best mod electronic cigarettes

MOD E Cigs are built to be better than typical rechargeable e cigs on every single level. MOD E Cigs are more expensive than your average rechargeable tank or compact e cig but are worth every penny. In fact, in the long run, by purchasing a MOD E Cig, you can save money from it’s efficiency and overall quality. Too many other e cig batteries and other components fail after a short amount of time. When you start talking about MOD E Cigs, you’re talking about top quality parts inside and out not to mention total control over your vaping experience. MOD E Cigs are relatively new to the industry but are beginning to emerge as small brands focus solely on providing quality vaping systems. It’s important to point out that most MOD e cigs are sold as the main housing only. In other words, be sure to check with the actual retailer for exactly what comes with the MOD and what needs to be purchased separately in order to operate the MOD. For example, some MODS feature built in batteries and some do not, along the same lines, most MODS work with a number of tanks/atomizers but they do in fact need to be purchased separately.

Better Understanding our Best MOD Electronic Cigarettes Selections

Users opting for MOD type e cig systems are mostly concerned with battery life and control settings that can easily be changed to match the desired wattage, voltage and or ohms. While most of us are happy with the typical ‘medium’ that most tank systems automatically offer, other more advanced vapors are keen to play with such settings to increase or decrease the amount of vapor produced compared to the amount of e liquid and or nicotine being vaporized. It is often found that by varying temperature and voltage/wattage settings, users can either slightly increase the amount of vapor production or the actual throat hit one gets when taking a ‘puff’. While MODS have a very wide range in price, our criteria for entering our top 5 is relative to price, quality of design, uniqueness and adjustable settings. For a great list of not only our best mod e cigs, but other advanced tank based devices, check out our best e cig picks.

If using full blown mod electronic cigarettes seems a bit daunting, consider checking out our best compact electronic cigarettes. If you want more than what typical compact e cigs offer but aren’t ready to dabble in the mod e cig category, consider our best tank electronic cigarettes. Additionally, our best disposable electronic cigarettes is the perfect place to start for newbies. If you’re beaming for the latest and greatest e cigs, view our best new electronic cigarettes. If you’re like us and want an e cig that can be used both at home and on the go in a higher performing manner, check out our best overall electronic cigarette. If you’re more curious about e cig brands themselves, see our best electronic cigarette brands. Lastly, you’ll need some great e liquid to go with you’re favorite vaping device, see our best e liquids to learn more.

Deviate MOD Electronic Cigarette

best electronic cigarette mod henley vape deviate mod
The Deviate

Cost: $250

AR Mechanical MOD Electronic Cigarette

best e cig mod ar mods by vapor hub
The AR Mechanical MOD is available in a wide array of colors and finishes as well as sizes. It actually delivers mind blowing amounts of vapor with the power to actually give you a kick from your favorite e liquid. AR MODS are not for newbies and do require you to be fairly savvy when it comes to the general workings of e cigs.

Cost: $169

Brass Knuckle MOD Electronic Cigarette

best electronic cigarette mod premium e cigarettes brass knuckle by gang mod
The Brass Knuckle MOD

Cost: $250

FBT Uptown MOD Electronic Cigarette

best e cig mod fbt uptown by henley vape
What in the world does ‘FTB’ stand for? You guessed it right, it stands for FU CKBI GTOBA CCO. A sort of agreeing to disagree label created by the designers. Regardless of the pro vaping messaging that we all tend to agree with, the FTB Uptown MOD is a finely tuned and hand crafted mod that we’re happy to add to our list of the best e cig mods.

Cost: $190

Limitless Sleeve MOD Electronic Cigarette

best e cig mod limitless sleeve mod by vapor hub
The Limitless Sleeve MOD is notorious for it’s ‘sleeve’s’ (giving the user the ability to swap out different sleeves), making this mechanical mod desirable for those who like to ‘change things up’ every now and then. Limitless Sleeve Mods are available in a wide array of colors as well as copper, aluminum or brass fittings.

Cost: $99

Tesla ONE MOD Electronic Cigarette

best mod electronic cigarette direct vapor tesla one
The Tesla ONE

Cost: $49

Sigelei 150 MOD Electronic Cigarette

best mod electronic cigarette henley vape sigelei 150 watt
The Sigelei 150

Cost: $110

Tesla WOOD MOD Electronic Cigarette

best mod electronic cigarette henley vape tesla wood 160
The Tesla WOOD

Cost: $84

iStick TC 40 MOD Electronic Cigarette

best mod electronic cigarette henley vape istick tc 40 watt
The iStick TC 40

Cost: $40

Munstro MOD Electronic Cigarette

best e cig mod munstro by 2 puffs and henley vape
This monster of a mechanical mod comes standard with a man block (wooden) to holster your 3 available tubes. That’s right, the Munstro MOD triples in looks via the included 3 different tubes which are Marine Brass, Red Copper and Stainless Steel respectively. It’s comprised entirely of premier/rigid components (namely silver plated copper pins and tri-tone tip).

Cost: $225