best e cigsWhat are the best e cigs?

The best e cigs for consumers who has never ‘vaped’ before are certainly different than the best e cigs for consumers who has been vaping for a few months or even years.

In other words, there are a few different types of e cigs, therefore to say that just one is the best, is a gross misunderstanding. (Different strokes for different folks as they say.)

However, we’re happy to break down the best e cigs for the most common recognized vaporizer categories.

The main types (or categories) of electronic cigarettes as we see them are as followed: disposable, compact, pen, all-around and mods. It’s worth noting that the typical device/vaporizer progression of e cig users is generally the same order.

While we’re quite well versed in identifying the best e cigs in the market, we’ve also put together an e cig comparison table. For those of you who prefer a more statistical or analytic approach in considering which e cig to buy, this is a great place to compare and contrast some of the top e cigs available.

Additionally, even the best electronic cigarette is nothing without a great tasting and great vaping e liquid. We encourage you to look through our best e liquid recommendations after choosing your e cig.

Warning: you will NOT find fake reviews (yawn) or just random brands/products (blah) here.

We’re bringing the noise.

E Cig Experience Level Price Battery mAh Tank Size
V2 Series 7 Intermediate, Advanced $129 1800 mAh 2.4 mL
Reactor Mega Intermediate, Advanced $75 5000 mAh 5 mL
Rebel 3 Intermediate, Advanced $69 3000 mAh 5.8 mL
SMOK Alien Advanced $69 3000 mAh 6 mL
Reactor Beginner, Intermediate $60 4400 mAh 5 mL

1. V2 Pro Series 7 E Cig

v2 pro series 7 e cig
Meet the ‘V2 Pro Series 7’, our current favorite in the V2 Pro Line, more affectionately know as the ‘S7’. Like the V2 Pro Series 3 that we’ve rated so highly in our many e cig reviews, the S7 features a 3 in 1 concept, enabling users to use their choice of e liquid, dry herbs or wax. The V2 Series 7 slaps you in the face with a gigantic 1800 mAh battery and variable temperature settings to customize and fine tune your vaping experience. The S7 e liquid cartridges are also delightfully larger than that of the S3’s, at 2.5 mL compared to 1.6 mL. It’s also worth noting that the S7’s cartridges are naturally easier to fill as they are larger around the top or opening. The S7 comes standard with a USB and wall charger unlike the S3 that only comes with a USB charger. Lastly, perhaps the biggest and obvious difference between the two V2 Pro Vaporizers is their physical appearance. While the S3 is known to be very sleek (a pen style tank system), frankly it’s battery life and overall vaping experience leaves users wanting more. Making the S7 the absolutely perfect solution for those who care equally about vaping performance and sleek, streamlined looks and physical size.

2. Halo Reactor Mega E Cig

halo reactor mega e cig
Meet the ‘Halo Reactor Mega’, one of the best all around electronic cigarette options on the market. Most users want something simple, powerful & affordable and the Reactor Mega just happens to be all of those things. Making one of the most perfect options for newcomers to e cigs or those upgrading away from ‘cigalikes’ or disposable options. With it’s 5000 mAh battery & 5 mL e liquid tank, users will have an e cig that not only lasts all day, but performs at a high level all day long. Additionally, the Reactor tank is easy to maintain and simply requires a new easily insertable ‘coil’ every week or two depending on level of usage. One of the reasons the Reactor Mega is so awesome is the fact that it feature easily adjustable power & temperature settings. Which of course means that newbies can turn it down and advanced users can turn it up to get the exact level of vapor their after. To be more specific, the Reactor Mega is adjustable from 1 – 80 vaping watts. If that’s not enough, it also features a ‘Smart’ settings – essentially saving the settings for up to 10 different e liquid tanks. The Reactor Mega is available in 5 different color options.

3. Vaporfi Rebel 3 E Cig

vaporfi rebel 3 e cig
Meet the ‘Vaporfi Rebel 3’, one of our best e cig picks overall for 2017. The Rebel 3 is of course the third of the Rebel line. The Rebel from Vaporfi has always been a great options for those looking for a solid vaping device that is both fairly priced and high performing. The differences between the Rebel 1, 2 & 3 are quite significant. Past versions of the Rebel (ie 1 & 2) we’re extremely similar to classic pen style vaping devices, with rather small – narrow and long bodies. However, the new and improved Rebel 3 is a much sleeker & shorter device that not only performs fantastically, but is a great physical size and shape to easily fit into your pocket while on the go. Sure the Rebel 3 is slightly ‘girthy’, but hey, it features a respectable 3000 mAh battery and 5.8 mL e liquid tank. In a nutshell, we’d strongly recommend the Vaporfi Rebel 3 for any novice or experienced ‘vapor’ who has a desire for more vapor – more clouds- more throat hit. Additionally, the Rebel 3 tank is very easy to maintain and keep working top notch. Go for the Rebel 3, stock up on atomizers as well as e liquid & vape away. The Rebel 3 is available in a stainless steel or black color.

