atom vapes review

Atom Vapes is a growing company, offering its own selection of mods and other hardware, specifically designed for intermediate and advanced users looking for powerful devices in compact forms. The idea behind this brand was to offer strong batteries and impressive performance levels without the customer having to invest in a physically huge device, and for the most part, Atom Vapes succeeds in that aim. The company is headquartered in China but also has offices in the UK and US, making it a real international brand. You can find Atom Vapes products directly on the company’s site, and many other retailers are also starting to stock their products as word of mouth is helping to give this brand something of a cult following.

As well as its own range of hardware, Atom Vapes also sells products from VGOD, but apart from that, the selection is very limited here. You won’t find products from other brands like SMOK or Kanger on the Atom Vapes store, and the site doesn’t sell any e liquids either. Atom Vapes is all about hardware, and this brand wants to introduce more people to its unique mods and coils. Having tested out Atom Vapes products, we’ve been impressed with this brand and can recommend them to those advanced users looking for something new. If you’re more of a beginner, we’d recommend reading through our Mig Vapor Review, as well as taking a look at our extensive list of Best E Cigs.

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Atom Vapes Review of Pros and Cons

Atom Vapes is an interesting vaping company, offering a surprisingly wide array of stylish products. All of Atom Vapes mods and kits feature bold colors and designs. Some parts of this brand’s aesthetic might not appeal to everyone, as product design is always a subjective matter, but we found that Atom Vapes products are generally sleek and modern in their appearance. They also tend to be very compact, packing a lot of power into a small package, perfect for people who like to vape on-the-go or at work and don’t have the space to carry huge mods around with them all the time.

Atom Vapes is also well known for producing excellent coils, with the gClapton and gCeramic coils standing out as some of this brand’s bestselling items. Atom Vapes mods also provide a lot of variety in its mods, with options to appeal to a variety of customers. On the downside, this brand’s prices can get a little high on certain products, and the website needs some work, with certain links and buttons leading nowhere.

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Atom Vapes Pros

  • Strong batteries.
  • Eye-catching designs.
  • Excellent coils.
  • Great for advanced users.
Atom Vapes Cons

  • Site needs improvement.
  • High prices.
  • Few options for beginners.

Atom Vapes Review Summary

atom vapes review summary

Atom Vapes is a growing brand and we’re hopeful that it has a bright future ahead of it. As previously stated, the company’s website could do with some minor improvements and tidying up, and the relatively small array of products make Atom Vapes something of a niche brand, but the company is doing well to earn a solid reputation and develop a loyal following of fans. When shopping for mods with Atom Vapes, customers have an interesting range of options available, from the relatively simplistic but still highly powerful Viper mod with its 1100 mAh battery to the more complex Revolver Reloaded 2, as well as a couple of VGOD models too. One of the fun things about shopping with Atom Vapes is that many of this brand’s products are available in multiple styles and colors. You might have to pay a little extra for the aesthetic you desire, all the way up to $300 for the Gold models, but it’s nice to have the options.

The selection of products available with Atom Vapes is small but impressive, and each product has had a lot of care put into its production. Advanced vaping experts will also appreciate the option to purchase DIY box mods from this brand, offering the maximum amount of control over their vaping experiences. Atom Vapes’ tanks and coils are also of exceptional quality, with the very best materials and production standards in each and every one of these products, using Atom Vapes technology to offer great vaping experiences. Overall, we can finish this review of Atom Vapes on a positive note. The brand has some work ahead of it in order to truly compete with the bigger companies out there and earn more fans and followers, and we’d like to see more products added to the catalog in the future, but it’s clear to see that Atom Vapes is off to a good start.