blacknote legato reviewBlacknote Legato is for ex cigarette smokers and tobacco enthusiasts. Tobacco connoisseurs can be very critical of e-liquids, as it takes a lot of time and attention to detail for a vape juice to really capture the essence of the tobacco it is trying to emulate. Legato is an example of what can happen when a company makes all the right moves. This juice is an Italian Kentucky blend and is easily one of the highlights of the Blacknote collection. It has a rich flavor, reminiscent of so many high quality cigarettes that former smokers will instantly recognize. The tobacco itself has been flue-cured to bring out its full-bodied flavor, complete with nutty hints and a gentle, earthy smoothness to finish. This juice offers an honest recreation of the tastes and sensations you would get from smoking real tobacco cigarettes. In fact, we’re yet to find almost any tobacco-based e-liquids that come this close to the genuine flavor notes of Legato. The richness and warmth of Legato really stands out fro the pack, and anyone who yearns for the taste of a cigarette will be able to rejoice at their very first puff of Blacknote Legato.

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Blacknote Legato Overall Taste:
The Legato taste really needs to be experienced to be believed, as words can barely do justice to how well this juice captures the aromas and subtleties of Italian Kentucky tobacco. A faint smokiness is present throughout, with little nutty waves coming in and out as you vape. The main flavor is dominated by the rich, traditional savor of the finest American cigarettes, with just a little bit of sweetness to tie it all together.

Blacknote Legato Throat Hit:
You’ll get quite a strong throat hit with Legato, reminiscent of true Kentucky tobacco. The hit itself is satisfying, without being too strong to overpower the whole experience.

Blacknote Legato Vapor Production:
Like other members of the Blacknote menu, Legato is made from equal amounts of VG and PG. The 50% VG content helps to provide rich flavors and a reasonable amount of vapor, but you won’t really be experiencing huge, thick clouds with this product. To create more vapor, make use of stronger batteries and different coils.

Blacknote Legato Product & Shipping Costs:
You’ll have to pay $29 for a 30ml bottle of Blacknote Legato. Compared to other e-liquids, that’s not the lowest price out there, but it’s still perfectly affordable for most people. Considering that this bottle will particularly appeal to former smokers, it’s important to note that a monthly supply of Legato will cost a lot less than a monthly stock of tobacco or cigarettes. In addition, this juice contains some top class ingredients and has been developed with a lot of care, so customer satisfaction is guaranteed every time. To sweeten the deal, Blacknote actually offers free shipping on all of its products. That shipping also happens to be exceptionally quick, so you should have your bottles within a couple of days of placing the order.

Blacknote Legato Product Availability:
Blacknote knows how to handle its stock and provide excellent levels of product availability for its customers. You’ll always be able to head over to the official site and order some more bottles of Legato, without worrying about seeing any ‘Out of Stock’ messages appearing.

Introducing Blacknote Legato Via Notebook Collection

blacknote legato notebook collection

We can definitely say that Blacknote Legato is a very good e-liquid, but the same can be said for every member of this company’s menu. That’s why we would like to recommend the Blacknote Notebook Collection. This is a sampler set, allowing you to test out every single Blacknote flavor in a nicely-presented box of 7ml bottles. It’s a great way to enjoy all of these flavors and discover which one you like the most.

Blacknote Legato Review Summary

Italian Kentucky tobacco is very widely-used in cigarette manufacture because it provides such a memorable, rich taste. Blacknote Legato has made use of this flue-cured tobacco to recreate that experience for vaping enthusiasts. If you have been a smoker in the past or simply appreciate the classic taste of tobacco, this product should certainly be at the top of your list.