4. SMOK Alien E Cig

alien smok e cig
Meet the ‘SMOK Alien’ brought to you via Direct Vapor. The SMOK Alien is one of the more exciting vaping options released over the past several months. The SMOK Alien is a great option for intermediate and advanced level vapors seeking the latest & greatest in terms of vapor production and frankly overall performance. While there are certainly a number of high performing ‘advanced’ e cigs on the market, most of them are in fact difficult to fine tune or adjust vital settings like temperature, wattage & voltage. Additionally, a lot of advanced e cigs have yet to produce simple and easy to use e liquid tanks. Now, SMOK has been most notorious for it’s amazing and easy to use e liquid tanks over the past several months. Anyone who has frankly used their tanks in the past is incredibly excited that the team @ SMOK finally released an e cig of their own in the Alien. The SMOK Alien represents one of the best e cigs currently on the market but does require a user who’s in fact interested in fine tuning electrical settings. However, it should be dually noted that the SMOK Alien’s UI & UX (User Interface & User Experience) has been designed in a way that certainly sets itself apart from all the rest of the temp controlled e cigs we’ve come across. In essence, the SMOK Alien is a temp controlled e cig that has finally been made simple and or easy to logically adjust (also known as intuitive design). The SMOK Alien features a giant 220 watt – 3000 mAh battery source and is available from Direct Vapor with your option of 3 different e liquid tanks (all solid options – brought to you by SMOK as well). Lastly, the SMOK Alien is available in a number of color options including Orange, Red, Black, Gold, Black & Stainless Steel.

5. Halo Reactor E Cig

halo reactor e cig
Meet the ‘Halo Reactor E Cig’, one of Halo’s best overall vaping options. For years, users loved Halo’s G6 & Triton options but have been lobbying for more advanced options. Halo finally wised up and essentially got with the times in offering the new Reactor & Tracer electronic cigarettes. The Reactor is very easy to use, is small enough to easily fit into your pocket and is one of the best priced e cigs on the market. It’s 4400 mAh battery produces a ton of vapor and lasts a couple days before needing to be recharged. The Reactor features 50 watts which for 99% of vapors is plenty of power to deliver the throat hit and vapor production they seek. It’s available in 3 different colors and is ready to use out of the box. We recommend stocking up on plenty of e liquid and even a few extra packs of Reactor ‘cartomizers’.

E Cig Experience Level Price Battery mAh Tank Size
G6 Beginner $35 280 mAh 1 mL
V2 EX Series Beginner $59 280 mAh 1.5 mL
VERTX Plus Beginner $89 420 mAh 1.8 mL
Cirrus 3X Beginner $89 280 mAh 1.5 mL
Blu Plus Beginner $42 140 mAh 1 mL

6. Halo G6 E Cig

halo g6 e cig
Meet the ‘Halo G6’, one of the best compact e cigs available on the market today. The Halo G6 was in fact the sole reason that we we’re finally able to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes. The G6 for example blows the heavily marketed Blu & Blu Plus offerings out of the water in terms of reliability and performance. The G6 comes with 2 batteries, your choice of 65 mm (180 mAh) or 78 mm (280 mAh) in a huge array of colors. Two things, stock up on as many Tribeca cartomizers (or whatever you discover to be your favorite Halo flavor) as possible and get ready to upgrade to the Halo Tracer or Reactor as you become more familiar with vaping and costs associated with vaping (ie cartomizers vs tanks & atomizers).

7. V2 EX Series E Cig

v2 ex series e cig
Meet the ‘V2 EX Series’, V2’s tried & trusted compact e cig option. The EX Series is not rated #1 on our list because the G6 is ridiculous in price & overall value. However, the quality of the EX Series is undeniable. It’s battery life and dependability is at or near the ‘top of the heap’ and it’s cartridges or cartomizers may very well be the best in the category. The EX Series is an amazing electronic cigarette and probably the most innovative compact option on the market. The EX Standard Kit comes with two 100 mm (280 mAh) batteries and 10 EX Cartridges. Our recommendation, buy the EX Series, but plan on upgrading to the Series 3 or Series 7 after a couple months. This is primarily due to the need for a more long term and cost effective solution.

8. VERTX Plus E Cig

vertx plus e cig
Meet the ‘VERTX Plus’, brought to you via V2 Cigs. V2 Cigs is frankly one of the best electronic cigarette brands in the industry. Sure, there are pros and cons to each of their products, but overall – there is no other brand that even comes close to the level of innovation that V2 has been rolling out over the past few years. The VERTX line is one of their latest e cig options and is a great option for beginner and novice vapors looking for a sleek, stylish and functional e cig option. The VERTX could easily fall into our ‘best e cig pens’ section, but we love it’s compactness and intuitiveness enough to keep it in fact, in our best compacts. The VERTX & VERTX Plus indeed utilize ‘cartridges’, however it’s worth noting that they are surely refillable. About the only downside to the VERTX option is the fact that V2 still doesn’t have a ready supply of cartridges, it’s been on a 30 day delay for some time now and we’re looking forward to that supply increasing and delivery time dramatically decreasing.

