Quality Cigs. Quality Customer Service. Accepts Coupon Codes. Made in the USA. Phenomenal Rewards Program. There are literally hundreds of different electronic cigarette companies to choose from. If your in an ‘experimental’ mood, go crazy, try as many as you can. However, note that the most important question that you’ll find with most ecigs is reliability. Sure, the package looks cool or ‘pretty’, sure you got a few great puffs/drags when you first opened the product, but guess what, more times than not, these ‘off-brand’ ecigs malfunction and leave you high and dry. Whether it be the cartridge that’s been baking on the shelves in the sun for months on end or the battery that won’t hold a charge for more than 5 minutes, you will find more problems than solutions with most new electronic cigarette companies. However, Halo Cigs provides incredible quality & hey, they even look cool. Out of all the ecigs we’ve tested, Halo Cigs is by far and away the best in terms of overall look, drag & consistency. Utilize our Halo Cigs Coupon to save yourself some money while your finding the best ecig on the market! Your welcome.

Halo Cigs Last Longer

Speaking from very much experience, there is absolutely nothing worse than pulling out your coveted ecig to take a drag only for the battery to be dead. What’s worse? You try to charge the battery in your handy dandy ecig charger and oh, guess what, it won’t take a charge. You are now up a creek without a paddle to get your nicotine fix. I image all of us have been in this ridiculous situation at one time or another and hated every second of it. It happened to me one too many times when I was smoking Blu electronic cigarettes. I used Blu because they are marketed practically everywhere and are readily accessible to buy at your local gas station. However, Blu Cigs do not last for more than a couple of months before the batteries begin to not take a charge. This is the main reason why I went on a search to find a better product. I landed on Halo Cigs and gave them a shot. This was one year ago and I’m still using the same starter kit. Halo cigs are much better quality than Blu Cigs and frankly the batteries just flat out last. Choose Halo Cigs!


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