binary e liquid review

Binary E Liquid is one of the latest additions to the vaping scene. This up-and-coming company has got its own unique style, built around a futuristic laboratory theme, and has so far managed to develop a menu of truly tasty flavors that will leave a long-lasting impression on anyone who experiences them. We can safely say that Binary is one of the best new brands in the business and we’re looking forward to seeing more tastes and sensations from them in the near future. As with so many other e-liquid companies, Binary is based out of Southern California. What sets this company apart is its image. The people behind Binary clearly have a good understanding of the importance of branding. The very name of the company conjures up images of science, complex formulae and futuristic computing. Those themes are echoed throughout every aspect of Binary’s presentation, from the names of its products to its slickly-designed website.

Even when you take a look at the bottles this company produces, you can’t escape that scientific theme. Each product is carefully decorated with deep greens and science-fiction-inspired text to maximize the effect of the branding. The packaging is also in keeping with the theme, as Binary bottles are delivered in their own specialized green containers. Even if the style isn’t your thing, it’s always pleasing to see a company take the time to develop and maintain a theme in everything it does, rather than lazily shipping out boring bottles in brown boxes. The liquids produced by this company undergo thorough testing, with each one having its own VG:PG ratio. That said, the company tends to focus on high amounts of VG to provide plenty of smoothness as you vape, while also helping to preserving the richness of each flavor. Interestingly enough, this brand doesn’t actually sell 30ml bottles of its products. This can certainly come as a shock to most vaping fans, as we’re all used to seeing the 30ml bottle as standard. Instead, Binary provides 15ml and 60ml bottles, priced very reasonably at $9.95 and $34.95, respectively.

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Binary E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

This is a great brand that offers excellent products at affordable prices. As previously mentioned, we found the lack of 30ml offerings to be a slightly bizarre business decision, but the company more than makes up for this by selling both 15ml and 60ml bottles for some very attractive prices. Vaping can be quite expensive nowadays, with some of the top-tier brands charging quite high fees for low volumes of juice. It’s good to see a company like Binary that doesn’t skimp on the quality but is still able to sell its liquids for affordable prices.

For now, Binary only has five flavors to choose from. This can be seen as both a drawback and an advantage. On one hand, customers are limited in their options. On the other hand, the absence of dozens of different flavors just goes to show how much work and time goes into the production of each bottle. This is a company that prides itself on offering the very best quality products, so it’s better to see a small selection of great juices than a large collection of subpar products.

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Binary E Liquid Pros

  • A nice selection of fruity and sweet flavors
  • Well-developed theme
  • Slick website
  • Attractive packaging
  • High quality ingredients
  • American made
  • Affordable prices
Binary E Liquid Cons

  • None to report

Binary E Liquid Review Summary

binary e liquid review summary

Binary is a young brand but certainly one to watch. The five flavors on offer each have something special to offer and will appeal to a wide variety of people. They also don’t cost too much, and the savings offered by buying the larger 60ml bottles are certainly interesting. This company has a fresh style and we hope that they continue to build on that image in the future. If you’re a fan of fruity concoctions or cereal-inspired juices, this is definitely a brand you’ll want to consider.

Binary is a company that is quickly going from strength to strength. It’s only a recent addition to the vaping world but there’s already a lot of buzz about its products. Fans are particularly appreciative of the fruity sensations offered by this great selection of juices, and we can surely expect more great things from this brand in the weeks and months to come. Binary also has a good style that really helps it to stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive industry. Another intriguing aspect of this company is the way in which it guards its recipes; every single product contains a secret ingredient. This is a pretty neat way for the team at Binary to prevent rivals from stealing their flavors, while also encouraging fans to try and guess those mysterious ingredients. The mixers at this company also seem to really know what they’re doing. One highlight of the current collection is Array. This bottle combines the tangy tastes of raspberries, kiwis and sour apples with a refreshing swig of lemonade to create something quite special.

As mentioned before, the company does focus on fruity flavors but has also taken the time to develop an excellent cereal-based taste known as Byte. Again, the mixers employed by Binary have gone to special lengths to help this particularly bottle stand out from the crowd. Byte isn’t just another one of those froot loop copycats that every other company seems to make. Instead, this flavor combines creamy milk flavors with berries, fruit extracts and crunchy cereal sensations to offer a truly unique experience. It can be hard to judge individual flavors one way or another as every individual has their own favorite savors, but we can safely say that these Binary e-liquids are particularly delicious and very well-made.