best all around e cig v2 cigs pro series 3 The Pro Series 3 by V2 Cigs has been nominated our #1 best overall e cig in 2015. The V2 Series 3 features a perfect combination of compact like sleekness and standard tank efficiency, which makes it a bit of a hybrid and our favorite every day e cig. It meets what we think are the top priorities for the majority of beginner and intermediate e cig users. The Pro Series 3 is compact enough to easily throw in your pocket, yet robust enough to feature incredible battery life and overall vaping efficiency. Every component on the Series 3 is solid, from the steel casing, e liquid tank and manual button to the mouth piece (tip) and magnetic battery port, quality was clearly a top priority in it’s development.

Better Understanding Our Best All Around E Cig Choice

As you’ve read above, the V2 Pro Series 3 is a phenomenal all around electronic cigarette. At the time of writing this article, the V2 Pro Series 3 had just recently been released and compared to the competition, it made a series statement. Even though we’ve since moved on to other e cig systems, the Pro Series 3 is still a great option for anyone transitioning from disposable e cigs, e cig look a likes or compact e cigs. This is due to it’s long last battery, high performance vapor production, sleek looks and most importantly, it’s affordable price point. However, if you’d like to know more about the Pro Series 3’s current competition for best all around e cig, check out our best e cig picks, where we supply you with all of the most up to date and best e cig systems on the market.

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Best All Around E Cig Summary

The Pro Series 3 is available in Steel, Black or Blue colors. It comes standard with everything you need to ‘hit the ground running’, including the e cig system (casing/battery, tip/mouthpiece, tank and magnetic usb charger). Literally the only thing you’ll need to start stocking up on is e liquid because you’ll finally have a solid e cig that delivers plenty of battery life and performance. We typically get an entire day of vaping out of a full charge and go through less than the included 1.6mL sized tank of e liquid (noting that we were pack-a-day smokers). It’s also worth noting however that if you do run into a low battery, you can easily use your Series 3 while it’s charging. The Pro Series 3 is a relatively new design, unveiled by V2 in mid 2014 at a $79.99 price point. They are currently in the midst of developing the all new Series 7 & 9 systems, although the Series 3 is so solid, we’re keen to get at least a year or two out of it (if not much more). It’s recently come down in price and is available for only $59.99 (which in our opinion is the best priced quality e cig system on the market).

Lastly, the V2 Pro Series 3 comes standard with an e liquid tank/cartridge. However, as an added bonus, V2 has developed a Loose Leaf Cartridge, which can be purchased separately for $24.99, for those who wish to vaporize any type of ‘herb’ or loose leaf type substance. The average e liquid monthly usage cost is right around $50 for the typical ‘pack-a-day’ smoker.