best compact vapor electronic cigarettesLet’s make something perfectly clear off the top…

Friends don’t let friends use ‘arm-sized’ e cigs.

E Cig size matters and we’re happy to point out the best compact e cigs available. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning about all the best e cigs currently on the market, check out our ‘Best E Cigs of 2016‘ article.

Outside of the ‘social acceptability’ rules of e cigs, size is most important factor for those who are trying to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. As the physical addiction of traditional cigarettes is half the battle in quitting smoking. Therefore, it is important for those new to e cigs to find something they feel comfortable using anywhere and everywhere and that closely mimics the real and practical size of cigarettes which are small, compact and frankly normal sized.

Introducing the Best Compact E Cigs Available Online

Compact electronic cigarettes are perfect for those new to vaping and for those who prefer systems that closely resemble classic tobacco cigarettes. While most people only think of Blu Cigs when it comes to small or compact e cigs, there are in fact many other brands & models to choose from online. Additionally, if any of our favorite compact e cigs should tickle your fancy, head on over to our e cig coupon page, where we house the latest ways to save on all the compact e cig models found below.

Compact Sized Electronic Cigarettes Featured Compact Size

We classify compact sized electronic cigarettes as those that are most similar in size and overall feel to traditional tobacco cigarettes. The compact sized e cigs listed below are rechargeable & utilize flavor cartridges. Compact e cigs are great for newcomers due to their relatively cheap price point & cost savings compared to disposable e cigs.

Mini Sized Electronic Cigarettes Featured Mini Size

We classify mini sized electronic cigarettes as those that are the absolute smallest on the market, even smaller than our compact options. The min sized e cigs listed below range from disposables to mods. Mini sized e cigs are great for users who’s number one priority is ‘stealth’ or ‘inconspicuous’ vaping. While there isn’t currently a huge market of mini e cigs, we definitely expect the market to grow in the coming months and years.

Mid Sized Electronic Cigarettes Featured Mid Size

We classify mid sized electronic cigarettes as those that are slightly larger than compact but still smaller than most full sized e cigs. The mid sized e cigs listed below are rechargeable & utilize sleek e liquid tanks (as compared to large or bulky e liquid tanks). Mid sized e cigs are great for users who highly value small and sleek overall size as well as performance. The mid sized e cigs listed below are also highly cost effective on a monthly basis.

*Also, whatever compact e cig system you choose, be sure to understand whether or not it uses cartridges or e liquid and stock up accordingly. When it comes to first starting compact e cigs that use cartridges, you can expect to go through 1 to 3 per day dependent on the cartridge size and your individual intake preference. Additionally, when it comes to e liquid tanks, typically, users can expect to go through about 2 mL of e liquid per day.

Traditional tobacco cigarette and e cigarette size comparisons:

Traditional Tobacco Cigarette Sizes:
Traditional tobacco cigarettes vary in size, from the classic non-filtered to trendy mini capri’s there is a wide range of actual sizing. However, the most well known modern day traditional tobacco cigarettes are a standard 84mm (3.31 inches) and the longer 100mm (3.94 inches).

If you want small or normal sized e cigs that most resemble real cigarette sizes, we suggest the Halo G6 or the V2 EX Series.

However, if you can handle something slightly larger (about the size of a cigar) and are more concerned about overall performance and cost efficiency, we’d point you towards our favorite overall e cig, which is the V2 Pro Series 3.

Halo G6 Compact E Cig Sizes:
The G6 by Halo Cigs is widely known for is similar size but superior performance to that of Blu Cigs. The G6 far and away surpasses Blu on every single level. From Battery Life and Vapor Production to Monthly Cost of Using, the G6 is one of the very best small electronic cigarette options available on the market today.

For those of you who are searching for a great ‘small’ electronic cigarette, we salute you. As long time cigarette users looking to make the switch to vapor, we more times than not want something of similar size to easily transition.

This is of course compared to buying a full size tank system type electronic cigarette that may be incredibly effective, but also incredible large and cumbersome.

People looking for small or compact electronic cigarettes however shouldn’t be dismissed in terms of available performance. Again, this is why Halo Cigs and particularly their G6 model is the best solution.

The Halo G6 is the best compact e cig available on the market today. While competitors like Blu have mastered things like marketing campaigns, Halo has been busy working on their products and ultimately the quality of the G6. The G6 is compact in size and is almost identical relative to a traditional tobacco cigarette.

Where the G6 blows away the competition is battery life and cartomizer (also known as refills or cartridges) quality. Before you throw your money away on store bought e cigs like Blu Cigs, know that you will soon be regretting your decision and realizing that you need a premium quality compact e cig, an e cig that delivers time and time again, an e cig like the Halo G6.

V2 Cigs Compact E Cig Sizes:
V2 Cigs offers incredible options for beginner and advanced e cig users alike. If you’re completely new to e cigs and want something very similar in size to traditional tobacco cigarettes, we recommend their EX Series option.

V2 of course offers a standard line of e cigs that are also compact in size, however we feel that the performance and overall usage savings of the EX Series is well worth the slightly higher price point. The EX Series is available in a handful of cool finishes and features outstanding battery life, especially when compared to Blu.

If however you’re willing to venture to a slightly larger unit, we strongly recommend the V2 Pro Series 3. It’s roughly the size of a standard cigar but features incredible battery life and cost effectiveness.

The Series 3 is sort of a hybrid option being that it is basically a tank system but was built in a very sleek way. This is of course compared to most other tank systems or mods that are gigantic and hard or just plain not easy to use while on the go.

I personally use the Pro Series 3 everyday and get about 1.5 days out of a full charge and the monthly cost is only around $50 (for e liquid).

However, as we often say, not all e cigs are created equally. Some e cigs may be compact or small in size yet horrible in performance. In fact, we have an entire article on Blu Cigs Not Working. Which is worth pointing out because Blu Cigs are in fact very compact, which is nice, their batty life and overall performance on the other hand is way below par.

Best Compact E Cig Summary

In closing, we know what your looking for…

It doesn’t involve some 500 pound generator to charge or some ridiculously huge backpack of a tank to run.

It’s simple, smokers are looking for very similar but smarter and ‘healthier’ solutions in electronic cigarettes. This of course takes an electronic cigarette that is sleek, compact or small in size but big on throat hits and vapor production.

As ex-smokers or future ex-smokers, we need something we can use all the time and something that will last more than just a few months like all the other junk cluttering the market. We’ve been there and done that when it comes to quitting smoking and the e cigs outlined above are the best chance you have of finally ridding the habit.

If you’re still not sure which e cig is right for you, head on over to our Best E Cig Rankings Guide for more help.

Lastly, you can save huge on your new e cig purchase by utilizing our Halo Cigs Coupon Codes as well as our V2 Cigs Coupon Codes.