9. White Cloud Cirrus 3X E Cig

white cloud cirrus 3x e cig
Meet the ‘White Cloud Cirrus 3X’, a truly solid compact e cig option. A relatively new e cig brand, White Cloud E Cig’s features a top quality compact kit in the Cirrus 3x. White Cloud E Cigs is an up and coming brand in the market with very strong prospects. Another great option offered by White Cloud is their ‘Fling Disposables’ (becoming increasingly sought after among disposable e cigs). The Cirrus 3x comes with an abundance of goodies including your choice of 3 different 280 mAh battery finishes (colors) as well as a wide range of 10 cartridge flavors and nicotine strengths. Additionally, the White Cloud Cirrus 3X has recently dropped in price to much more normalized rates. As always, when it comes to compact e cigs or (cig-a-likes) we recommend stocking up on as many cartridges as possible.

10. Blu Plus E Cig

blu plus e cig
Meet the ‘Blu Plus’, Blu’s latest attempt at offering a decent electronic cigarette. Now, we’re by no means Blu fan boys, but the new Blu Plus isn’t absolutely terrible. This is of course a bit revolutionary compared to their Blu Cig Rechargeable Kit of old or even their disposable e cigs. Granted, Blu Cigs gets scrutinized more than perhaps any other e cig brand because they were frankly the first real cigarette alternative for long time tobacco smokers. However, it’s been some time since their initial rollout of products and compared to other brands, they’re surely behind. With that being said, Blu Cigs ‘usually’ work and are available at nearly any convenience store in the country. Therefore, Blu Cigs are great for people with no other option or for those who are completely new to e cigs and are fairly light smokers.

E Cig Experience Level Price Battery mAh Tank Size
Fling Disposable Beginner $12 90 mAh 3 mL
Blu Disposable Beginner $8 90 mAh 2 mL
WOW Disposable Beginner $8 110 mAh 2 mL
V2 Disposable Beginner $5 90 mAh 1.8 mL
NEwhere Disposable Beginner $10 90 mAh 1.8 mL

11. Fling Disposable E Cig

best disposable e cig white cloud fling
Meet the ‘White Cloud Fling’, our second favorite disposable e cig option. The White Cloud Fling is available in both ‘Wide Mini’ & ‘Original’ sizes as well as a number of flavor options. One of the best aspects of the White Cloud Fling is it’s ‘Soft Tip’, which in a world of hard plastic mouth pieces, actually greatly distinguishes itself in terms of ‘pleasure to use’. While there are a number of flavor options for those keen on fruit, desert and gourmet based flavors, we strongly prefer the regular Tobacco & Menthol flavors. Additionally, White Cloud Flings are available for purchase online in a variety of quantities such as singles, 5, 10, 25 & 100. Bare in mind, just like the NJOY Daily as mentioned above, you can find significant savings by purchasing via bulk (ie the 100 pack). In terms of choosing between the Wide Mini & Original sizing, we like both options (you can’t go wrong). However, we’ve always been proponents of ‘sleekness’ & ‘small’ e cigs, so we’d steer you in the direction of the Wide Mini for ‘stealth vaping’ on the go.

12. Blu Disposable E Cig

blu disposable e cig
Meet the ‘Blu Disposable’, one of the most well known e cig options available on the market. Blu has perhaps the best brand name recognition out of all, however, they certainly don’t have the best options in terms of consistent quality. In fact, across the entire Blu Cigs product line we’ve encountered problems. From battery life to vapor production and throat hit, the Blu Plus, Blu Original and Blu Disposable e cigs are not the best available options in their respective categories. However, with that being said, Blu Cigs are literally everywhere. With their multi-national giant corporate investments and marketing footholds, you can find their products on nearly any shelf in America. Our recommendation, when it comes to disposable e cigs, use the NJOY Daily, when it’s not available and you’re in a ‘bind’ give a Blu Disposable a shot, but know that we’ve warned you and we’re happy to continue to point you in the right direction concerning e cigs and vaping systems in general.

13. WOW Disposable E Cig

wow vapor disposable e cig
Meet the ‘WOW Vapor Disposable’, a rising e cig worthy of your consideration. The WOW Vapor Disposable comes to us as an extension brand via Vapor4life out of Chicago, Illinois. The WOW Vapor Disposable is available in singles, 2 packs, 10 packs & 50 packs. Furthermore, WOW Vapor Disposables are available in 6 different flavors with the most popular of those being tobacco & menthol. Additionally, most disposable e cigs are only available in .9% to 1.6% nicotine by volume. The WOW Disposable however is available in 2.6%. Like the NJOY Daily & White Cloud Fling disposable e cig options available online, we’d recommend purchasing in bulk (ie the 50 pack) to save a tremendous amount of money.

