blacknote solo reviewBlacknote Solo is one of the only menthol e liquid available that actually features a real classic menthol flavor profile. The name of this e-liquid is suitable apt, as Blacknote Solo is actually the only member of the Blacknote lineup to feature a menthol-inspired flavor. Customers rave about this particular flavor and we can understand why. There’s a lot for menthol fans out there, but very few real menthol e liquid flavors that deliver a solid option. The e liquid itself is actually built around a base of Virginia tobacco, topped off with a variety of menthol oils and crystals. The mixers made use of perfectly dried-out mint leaves to produce a really refreshing menthol savor that leaves you with a sense of freshness all around the palate. While other menthol-based products can be a little strong and even harsh on the throat (or simply taste like candy), Solo has been designed with care and attention to detail. It’s certainly strong, but the menthol tones don’t completely overpower the tobacco, providing a sensation reminiscent of a genuine menthol cigarette. Blacknote set out to offer a cool, soothing vape experience with Solo and they succeeded completely.

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Blacknote Solo Overall Taste:
As the only menthol flavor on the Blacknote menu, it was important for the company’s mixers to get the taste of Solo right. By making use of all-natural ingredients and time-tested techniques, the company has produced a really refreshing product. The menthol oils swirl all around the mouth and liven up your palate, while the gentle aromas of tobacco help to even out the minty strength. It’s a great balance that menthol fans will simply adore.

Blacknote Solo Throat Hit:
Menthol products tend to provide quite a strong throat hit on their own, so you can expect to really feel it with Blacknote Solo. Fortunately, this e-liquid has been developed with a wide audience in mind. The hit itself isn’t overly powerful and won’t ruin the smoothness inspired by the menthol.

Blacknote Solo Vapor Production:
We found that the vapor produced by Blacknote Solo is just the right level of thickness for a menthol-based product. The cloud produced by this juice isn’t too thick, but still remains noticeable. The 50/50 VG/PG ratio used in Blacknote juices helps to offer the right amount of vapor while preserving the richness of the flavor.

Blacknote Solo Product & Shipping Costs:
If you’re looking to buy a bottle of Blacknote Solo, you’ll need to spend $29 for a standard 30ml bottle. Sure, that might seem high compared to other brands, but you’re paying a little bit extra for an incredible level of quality. In addition, spending $29 for a monthly supply of vape juice is way cheaper than the sort of cash you’d lose on the same amount of menthol cigarettes or tobacco. It’s important to put things in perspective when purchasing vape juices, and it’s also vital to remember that you’re getting one of the very best menthol products that money can buy. In addition, Blacknote provides free shipping on all orders, so you’ll save a bit of cash in that department.

Blacknote Solo Product Availability:
Blacknote is one of the most trustworthy brands in the vaping industry. This is a company that knows how to handle stock and customer demand, so products like Legato and the rest of the company’s menu will always be available.

Introducing Blacknote Solo Via Notebook Collection

blacknote solo notebook collection

Even if you’re a menthol fan who has been drawn specifically to Solo, you might find a lot to love about the other members of the Blacknote flavor roster. The company produces some really great-tasting products and you can sample them all in the Blacknote Notebook Collection. This set features 7ml bottles of every single flavor, allowing you to discover the whole range for a fraction of the price.

Blacknote Solo Review Summary

There are a lot of menthol fans out there but there aren’t too many truly great menthol vape juices. Blacknote Solo is one of the winners, providing every aspect you could possibly hope for in a menthol-based juice, with that great undertone of tobacco just bringing it all together. If you used to love menthol cigarettes or want to experience some of the best quality juice on the market, we recommend Blacknote Solo to you.