best e liquidThe brand and flavor of e liquid that you choose is perhaps just as important as which e cig system or device you use. Thus, we have compiled what we think are the top 5 best e liquid flavors of 2015 for your consideration. Keep in mind that our basis for appearing on this list includes factors such as taste, throat hit, vapor production, price, availability, aftertaste and even packaging (a good look is never a bad thing). For even more e liquid reviews of our favorite e liquid brand ‘Halo Cigs’, check out our Halo Cigs E Liquid Review. If you’ve been disappointed in the performance of your e cig lately or are still reviewing devices before you decide on one, check out our best e cig picks for a complete list of the best e cigs available anywhere on the market.

Better Understanding Our Best E Liquid Flavor Choices

The best e liquid flavors are of course different for everybody as most of us have unique senses of taste. As mentioned throughout the rest of our website, we were pack a day smokers and originally made the transition to vapor with classic tobacco flavors. Therefore, for us, all the incredibly sweet flavors that are often found when shopping for e liquid didn’t appeal to us. In fact, we ran into a few sweet e liquid traps ourselves when first starting with vapor. After quickly realizing that these were not flavors that we could endure all day to replace that coveted classic tobacco taste, we basically ruled them out of our stock pile all together.

The flavor that really came to our rescue was Tribeca by Halo Cigs. While Tribeca isn’t a full blown classic tobacco flavor, it’s a clean taste with sweet undertones that we have found to be great for everyday/all day use. However, while we are classic tobacco fanatics, we couldn’t help but delve into the fancy e liquids brought to us by Five Pawns namely ‘Black Flag Fallen’. After falling in love with Black Flag Fallen (a coffee based flavor) we had to fall in line with the trending idea of using different flavors for various parts of the day. Granted, most of us are happy with a solid tobacco flavor that can be used all day, it’s definitely worth trying out different flavors for example, in the morning. There’s nothing better than the perfect coffee vape to get you started for the day and a solid classic tobacco flavor like Halo Torque 56 in the afternoon, all bundled together with your favorite e liquid in the evening or even all day long throughout the weekend.

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Halo Cigs Tribeca E Liquid

best e liquid tribeca by halo cigs
Our number one pick for the best e liquid of 2015 is Tribeca by Halo Cigs. If you’re new to electronic cigarettes, it is imperative that you purchase a great e liquid in which you can vape all day with and Tribeca is that e liquid. Tribeca provides a light tobacco flavor in that it is not too sweet and not too bitter, it’s in fact a perfect mixture of caramel, vanilla and light tobacco tones that provides a smooth throat hit.

Henley Vape Black Flag Fallen E Liquid

best e liquid black flag fallen by five pawns
Black Flag Fallen is the latest concoction out of the genius labs of Five Pawns. If a decaf double espresso infused with black truffle cream doesn’t sound good to you, we understand. However, I think for the large majority of you it sounds amazing and it is. It doesn’t blow you away with it’s vapor production or throat hit, but the complexity and timeliness that each tones comes to and leaves your palette is pretty unreal.

Halo Cigs Torque 56 E Liquid

best e liquid torque 56 by halo cigs
Prefer a truly unfettered cigarette tobacco flavor and aftertaste? If your like us and want to actually feel the nicotine hit the back of your throat that cigarettes once did for you, consider opting for Halo’s Torque 56. You won’t be dealing with any sort of sweet under-tones, cereal flavors or grandma’s apple pie, but you will know that your vaping an e liquid filled with nicotine, which for us is the main point anyways.

Halo Cigs Black Calico E Liquid

best e liquid black calico by halo cigs
If you’re a cigar aficionado or just love the aroma of pipe tobacco, than Halo’s NEW Black Calico e liquid flavor is right up your ally. If you’ve ever smoked cigars, you’ll recognize the smell of Black Calico as soon as you ‘pop the top’. However, when vaping this light yet rich tobacco flavor you’ll notice very tiny hints of vanilla as part of the ingredients used are designed to mimic a light vanilla bean wrapper of fine cigars.

V2 Cigs Congress E Liquid

best e liquid congress by v2 cigs
Congress by V2 Cigs is a light tobacco flavor most commonly associated with the taste of Parliament and Marlboro Lights. If you have been a life long Marlboro Lights or Parliament cigarette user, consider Congress your new every-day-vape as it does in fact most resemble the two famous brands. We have no idea why they named it ‘Congress’ but are happy with the overall traditional tobacco taste, throat hit and vapor production.