14. V2 Disposable E Cig

v2 disposable e cig
Meet the ‘V2 Disposable’, V2 Cig’s option for newbies out there looking to experience vaping perhaps for the first time. Let’s be honest, V2 is primarily known for their Pro & EX Series e cigs. In years past, their disposable offerings were sub-par at best. However, in recent months, they’ve in fact revamped their lineup. V2 Disposables are available in menthol and tobacco (which we frankly respect as far too many brands offer terrible tasting flavors that users never purchase again). V2 Disposables are available in either 5 packs or 10 packs and are comprised of 1.8% nicotine by volume. If your keen on V2, we’d recommend stocking up on a few 10 packs and getting ready to upgrade to either the coveted Series 3 or Series 7 rechargeable e cig options.

15. NEwhere Disposable E Cig

newhere disposable e cig
Meet the ‘NEwhere Disposable’, our last e cig in this disposable category to make the list. NEwhere in the past, has been known for their range of electronic cigarette options. From hookahs, to starter kits and disposables – they’ve been trying to offer innovative and solid products. However, for those interested, their most innovative and frankly most exciting line of products lies within their e liquid. NEwhere has developed a secondary brand known as ‘Mad Hatter’. Mad Hatter is an e liquid brand focused on delivering the most tasty dessert based flavors. What started with their ‘I Love Donuts’ flavor has quickly fast forwarded into delectable flavors like ‘I Love Taffy’, ‘I Love Cookies’, ‘I Love Popcorn’ & ‘Cream Pop’. Therefore, sure their disposable e cig is a slid option, but we’d encourage you to get a better ‘rechargeable’ e cig and check out their e liquid flavors instead.

E Cig Experience Level Price Battery mAh Tank Size
Rocket 3 Beginner, Intermediate $49 2500 mAh 3.5 mL
Tracer Beginner, Intermediate $50 2600 mAh 3.5 mL
V2 Series 3 Beginner, Intermediate $49 650 mAh 1.6 mL
XEO Void Beginner, Intermediate $59 1500 mAh 2 mL
Triton II Beginner, Intermediate $45 700 mAh 2 mL

16. Vaporfi Rocket 3 E Cig

vaporfi rocket 3 e cig
Meet the ‘Vaporfi Rocket 3’, one of Vaporfi’s newest electronic cigarettes. The Vaporfi Rocket 3 is a powerful vaping system that happens to actually be very easy to use. The Rocket 3 features a phenomenal 2500 mAh battery to provide powerful and long lasting vapor production each and every day. It also supports a simple and high performing e liquid tank which holds up to 3.5 mL of e liquid. Additionally, the Vaporfi Rebel 3 tank uses what are known as atomizers/coils which easily screw into the tank. It’s also worth noting that they only need to be changed about once every couple of weeks. This in fact means that the overall cost of using the Vaporfi Rocket 3 every month is extremely low. Our recommendation, if you’ve been using compact e cigs and are ready for a more advanced and cost effective option, grab the Vaporfi Rocket 3, a few 5 packs of extra atomizers and as much e liquid as you can.

17. Halo Cigs Tracer E Cig

halo cigs tracer e cig
Meet the ‘Halo Cigs Tracer’, one of Halo’s newest vaping systems to hit the market. The Tracer was released along side of the Reactor in early 2016 and provides a great option for loyal users of the good ‘ole’ Triton to upgrade to. The Tracer features a phenomenally large 2600 mAh battery & a respectable 3.5 mL e liquid tank. Users can expect to get a full day or two out of their Tracer battery and to refill the e liquid tank roughly once every day or two. The biggest difference between the Reactor and Tracer options is the overall size & design of the devices. The Reactor of course features a larger battery, but in turn is a shorter and wider (box style) system compared to the Tracers slightly more sleek cylinder style device. Additionally, while the Tracer’s battery is smaller than the Reactor’s, it’s certainly worth pointing out that it still provides tons of vaping power. The Tracer uses atomizers that are easy to change nearly exactly like that of the Reactor system.

18. V2 Pro Series 3 E Cig

v2 pro series 3 e cig
Meet the ‘V2 Pro Series 3’, one of our favorite electronic cigarettes. The V2 Pro Series 3 has been on the market for a little over a year, along side of the Pro Series 7 and provides a solid vaping solution for those looking for a bit of a hybrid. The Series 3 provides the vaping power necessary to fulfill most user’s needs, but is fantastically sleek and compact in design. The Series 3 provides a 650 mAh battery (which will usually last an entire day on full charge) and a slightly smaller 1.6 mL e liquid tank that (for most users) will last an entire day. The Series 3 users unique ‘cartridges’ that usually last about 3-4 weeks before needing to be replaced. The best part about the Series 3 is it’s compact design, the worst part about the Series 3 is the fact that the ‘cartridges’ (which serve as an e liquid tank and atomizer all in one) usually don’t last as long as you’d expect and are often sold out. We’d like to point you in the direction of the Series 7 instead quite frankly.

