binary pow e liquid reviewBinary POW E Liquid is a phenomenal fruit based e liquid flavor worth your immediate attention. Binary is an exciting e-liquid company that has developed a positive reputation for experimenting with fresh flavor fusions and really trying to be as innovative as possible. The Pow liquid is one great example of the company’s work. If you love tropical fruits and sweet smoothie mixtures, then you really need to give this bottle a try. The ingredients involved in this mixture include pomegranate and watermelon. These fruits provide a refreshing splash on the initial puff, while a very noticeable touch of marshmallow wraps the liquid together with a fluffy sweetness. As with all Binary e-liquids, Pow also contains a secret ingredient. It’s impossible for us to know exactly what that ingredient might be, but it absolutely contributes to making this liquid a real hit. Incredibly, unlike many other juices, you really feel as though you are biting into genuine fruits and marshmallows while vaping with Pow. Binary’s mixers have managed to create something quite special here. It works well as a refreshing fruit vape, while that marshmallow flavor also lends a dessert-style theme to the mixture. Either way, we can certainly put Pow in the ‘all-day vape’ category.

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POW Overall Taste:
This is one of those juices that has clearly been made with high quality ingredients. You can instantly tell that the fruits have been sourced with care as the rich, tropical notes begin to hit you. The marshmallows and equally sweet secret ingredient then take to the stage, fusing the whole concoction together perfectly. Neither the sweetness of the marshmallows nor the tanginess of the fruits are really overbearing, so this juice should suit a wide variety of palates.

POW Throat Hit:
Pow contains quite a low amount of PG, so the throat hit isn’t too pronounced with this particular product. The hit is still there, but your tastebuds will be more preoccupied with the richness and intensity of the various flavors in play.

POW Vapor Production:
This e-liquid contains a huge amount of VG, 73% to be precise. That means that Pow can produce quite a thick cloud of vapor. The amount of vapor will increase or decrease depending on the gear you use, but you can definitely expect to see quite a lot of it.

POW Product & Shipping Costs:
Binary is a company that likes to do things a little differently. Normally, e-liquids are offered in 30ml bottles, but not in this case. Pow can be found in both 15ml and 60ml formats. The smaller offering costs just $9.95, which is a really great price considering the high standards of production and the excellent ingredients being used. The larger bottle only costs $34.95 too, so if you really like this juice then we would encourage you to invest in the bigger bottle and save some cash in the process. Shipping is at a flat rate of $4.95 for each order. Since you will have to pay for shipping each time, we recommend placing a larger order and buying multiple bottles at once to enjoy the best savings.

POW Product Availability:
Binary is a growing company that always has plenty of stock to sell. You won’t need to worry about Pow going out of stock anytime soon as the team at Binary is always working to keep supplies high. Whenever you need a bit of extra Pow, you can simply head online and have it delivered to your door very quickly. This is a nice bonus and helps every customer to feel more confident in his or her purchases.

POW Review Summary

binary pow e liquid review summary

There are so many fruit-based e-liquids out there that it can be hard to choose between them and find the truly great ones. Pow comes highly recommended by us, thanks to its unique association between exotic sensations and fluffy marshmallows. That secret ingredient helps everything to come together nicely into a really refreshing vape that can keep you going all day long. Binary juices are gaining plenty of fans thanks to their enticing recipes, and Pow is a great example of what this company can do.