Which is the very best disposable e cig? A great question that leads to many varying opinions and thoughts regarding electronic cigarettes in general. First of all, I’m going to give you a clear answer to your question. However, I’m not happy about it and I’m happy to let you know why. The best ‘Disposable E Cig’ I’ve come across in my world of electronic cigarette tours is, drum roll please, the Blu Cig. The Blu Disposable Cig is certainly not cheap by any means and usually delivers at least 24hrs of solid vaping for the average smoker. It is slightly larger than a typical tobacco cigarette, think ‘black and mild’ size or about 1/3 longer a regular sized tobacco cigarette. It’s width or girth is not bad, though slightly larger than a typical cigarette, it’s certainly not as robust as say an average sized cigar. It does not have a rechargeable battery and is a one time use deal, thus ‘Disposable’ of course.

Why am I not happy to promote the Blu Disposable E Cig? Well, the entire rest of this site is devoted to telling you about how bad Blu Cigs are compared to a reputable electronic cigarette company in Halo Cigs. I literally pic apart everything about Blu throughout the rest of this site to help people understand that not all e cigs suck, just Blu E Cigs do. However, when it comes to disposable e cigs, Blu actually has a quality product, which is quite surprising being that their rechargeable e cigs are so horrible.

Lastly, I’m going to try to persuade you to purchase a real electronic cigarette in Halo Cigs. If your heart is absolutely set on buying disposable e cigs, by all means, go crazy. However, you will notice after about a week or two of shelling out $15 every single day to get your nicotine fix, it’s a rather expensive route to continue. The solution for most Blu Disposable E Cig users is to simply jump up to the Blu Starter Pack which is rechargeable, been there, done that. I am here to save you time, money and frankly headaches from dealing with a totally inefficient system that is Blu Rechargeables. Blu Rechargable E Cigs do not last long because they are made extremely cheaply. Your Blu Batteries will wear out after only 2 months of standard use and perhaps more importantly, you’ll be extremely lucky to come across refills or cartridges that actually work as they should. In my 1 year experience with Blu Starter Kits, I found that I had roughly a little more than 50% chance that the refills or cartridges would be faulty. Take my word and experience for it, go with a quality electronic cigarette like Halo Cigs. It will save you time and money. Your Welcome.


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