19. XEO Void E Cig

xeo void e cig
Meet the ‘XEO Void’, an all new line being offered through our trusted V2 Cigs source. The XEO Void features a slim, sleek and efficient overall design while still packing a 1500 mAh battery. Strangely enough, as if there were room to get in between the V2 Pro Series 3 and Series 7, the XEO Void E Cig has managed to bridge that gap. It can indeed be looked as the happy medium between V2’s own favorite innovative Pro Series e cigs. The XEO Void’s German design brilliantly brings together affordability, performance and innovation. Perhaps the most impressive or note worthy aspect of the Void’s design is it’s leak proof tank design. Sure, it’s pretty similar to the Series 3 & 7, but again, a happy medium in terms of price point for overall performance over the long term. When purchasing the ZEO Void, you’ll have 3 color options to choose from and the starter kit will feature essentially have everything you need to start vaping out of the gate. The only thing you’ll need to do is stock up on e liquid and extra atomizer heads.

20. Halo Cigs Triton II E Cig

halo cigs triton 2 e cig
Meet the ‘Halo Cigs Triton II’, a second rendition to one of Halo’s flagship e cigs – the original Triton. The original Triton was one of the very first e cigs or vaporizers that a great many of newcomers to the industry started with. At a time when compact e cigs or ‘cig-a-likes’ were still emerging, the Triton served as a pillar for those looking for ‘more performance’ and frankly ‘more vapor’. Of course, since the original roll out of the Triton, vaporizers and the vaping industry in general has advanced greatly. However, the performance, simplicity and price point of the Triton & now importantly, the Triton II still remains relevant. So, for vapor newbies around the world, the Triton II is a great place to start for economically sound vaping. Grab your favorite e liquid and stock up on ‘coil heads’ – the Triton II will serve you well until your ready to advance to a more innovative system.

E Cig Experience Level Price Battery mAh Tank Size
SMOK GX350 Advanced $84 10000 mAh 6 mL
VAIO 80 Advanced $117 2100 mAh 3.5 mL
SMOK H Priv Advanced $62 5000 mAh 2.5 mL
KBOX 200 Advanced $108 5000 mAh 5 mL
VOX Mini Advanced $44 2500 mAh 6 mL

21. SMOK GX350 E Cig MOD

smok gx350 mod e cig
Say hello to my little friend, the ‘SMOK GX350 E Cig MOD‘. Let’s make something abundantly clear, the SMOK GX350 is not for everyone. This specific MOD is a beast of beasts & needs to be treated and operated with respect at all times. If you’re new to vaping or don’t have much experience with temperature controlled vaporizer systems, we’d suggest seeking a less powerful or advanced vaping device; there are certainly plenty others to choose from. However, with that being stated, for those of you who are looking for the latest and greatest in vaping mods, look no further than the SMOK GX350. Out of all the e cig systems that we’ve reviewed over the past several years, this is by far the most powerful system we’ve ever come across. We’re literally talking about a device that is powered via 4 (yes four) high amp 18650 batteries – essentially bringing this unit’s ‘mAh’ to the 8,000 to 10,000 range. Perhaps equally as important as it’s enormous power-source is the fact that it’s all designed inside of a very sleek and visually appealing build (much like all SMOK products).

22. Vaporfi VAIO 80 TC E Cig MOD

vaporfi vaio 80 tc e cig mod
Meet the ‘Vaporfi VAIO 80 TC E Cig MOD‘, one of the newest electronic vaping systems to hit the market. The VAIO 80 TC is in fact that latest in Vaporfi’s ‘V’ line which was formally comprised of the VOX 50, VOX II, VOX Mini & VOX TC MODs. The most important thing that we’d like to make clear concerning the entire Vaporfi VOX, VAIO & VEX series, is that while they’re considered ‘advanced’ electronic cigarettes, they’re still incredibly easy to use. While advanced users have a ton of options to customize their vaping experience with the VAIO 80 TC, inexperienced users have the ability to take the simple route with the internal tank feature for example. Additionally, it’s worth pointing out that the VAIO 80 TC MOD is nicely sized, meaning that it can easily fit into your pocket and used while on the go. Our pictures might show the device as being particular large and we just wanted to ensure you that it’s not some enormous vaporizer box. Lastly, the VAIO 80 TC MOD’s name appeals to it’s 80 watts & temperature control.

