best tank electronic cigarettes

Our best e cig tank system starter kit list ranges in price from $58 to $119 (before discounts, coupons or specials). Tank e cig systems are perfect for those looking for an affordable way to vape. Each of the tank systems listed below were added to our list based on overall performance and price. Most ‘pack-a-day’ smokers can expect to go through roughly 30 mL of e liquid per month which typically costs under $50. It’s also worth noting that most tank systems require replacement tanks or coils & wicks every month or so to run at optimal efficiency and performance which are typically under $15. For all of our favorite tank, mod and compact e cig devices and starter kits, check out our best e cig selections.

Better Understanding Our Best Tank Electronic Cigarette Selections

Typically, users who have reached full sized or tank systems know exactly what they want in an e cig system. E cig tank users are all about device performance and cost efficiency. It’s also worth noting that tank users are willing to use a slightly larger device for the enhanced performance and cost savings that tank devices deliver. While many e cig brands are starting to realize the importance of offering real all-day usage systems, certain brands just build better systems. Just because tank users are willing to handle larger e cig devices, does not mean that they don’t care about sleek or streamlined looks. In addition to tidy looking and efficient tank devices, we also take into account overall price, modification ability and included accessories.

If you’re after a smaller electronic cigarette device or one that more closely resembles traditional tobacco cigarettes, consider our best compact electronic cigarettes. On the other hand, if you’re after an even more customizable and higher performing vaping device, consider checking out our best mod electronic cigarettes. If you find yourself on this page and have never used electronic cigarettes before at all but are looking for alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes, check out our best disposable electronic cigarettes. If you’re looking for the latest and the greatest e cigs available online, check out our best new e cigs. If you fancy to know a little bit more about what we consider the best e cig system to use everyday, view our best overall electronic cigarette. Happen to be more concerned about the actual brand? View our best e cig brands article to learn 8 of our current favorites. Don’t forget to see our best e liquid selections either.

Vaporfi Edge Tank Electronic Cigarette

best tank electronic cigarette vaporfi edge
The Vaporfi Edge is also one of Vaporfi’s newest & innovative releases. The Vaporfi Edge features a robust 1800 mAh high performance battery with a maximum output power of 100 watts (which happens to be a ton for those who don’t know). Furthermore, unlike every other tank based e cig, the Edge features a colossal 7 mL e liquid tank to hold and vape the favorite flavor of your choice.

Starter Kit Cost: $129

Halo Cigs Triton Tank Electronic Cigarette

best e cig halo triton system
The Halo Triton is a tank system with a cult like following. The Triton is well known for it’s larger than normal 2.4 mL e liquid tank and it’s solid battery life via the two included either 400 mAh or 650 mAh batteries (your choice). It is available in a variety of colors and comes with standard USB and wall chargers.

Starter Kit Cost: $54

NJOY Premium Tank Electronic Cigarette

best e cig njoy premium vaping system
The NJOY Premium Vape Kit is our most expensive on this list, but it does come with lots of goodies. Worth noting, the NJOY Premium Vape comes with a 1000 mAh battery and a 650 mAh battery as well as plenty of e liquid and spare tanks. While the Standard Kit is nice, the Premium is certainly worth the extra money for beginners.

Starter Kit Cost: $119

Vaporfi Vice Tank Electronic Cigarette

best tank electronic cigarette vaporfi vice
The Vaporfi Vice is one of Vaporfi’s newest tank based electronic cigarettes and is frankly a beast. With a giant 2200 mAh battery and a sufficient 2.5 mL e liquid tank, the Vice is the perfect solution for those looking for a powerful e cig system that will deliver not only huge amounts of battery life, but also vapor production. At only $99, the Vaprfi Vice is worth every penny.

Starter Kit Cost: $99

V2 Cigs Pro Series 3 Tank Electronic Cigarette

best e cig v2 pro series 3 system
The V2 Pro Series 3 is essentially a hybrid system as it features the efficiency of a tank system but the sleekness of a compact e cig. It’s a 3 in 1, which enables you to vape e liquid, dry herbs or wax (new trend). The Series 3 comes standard with a 650 mAh battery and a 1.6 mL e liquid tank. It’s worth noting that it can also be used while charging.

Starter Kit Cost: $59

Vaporfi Platinum Pro Tank Electronic Cigarette

best e cig vaporfi platinum pro system
The Vaporfi Platinum Pro is a great introductory tank system for the money. It features a 2.5 mL e liquid tank and a 650 mAh battery. Vaporfi is well known for their many interchangeable components and the Platinum Pro is no different, it works with many different batteries as well as atomizers and is very easy to effectively clean.

Starter Kit Cost: $58

Vapor4life Zeus Tank Electronic Cigarette

best e cig vapor4life vapor zeus premium system
The Vapor Zeus by Vapor4life gets a lot of rave reviews all over the web. It is available in a wide variety of versions and comes with an equally high number of options. You’ll be able to choose between either a 650 mAh, 900 mAh and 1300 mAh battery, either automatic or manual switch types and a variety of colors.

Starter Kit Cost: $69

Vaporfi Pro II Tank Electronic Cigarette

best tank electronic cigarette vaporfi pro ii
The Vaporfi Pro II is of course the successor to the original Vaporfi Pro which happens to be one of their flagship e cig starter kits. The Vaporfi Pro II is an entry level tank system which happens to be perfect for those who are graduating from either disposable or compact rechargeable electronic cigarettes. The Pro II features a 650 mAh battery and an advanced atomizer/tank.

Starter Kit Cost: $49

Joyetech eGo One Tank Electronic Cigarette

best tank electronic cigarette joyetech ego one
The Joyetech eGo One is a phenomenal tank based electronic cigarette which happens to be available in both 1100 mAh and 2200 mAh battery sizes. The eGo One is designed entirely of 303 stainless steel and at only $60 is a tremendous value. It’s available in 3 different colors and comes with everything you need outside of e liquid to be vaping in a high performance way asap.

Starter Kit Cost: $60

Vaporfi Rebel II Tank Electronic Cigarette

best tank electronic cigarette vaporfi rebel ii
The Vaporfi Rebel II is one of their most advanced and highest performing tank based electronic cigarettes. The Rebel II starter kit comes packed with everything you need to hit the ground running including one 750 mAh and one 2800 mAh high performance batteries as well as an adjustable 3 to 15 watts of vaping power. While it’s slightly more expensive, this is one heck of kit and worth your consideration.

Starter Kit Cost: $129