best compact vapor cigarettes

Compact e cig systems are perfect for current traditional tobacco smokers who are looking to quit and make the official switch to one of the best e cig systems on the market. Compact e cigs are designed to be extremely similar in size and performance to actual cigarettes and typically function with cartridges that are pre-filled with e liquid. Compact e cigs typically cost more than tank systems that primarily function from filling with e liquid. Cartomizers are also known as cartridges or refills and cost anywhere from $10 to $15 per 5 pack.

On a side note, while the list below is sufficient for most, check out our updated best compact e cigs article for the full list.

Better Understanding Our Best Compact Electronic Cigarettes Selections

Users who primarily rely on compact e cig systems to deliver their favorite e liquid flavor and or nicotine fix are mainly concerned with their similarity to traditional tobacco cigarettes in terms of both looks and performance. Users of compact systems have usually had some luck with disposable e cigs but love the idea of having a more cost effective option. As the user becomes reliant on recharging their compact e cig to fulfill their physical and chemical fix, it becomes apparent that the most important aspect of compact e cigs (outside of sleek & compact looks) is battery life, battery charge time and equally as important, cartridge life and performance. (Cartridges are often times called refills, cartomizers or even flavor chambers.) Like any humble and steadfast e cig review should be, we take size, looks, kit price, monthly usage cost and battery/cartridge performance into account when determining the best e cig compact systems.

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Halo Cigs G6 Compact Electronic Cigarette

best e cig halo g6 compact system
The Halo G6 was in fact the reason that we we’re finally able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. The G6 comes with 2 batteries, your choice of 65 mm (180 mAh) or 78 mm (280 mAh) in a huge array of colors. Two things, stock up on as many Tribeca cartomizers as possible and get ready to upgrade to the Triton.

Starter Kit Cost: $44

NJOY Recharge Compact Electronic Cigarette

best compact electronic cigarettes njoy recharge
The Recharge by NJOY is available in a variety of starter kits including Intro, Economy, Standard, Premium & Super options. Each progressing starter kit features more accessories and or flavor chambers (also known as single use cartridges or cartomizers). NJOY Rechargeable e cig kits feature compact batteries all of which are 110 mAh. NJOY Flavor Chambers or cartridges happen to be one of the best compact options on the market in terms of vapor production, overall taste and throat hit.

Starter Kit Cost: $29

WOW Vapor V Kit Compact Electronic Cigarette

best compact electronic cigarette wow vapor v kit
The WOW Vapor V Kit is brought to us courtesy of parent company Vapor4life. The WOW Vapor V Kit is a specialty electronic cigarette, specifically designed for users who aren’t interested in mod e cigs with lots of options or frankly any sort of tank system. The V KIT is designed for users who want a simple yet innovative and efficient alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. They have even implemented a feature hand in hand with their sleek V Kit starter kit to keep you on track and away from tobacco cigarettes known as the #roadtozero. Furthermore, the V Kit batteries are robust and feature 900 mAh.

Starter Kit Cost: $69

V2 Cigs EX Series Compact Electronic Cigarette

best e cig v2 ex series compact system
The EX Series by V2 Cigs is not rated #1 on our list because the G6 is ridiculous in price. The EX Series is an amazing and probably the most innovative compact option on the market. The Standard Kit comes with two 100 mm (280 mAh) batteries and 10 EX Cartridges. Buy this, but upgrade to the Series 3 after a couple months.

Starter Kit Cost: $79

South Beach Smoke Deluxe Compact Electronic Cigarette

best e cig south beach smoke deluxe kit compact system
Another great option for those of you who happen to be looking for a simple yet effective compact e cig kit, is the Deluxe Kit by South Beach Smoke. The Deluxe Kit comes with everything you need to hit the ground running, full with 2 batteries (one 200 mAh and one 280 mAh) and 10 cartridges, this is a solid option.

Starter Kit Cost: $59

White Cloud Cirrus 3X Compact Electronic Cigarette

best e cig white cloud cirrus 3x compact system
A relatively new e cig brand, White Cloud E Cig’s features a top quality compact kit in the Cirrus 3x. The Cirrus 3x comes with an abundance of goodies including your choice of 3 different 280 mAh battery finishes (colors) as well as a wide range of 10 cartridge flavors and nicotine strengths.

Starter Kit Cost: $74

Vapor4life Titan Compact Electronic Cigarette

best e cig vapor4life titan compact system
On a crazy tight budget? At only $39, the Vapor4life Titan Kit is a descent option. Of course for only $39, you can only expect so much. However, Vapor4life’s e cigs are well known for their overall quality, especially their battery life. The Titan comes with two batteries in your choice of 200-420 mAh sizes.

Starter Kit Cost: $39

Vaporfi Express Compact Electronic Cigarette

best compact electronic cigarette vaporfi express starter kit
The Vaporfi Express starter kit is a great entry level compact and of course rechargeable system. It doesn’t feature any crazy frills or options, but it’s perfect in it’s own simplicity and those looking for a reasonably priced alternative from that of traditional tobacco cigarettes. Furthermore, it’s important to buy as many refills or cartridges as you can, as you’ll go through about 1 or 2 per day and they’re sold separately.

Starter Kit Cost: $29

Blu Plus Compact Electronic Cigarette

best compact electronic cigarette blu cigs plus kit
The Blu Plus starter kit is a solid option for those who like the idea of sleekness and frankly availability. Blu Cig Plus Kits an be found at nearly every corner store in America and are a great option for those completely new to electronic cigarettes. In fact, for those on very tight budgets, we’d go so far as to recommend purchasing a Blu Plus Kit rather than a disposable e cig, as it’s just more cost efficient and quickly pays for itself wen compared to purchasing a new disposable (or 2) every single day.

Starter Kit Cost: $42

Premium Compact Electronic Cigarette

best electronic cigarette premium e cig starter kit
The Premium compact starter kit is a phenomenal choice and comes with a ton of options to customize your order. For example, you’ll be able to choose from a wide array of colors, 3 different battery sizes including Classic (180 mAh), Queen (220 mAh) & King (280 mAh) as well as cartridge flavor and nicotine strength. When ordering this starter kit in particular, you’ll also receive a free disposable e cig in the flavor of your choice as an added bonus, which is nice when trying to decide on any potential flavors that you’d like to order in the future.

Starter Kit Cost: $89