blacknote forte reviewBlacknote Forte features a full bodied yet slightly sweet Burley tobacco flavor. While Forte is certainly not as sweet as other Blacknote flavors, it’s very light sweetness does undertone the more full bodied flavor of the obvious more bold Burley tobacco. The Forte flavor won’t appeal to everyone, but hey, every person has their own unique palette. The people who are most likely to fall in love with Forte, are those who enjoy full bodied flavors often found in cigars and bold traditional tobacco cigarettes. For some, it will be the perfect everyday vape, for others it will be a nice escape for evenings and weekends or frankly whenever you get tired of all too sweet all day vapes. We’ve even found Forte to be a perfect equalizer when drinking certain ‘man drinks’. Again, for those who are looking for an immediate e liquid flavor that closely mimics smoking traditional tobacco, Forte is your new home and most likely an ‘all-day’ vape for you.

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Blacknote Forte Overall Taste:
Forte is one of the stronger of the Blacknote flavors in terms of that natural tobacco taste that of course all tobacco e liquids strive for. Overall, Forte features an earthy sort of organic flavor profile with a very tiny hint of sweetness to offset the thick naturally extracted Burley tobacco.

Blacknote Forte Throat Hit:
Forte indeed has a respectable throat hit, especially in the nicotine percentages of 1.8 and higher. Out of all Blacknote e liqiuds, Forte, in our opinion, has the strongest throat hit and is perfect for those with throat hit at the top of their rating factors.

Blacknote Forte Vapor Production:
Forte’s PG/VG ratio is 50/50, therefore, one can expect a solid amount of flavor as well as robust vapor production. Like all Blacknote e liquids, we’re happy with Forte’s vapor production while testing it through our ‘S7’ which packs a solid 1800 mAh battery.

Blacknote Forte Product & Shipping Costs:
As always, Blacknote shipping is 100% free and will ship ridiculously fast (within 1 – 3 business days) or it’s free. In terms of the product cost, $29, is more than fair considering the quality of Blacknote Tobacco e liquids as well as the fact that one can make 30 mL last for far more than 30 days.

Blacknote Forte Product Availability:
Blacknote Forte is always in stock and is ready for either single orders or of course bulk orders should you wish to stock your own shelves.

Introducing Blacknote Forte Via Notebook Collection

blacknote forte notebook collection

If you’re finding it particularly hard to choose whether or not to pull the trigger on Forte tobacco e liquid as opposed to any of Blacknote’s other amazing flavors, consider opting for the Blacknote Notebook Collection. The Notebook Collection comes packed with every single Blacknote e liquid flavor via wonderful little 7 mL bottles. Which essentially allows you to try all flavors and choose the ones you love the most to in-turn purchase 30 mL bottles of. This is the best way to not only try all the flavors Blacknote has to offer, but to experience naturally extracted tobacco e liquid in a multitude of flavor ranges for an extremely reasonable price.

Blacknote Forte Review Summary

Blacknote Forte is for those who enjoy bold full bodies flavors. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, Forte will be an absolute favorite for some (even an all day vape), a weekend escape or drink pairing flavor for others and well some, who love sweet flavors, they might not like it. Forte is real and is for the bold.