best new electronic cigarettes

The e cig industry is a volatile one. Everyday, new companies are forming, new e cig systems are being built of every type and even entirely new categories of vaping are being introduced. As hard as it is to know what the latest and greatest e cigs are, it’s nevertheless an awesome thing that the industry is constantly innovating and supplying consumers with even better, more effective and more efficient ways of consuming e liquid. We look forward to continuously updated this article with all the best e cigs that hit the market in 2015. If however, you’re looking for indeed the most updated article regarding the best new electronic cigarettes on the market, be sure to view our best e cig picks article, as it’s updated on a nearly daily basis.

Better Understanding Our Best New Electronic Cigarette Selections

While we do our best to supply you with all the best new electronic cigarettes, it’s sort of an impossible task to cover every single best new e cig system that come out. As mentioned above, the e cig industry as a whole is growing by leaps and bounds. Therefore, our selections for what we consider to be the best new e cigs are usually designed by trusted electronic cigarette companies. Again, this is opposed to featured just any new great e cig system that may be offered by a shady website or company. Everything featured on Vapestaff is from trusted sources that you can be confident in working with online and buying from over and over again.

In addition to our best new electronic cigarettes (that can be found below), we’ve specifically divided our ‘best of’ into a number of categories for your ease of viewing. If you know you’re in the market for small e cig look a likes, check out our best compact electronic cigarettes. If you’re looking for higher performing and even very customizable e cigs, check out our best tank electronic cigarettes and best mod electronic cigarettes. If you’re not really sure what type of e cig is best for you, consider reading our e cigs 101 article or even check out our best disposable electronic cigarettes. If you’re interested in what we consider the best e cig to use both at home and while out and about, consider viewing our best all around electronic cigarette. If you’re more interested in the actual brands, head on over to our best electronic cigarette brands article. Lastly, you’ll need some premium e liquid to run through your new system. Check out our best e liquid flavor options for a few ideas.

The NEW VOX Mini MOD Electronic Cigarette by Vaporfi

best new e cig vaporfi vox mini mod
The Vaporfi VOX Mini MOD is one of their few recently released advanced electronic cigarettes in late 2015. The VOX Mini MOD features the same phenomenal options as it’s ‘big-brother’, the VOX II MOD, however, it’s claim to fame is of course it’s smaller and more manageable/portable/user-friendly physical size. This beauty features an adjustable 7 to 40 watts of vaping power with a built in 35 amp 2500 mAh battery. It’s worth noting that the VOX Mini MOD works well with a wide range of Vaporfi tanks/atomizer but must be purchased separately.

Cost: $79

The NEW V2 Pro Series 7 Electronic Cigarette by V2 Cigs

best new e cig v2 cigs pro series 7
Like the V2 Pro Series 3 that we’ve rated so highly in our many e cig reviews, the V2 Pro Series 7 features a 3 in 1 concept, enabling users to use their choice of e liquid, dry herbs or wax. The S7 slaps you in the face with a gigantic 1800 mAh battery and variable temperature settings to customize and fine tune your vaping experience.

Starter Kit Cost: $149

The NEW JUUL Electronic Cigarette by PAX Labs

best new e cig juul vapor
The JUUL is a breath of fresh air in it’s extremely forward thinking and innovative design. The JUUL has a very compact and sophisticated design and frankly does justice to an increasingly evolving industry. While most other brands are playing ‘catch-up’, PAX Labs is providing the market with a device in the JUUL that users will actually be proud to use in an social setting. Furthermore, the JUUL is more than reasonably priced at the $50 price point. After using it, you’d think it’s a $200 device.

Starter Kit Cost: $49

The NEW VOX II MOD Electronic Cigarette by Vaporfi

best new e cig vox ii mod by vaporfi
The VOX II MOD was built as the predecessor to the VOX 50, which we all know was one of the ‘best e cig mods’ on the market. The VOX II MOD Starter Kit is designed to fulfill the most serious vaping (cloud chasers) wishes. It features a gigantic 35 amp 2500 mAh battery for ridiculously long and powerful vaping.

Starter Kit Cost: $199

The NEW Vapor Shark RDNA 40 Electronic Cigarette by NJOY

best new e cig njoy vapor shark rdna 40
The Vapor Shark is the first advanced level electronic cigarette to be offered by NJOY. The Vapor Shark fits into the category of box mods and features a high performance 2500 mAh LG battery. While NJOY will answer any questions related to tank/atomizer compatibility, they recommend their very own Nautilus Tank which is sold separately. Furthermore, the Vapor Shark is adjustable up to 40 watts, features a sleek digital screen and is made of the highest quality materials.

Starter Kit Cost: $129

The NEW PAX 2 Loose Leaf Vaporizer by PAX Labs

best new e cig pax 2 vaporizer
The PAX 2 is the latest ‘loose leaf‘ gem sculpted out of PAX Labs. While we don’t review many solely loose leaf vaporizers, we just couldn’t help ourselves with the PAX 2. The truth is, many e cig brands are trying to provide loose leaf personal vaporizer devices but very, very few are offering quality options. If you’re in the market for a loose leaf vaping device, the PAX 2 is literally the only place to look. It’s typical PAX Labs sophistication tied together with it’s crazy powerful 3000 mAh battery and 4 temperature settings literally provides you with everything you think a loose leaf personal vaporizer should be.

Starter Kit Cost: $279

The NEW ELeaf iStick Electronic Cigarette by NJOY

best new e cig njoy eleaf istick
The ELeaf iStick is a phenomenal electronic cigarette categorized as an entry level box mod which was recently released alongside the Vapor Shark. The ELeaf iStick features a robust 4400 mAh battery capacity and is capable of up to 50 watts of full on vaping power. The price point is so low due to it’s rather simplistic design and no digital screen. It’s worth pointing out that like the Vapor Shark, the ELeaf iStick doesn’t come standard with a tank/atomizer. We strongly recommend the ELeaf iStick by NJOY for those looking for the next level of vaping power on a rather tight budget.

Starter Kit Cost: $59

The NEW EGO RBC II Electronic Cigarette by Henley Vape

best new e cig ego rbc kit ii by henley vape
The EGO RBC Kit II comes fully packed with two batteries, two tanks/tips, USB and home charger as well as a carrying case. At only $66, this is a perfect option for those new to vaping e liquid out of tanks or frankly any form of vaping that doesn’t involve ‘run of the mill’ compact e cig lookalikes. You’ll be able to choose from 650 mAh, 900 mAh and 1100 mAh batteries.

Starter Kit Cost: $66

The NEW WOW V Kit Electronic Cigarette by Vapor4life

best new e cig wow vapor v kit by vapor4life
The first of what is sure to many new e cig offerings by WOW Vapor & Vapor4life is called the V Kit, which happens to be a phenomenal compact e cig kit that comes standard with a tremendous 5 volt battery. The V Kit is a perfect solution for those looking for a simple and compact e cig that is both high performing and sleek in aesthetics.

Starter Kit Cost: $69

The NEW iTaste VV4 Electronic Cigarette by Henley Vape

best new e cig itaste vv4 by henley vape
The iTaste VV4 is an excellent cost effective option for those vaper’s who happen to be on a budget but still want access to some of today’s more advanced features. The iTaste VV4 comes standard with a large sized 1000 mAh battery, a digital variable voltage setting (from 3 to 6 volts) as well as a variable digital wattage setting (from 6 to 15 watts).

Starter Kit Cost: $50