively low amounts of VG in each juice mean that vapor production is also relatively low compared to other e liquids you might have tried.

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Apollo E Liquid Pros

  • Strong throat hits.
  • Varied flavors.
  • American-made.
  • Attractive prices.
Apollo E Liquid Cons

  • Plastic bottles.
  • Basic packaging.
  • Low vapor production.

Apollo E Liquid Review Summary

apollo e liquid review summary

In reviewing Apollo e liquid, we were impressed by the way in which this brand has decided to be different and stand out from the increasingly large crowd of high VG e liquid providers. At a time when many companies are maxing out VG to provide huge clouds of vapor and super strong flavors with non-existent throat hits, Apollo has remembered that many vapers need to feel that throat hit in order to have a satisfying vaping experience. Its 50/50 blends provide an ideal balance of flavor, vapor production, and the hit that so many former smokers love. It’s good to see an e liquid company offering some different ideas and this helps Apollo to stand out, despite offering a relatively simple array of flavors.

Apollo’s e liquids also stand out due to their prices. It doesn’t cost much to enjoy these products, and Apollo hasn’t made any big compromises in terms of quality in order to keep its prices low, which is another plus point for this brand. While reviewing Apollo e liquids, we tested out most of the brand’s flavors and were impressed by many of them. Flavors were consistently strong and the throat hit was ever-present and especially noticeable in the brand’s tobacco and menthol offerings. One of our favorite flavors was RY4, mixing together bold tobacco with silky caramel and smooth vanilla cream.