23. SMOK H Priv E Cig MOD

smok h priv e cig mod
Meet the ‘SMOK H Priv E Cig MOD‘, one of SMOK’s flagship e cig MODs. For those of you who don’t already know, SMOK burst onto the vaping scene via their coveted e liquid tank systems. Which were of course a giant success due to their overall performance, reliability and intuitive design. The H Priv MOD is no slouch. It certainly isn’t the powerhouse that the GX350 by SMOK is, but it’s a worthy competitor and sort of a more mainstream type MOD than the super performing GX350. The H Priv’s most unique feature is it’s ‘power/fire’ button. Traditionally, e cigs have a single small button used when taking a ‘hit’ or vape. The H Priv however features a design that essentially uses then entire side of the device as the button. In other words, it’s sort of an intuitive function that requires the user to simply palm the device and when squeezing the whole thing – a person is able to take a ‘hit’. The H Priv is a 220 Watt device and is available in a number of colors. If you’re looking for a reliable MOD that will last you a year or two, the H Priv just might be the e cig MOD for you.

24. Kangertech KBOX 200 E Cig MOD

kangertech kbox 200 e cig mod
Meet the ‘Kangertech KBOX 200 E Cig MOD‘, one of the newest versions of the KBOX Series. First things first, Kangertech has quickly become one of the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market. The reasons for this are many, but can essentially be broken down into the facts that the KBOX Series offers attractive, high performing and easy to use devices. The Kangertech KBOX 200 features an enormous 200 watts and 5000 mAh battery, essentially naming it king of the hill in terms of overall power and overall battery life. Users who opt for the KBOX 200 can expect to charge their unit about once every 3 or 4 days (with standard use) and clouds of vapor that may indeed blot out the sun. The KBOX 200 comes in 3 different colors and 4 different e liquid tank options. While each tank options has it’s own pros and cons, our preferred setup is the Smok TFV4 Sub Ohm tank. Lastly, while the Kangertech KBOX 200 offers incredible vaping power, it’s worth noting that it’s still very easy to use. Just be sure to stock up on plenty of e liquid and spare Smok TFV4 atomizers/coils.

25. Vaporfi VOX Mini E Cig MOD

vaporfi vox mini e cig mod
Meet the ‘Vaporfi VOX Mini E Cig MOD‘, all the advanced options common with the VOX Series, in a smaller, more manageable and overall sleek design. For those who have been checking out the VOX lineup for awhile but haven’t pulled the trigger due to price or frankly being intimidated by new advanced e cigs, the VOX Mini was 100% built for you. The VOX Mini features a plentiful 2500 mAh battery which will easily last an entire day of standard usage. In a nutshell, the VOX Mini is fairly priced, is simple to use and will take many novice vapors to the next level of experiencing vapor flavors. However, the number one reason for opting for the VOX Mini, is of course, it’s overall size. We’ve been huge advocated of e cigs that take compact size seriously, there is nothing worse than having an incredible e cig and not feeling comfortable using it in public.

E Cig Comparison Table

Need help finding the best e cig for your specific vaping style? Utilize our e cig comparison table below to help determine exactly which electronic cigarette is best for you.

E Cig Experience Level Price Battery mAh Tank Size
V2 Series 7 Intermediate, Advanced $129 1800 mAh 2.4 mL
Reactor Mega Intermediate, Advanced $75 5000 mAh 5 mL
Rebel 3 Intermediate, Advanced $69 3000 mAh 5.8 mL
SMOK Alien Advanced $69 3000 mAh 6 mL
Reactor Beginner, Intermediate $60 4400 mAh 5 mL
G6 Beginner $35 280 mAh 1 mL
V2 EX Series Beginner $59 280 mAh 1.5 mL
VERTX Plus Beginner $89 420 mAh 1.8 mL
Cirrus 3X Beginner $89 280 mAh 1.5 mL
Blu Plus Beginner $42 140 mAh 1 mL
Fling Disposable Beginner $12 90 mAh 3 mL
Blu Disposable Beginner $8 90 mAh 2 mL
WOW Disposable Beginner $8 110 mAh 2 mL
V2 Disposable Beginner $5 90 mAh 1.8 mL
NEwhere Disposable Beginner $10 90 mAh 1.8 mL
Rocket 3 Beginner, Intermediate $49 2500 mAh 3.5 mL
Tracer Beginner, Intermediate $50 2600 mAh 3.5 mL
V2 Series 3 Beginner, Intermediate $49 650 mAh 1.6 mL
XEO Void Beginner, Intermediate $59 1500 mAh 2 mL
Triton II Beginner, Intermediate $45 700 mAh 2 mL
SMOK GX350 Advanced $84 10000 mAh 6 mL
VAIO 80 Advanced $117 2100 mAh 3.5 mL
SMOK H Priv Advanced $62 5000 mAh 2.5 mL
KBOX 200 Advanced $108 5000 mAh 5 mL
VOX Mini Advanced $44 2500 mAh 6 mL

E Cig Buying Advice

Battery Life

e cig battery life duration mah
The battery life of electronic cigarettes is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing anew. In fact, the absolute worse thing that can happen when having an e cig is having a dead battery when you need it the most. Now, lucky for all those new to vaping, the proverbial e cig battery curve is much farther along than it was just a few short years ago. In other words, most modern e cig batteries and e cig systems as a whole have advanced enough to satisfy even the heaviest of vapors out there. However, the importance of choosing an e cig that has the battery life necessary to meet your needs is still crucial none the less.

As noted above, when it comes to most modern e cigs (rechargeable & tank based), battery duration is a minimum of 12 hours all the way up to 48 hours on a full charge. For those completely new to vaping and perhaps considering a ‘cig-a-like’ setup (those that most closely mimic the size and look of traditional cigarettes) know that the battery duration for these types of e cigarettes is going to be considerably shorter than most modern day tank based systems, we’re talking 2 – 6 hours maximum on a full charge. This is frankly because these designs are smaller, sleeker and utilize cartridges or what are known as cartomizers as opposed to bulkier tank based setups.

Lastly, when it comes to advanced vaping equipment or vaporizers – battery life becomes a thing of the past. You’ll have enough battery to power the space station in some cases and you’ll begin exploring things like ohms, wattage and volts.

A solid rule of thumb to measure battery life is ‘mAh’. Typically the higher the mAh, the more life you’ll get from your e cigs battery. Keep in mind however that a 1200 – 1800 mAh is going to be absolutely plenty for the vast majority of users.

E Liquid Tanks

e cig e liquid tank capacity and performance
E liquid tanks are perhaps the biggest differentiator when considering which e cig to purchase. Much like the device itself, how it’s designed and programmed, e liquid tanks can be both incredibly simple and quite complex.

However, we’re reaching a point in the electronic cigarette industry where most e liquid tanks are being designed in an intuitive manner. In other words, as e cig technology continues to get better, manufacturers are learning the importance of designing e cigs and their tanks in a way that makes them simple or easy to use and maintain.

A few of the most important aspects related to e liquid tanks are: e liquid capacity, leak proofing and cost of replacing coil heads or atomizers (which we get into more detail about below). The truth is, some e liquid tanks are flat out tricky to setup and maintain while others are as cut & dry as it gets. Just bare in mind that if you’re opting for a more advanced e cig, most likely it’s going to entail a bit of trial and error in terms of fine-tuning and understanding (especially as it pertains to sub ohm vaping).

Size, Type & Style

e cig size style and type
The e cig industry has evolved by leaps and bounds over the past several ears, however it’s still in it’s relative infancy. In other words, the ultimate goal is sleek, powerful & intuitive but we just happened to be confined to the rate at which traditional tobacco smokers are making the switch to vapor as well as the pace at which businesses put capital fourth, which in a free market (over time) naturally leads to innovation.

With all that being said, there is indeed a wide range of e cigs on the market for every different type or experience level of user. Just know that as it currently stands, there are very few who nock it out of the proverbial park in terms of overall performance as well as aesthetics. The V2 Pro Series 7 is certainly one that would fall into that category if you’re curious.

That isn’t to say that all e cigs are unappealing in terms of overall looks and size, it’s simply to say that there are basically only a few types of e cig designs on the market and they happy to usually be either tiny and somewhat lacking in performance or massive with great performance. With the V2 Pro Series 7 being sort of a hybrid model that’s somewhere in between. The main point of this section is to let you know where we currently are in terms of e cig size, design and style and in fact where we’re going.

Think of the evolution of mobile or cell phone design and innovation. They started out like giant bricks or boat anchors frankly and over time evolved into modern, sleek and intuitive pieces of hardware. We believe the same is going to be eventually said about the evolution of electronic cigarettes – their size, functionality and aesthetics.

Atomizer/Coil Heads

e cig tank atomizers and coils
Do not be scared aware from tank based e cigs that utilize an e liquid tank system. There is a whole other world of customizing coil setups/builds that we could frankly write an entire page about, but this section is not that sort of information. This section is to help newbies and vape novices understand how much more performance they can get when upgrading to a tank based system rather than continuing to try and operate a ‘cig-a-like’ or typical rechargeable compact e cigarette.

When we refer to ‘atomizers or coil heads, we’re referring to a simple screw in part of most tank based e cigs. This part typically comes in packs of 5 and is relatively cheap. However, it’s imperative that you understand that any tank based e cig that utilizes screw in atomizers or coil heads will need to be replaced every week or so depending on use.

A great rule of thumb when buying an e cig is to verify that you have a source to keep a steady supply of the exact atomizer/coil head that is required for that particular tank. Most e cig companies, especially those that we promote, all allow you to purchase extra atomizers and coil heads directly from their website. In most cases, these ‘extras’ can be found on the ‘related products’ section of individual product pages.

Again, just bare in mind that replacing these atomizers/coil heads is extremely easy to do and keeps your vaping fresh and your system in top top shape.

On a side note, ‘cig-a-like’ style e cigarettes typically use what are known as ‘cartomizers’. Which are essentially cartridges with built in atomizers that are not replaceable. In other words, once the cartridge has run dry, it’s thrown away and a new one is attached. Also note that this is a much more expensive way to vape as compared to a tank based system where atomizers/coil heads can simply be swapped out.

All Around E Cigs

all around e cigs
What we consider to be the best overall e cigs on the market. Great for newbies & pros alike.

While there are a huge amount of great electronic cigarettes available these days, it’s important to point out that not all e cigs are created equally.

The e cig industry is a volatile one. Everyday, new companies are forming, new e cig systems are being built in every category and even new entire categories of vaping are being introduced.

As hard as it is to know what the latest and greatest e cigs are, it’s nevertheless an awesome thing that the industry is constantly innovating and supplying consumers with even better, more effective and more efficient ways of vaping. Our best e cig picks are derived from simplicity, aesthetics, performance & price.

Compact E Cigs

compact e cigs
The perfect way to make the ‘switch’ to vapor.

Compact e cig systems are perfect for current traditional tobacco smokers who are looking to quit and make the official switch to vapor. Compact e cigs are designed to be extremely similar in size and performance to actual cigarettes and typically function with cartridges that are pre-filled with e liquid.

Users who primarily rely on compact e cig systems to deliver their favorite e liquid flavor and or nicotine fix are mainly concerned with their similarity to traditional tobacco cigarettes in terms of both looks and performance. Users of compact systems have usually had some luck with disposable e cigs but love the idea of having a more cost effective option. As the user becomes reliant on recharging their compact e cig to fulfill their physical and chemical fix, it becomes apparent that the most important aspect of compact e cigs (outside of sleek & compact looks) is battery life, battery charge time and equally as important, cartridge life and performance. (Cartridges are often times called refills, cartomizers or even flavor chambers.) Like any humble and steadfast e cig review should be, we take size, looks, kit price, monthly usage cost and battery/cartridge performance into account when determining the best e cig compact systems.

Disposable E Cigs

disposable e cigs
Great for newbies and or those in a short term pinch.

Disposable e cigs are a great introduction into the wide world of vapor. For under $20, anyone can test out vapor e cigs to see if it’s something that might work for them in an effort to stop smoking. However, they can get costly over time and it’s highly recommended that you upgrade to either a compact or tank system to save money on refilling.

Lets face it, disposables are basically for newbies only, as most disposable e cig users quickly convert to a compact or tank system for the cost savings. However, the importance of the disposable is certain note worthy. In fact, disposables are for most, the introduction to the world of vapor all together. Disposables are perfect for the newcomer to e cigs because they are simply a cheap introduction into what vapor and e cigs are all about. On the other side of the coin, disposables are the most expensive way to vape at roughly $10 per day for the average ~pack-day smoker. Disposables are a great gift idea for that special someone that you’ll be hinting at (literally) to make the switch to a solution that doesn’t stink like traditional tobacco cigarettes. The most important aspects of being considered for the best disposable e cigs is price, availability, throat hit and battery life.

Pen E Cigs

pen e cigs
An efficient and cheap way to ‘get into’ vaping.

Pen e cigs are perfect for those looking for an affordable way to vape. Each of the pen based e cig systems listed below were added to our list based on overall performance and price. Most ‘pack-a-day’ smokers can expect to go through roughly 30 mL of e liquid per month which typically costs under $50.

Typically, users who have reached full sized or tank systems know exactly what they want in an e cig system. E cig tank users are all about device performance and cost efficiency. It’s also worth noting that tank users are willing to use a slightly larger device for the enhanced performance and cost savings that tank devices deliver. While many e cig brands are starting to realize the importance of offering real all-day usage systems, certain brands just build better systems. Just because tank users are willing to handle larger e cig devices, does not mean that they don’t care about sleek or streamlined looks. In addition to tidy looking and efficient tank devices, we also take into account overall price, modification ability and included accessories.

MOD E Cigs

mod e cigs
The ultimate e cigs in terms of performance and customization.

Tired of dealing with typical rechargeable e cigs and vaping systems that never seem to be able to provide you with the battery life, customization or overall performance that you’re after? Consider pulling the trigger on what are known as MOD e cigs.

E Cig MODs are built to be better than typical rechargeable e cigs on every single level. E Cig MODs are more expensive than your average rechargeable tank or compact e cig but are worth every penny. In fact, in the long run, by purchasing an E Cig MOD, you can save money from it’s efficiency and overall quality. Too many other e cig batteries and other components fail after a short amount of time. When you start talking about MODs, you’re talking about top quality parts inside and out. MODs are relatively new to the industry but are beginning to emerge as small brands focus solely on providing quality vaping systems. On a side note, most E Cig MODs require users to have an existing knowledge of e liquid tanks & basic leakage troubleshooting or at least the urge to learn as well as basic electronics.