Use our Blu Cigs Coupon for all the latest savings in October, 2017. Blu has recently come out with the new Blu PLUS line in both a $14.99 simple rechargeable kit and a more standard full starter kit set at $42.99. Right now, for a limited time only, you can use our exclusive Blu Cigs Coupon Codes below to save on all Blu Cigs Starter Kits. We expect huge sales in the near future on their Standard, Premium and Premium 100 Starter Kits as they slowly phase out these lines. As always, use our Blu Coupon Codes below to save the most on your next order.

Partner Level Blu Cigs Coupon Offers
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Save 15% When Buying 5 Or More E Liquids.
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Save 15% When Buying 5 Or More Cartridges.
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Try the new Blu PLUS Kit for only $42.99.
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Get Free Shipping on your Blu Cigs order.
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Try the new Blu PLUS Express Kit for only $14.99.

Blu Cigs Coupon Savings By Vapestaff

blu cigs coupon for plus starter kitsThere are a number of Blu Cigs Coupon sales throughout the year. You can count on saving huge on Blu Cigs on a monthly basis and even more so during holidays. Blu Cigs typically offers 5% – 10% during normal months and up to 50% off during holiday months. For example, last year for Cyber Monday, Blu Cigs offered a 50% off coupon for their regularly priced $89.99 Premium 100 E Cig Starter Kit. It’s also worth mentioning that Blu Cigs provides a tremendous amount of savings via their Rewards Program year round. By simply signing up for their rewards program, you’ll be able to earn Blu Points in a large variety of ways which can then be redeemed when you see fit for Blu merchandise. Also, it’s kind of fun to see the different levels of Blu Rewards you can get to. They came up with cool names such as ‘small time vapor’ and the like, which is completely dependent on the amount of Blu Cigs products you purchase. If you’d like to learn more about the individual products that Blu offers, check out our Blu Cigs Plus Review, Blu Cigs Classic Review, Blu Cigs Disposable Review and Blu Cigs Cartridges Review. Furthermore, if you’d like to learn how Blu Cigs stacks up against the competition, check out our Blu Cigs Not Working article.

Blu Cigs Coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes 2017

Blu Cigs isn’t exactly known for being the most ‘generous’ brand in the business, or for offering the most exciting sales. However, things have gradually been getting better with this company. In 2015, we saw a nice range of sales, with discounts reaching the 40% mark in certain cases. The brand has done a nice job of celebrating all of the big holidays with special promotions and coupon codes, and that trend seems to be continuing into 2016. You probably shouldn’t expect to see giant “70% Off” discounts with this brand, but you can find some good deals from time to time. The good thing is that Blu Cigs makes high quality products, so any sort of saving is usually welcomed with open arms by customers. We’ve got all of the new coupon codes as soon as they get released right here on this page, so be sure to come back often to learn about new ways to save.

Blu Cigs Coupon for Easter 2016:
Easter is traditionally associated with chocolate, but if you’d prefer to focus on something that won’t expand your waistline, why not invest in some extra vaping equipment? Right now, Blu Cigs are proposing a really attractive deal just in time for Easter. The new coupon code lets you get three free tanks with the purchase of any Blu Plus vape pen kit. Three tanks usually cost around $14.99 with Blu Cigs, so that’s quite a nice little saving you’ll be getting with the use of this coupon. Those tanks are also available in a myriad of flavors, so you can choose whichever one suits your palate the best. If you’ve been thinking about investing in a Blu Plus kit for a while, this coupon code will certainly help you make up your mind.

Blu Cigs Coupon for St Patricks Day 2016:
St Patrick’s Day is a time of indulgence and vapers everywhere are being given an opportunity to indulge in their favorite pastime with a new coupon from Blu Cigs. This new and exclusive code is only valid for the next 24 hours, so you’ll need to use it while you can. With this deal, you’ll get 10% off any order of 4 disposable e-cigarettes. The disposable e-cigs from Blu Cigs are compact, convenient and effective. They offer an authentic smoking experience and come in a few different flavors. A pack of 4 usually costs around $36. This 10% discount only equates to a few dollars, but every little bit helps and, if you decide to order multiple packs, you can multiply your savings and really benefit from this deal.

Blu Cigs Coupon for Valentines Day 2016:
Looking for something special for your significant other this Valentine’s Day? How about taking advantage of Blu Cigs latest deal and saving 10% on any Blu Tank 3 pack? Blu Tanks are available in seven different flavors, so there’ll surely be something to suit the tastes of you or your partner. Some of the highlights of the collection include the subtly smooth Vivid Vanilla, the cool and refreshing blast of Magnificent Menthol, and the rich smoky sensation of Carolina Bold. These 3 packs usually cost $14.99. 10% of $14.99 isn’t the biggest saving around, but it’s still not bad. These tanks equate to a puff count of around 550 and they all work flawlessly with any Blu or Blu Plus devices.

Blu Cigs Coupon for New Years 2016:
Ready to start the new year in style? We’ve just heard about a brand new offer from Blu Cigs and are ready to share the coupon code with you today. This new deal gives you 15% off any order of the Vivid Vanilla flavor of Blu Tank. These tanks are available with different nicotine strengths and can be purchased in packs of three. Each tank has an approximate puff count of over 550 and maintains a rich and creamy flavor throughout the entire length of its usage. Vivid Vanilla is definitely one of the best tastes on the Blu Cigs menu, offering a careful balance of richness and sweetness to prevent the flavor from becoming too overwhelming. This tank provides a nice throat hit that former smokers will appreciate, and 15% isn’t the sort of discount you should be ignoring.

Blu Cigs Coupon for Christmas 2015:
Christmas is almost upon us and we might just have found a super gift for all your vaping friends, at a lower price than usual! Blu Cigs is currently running a coupon code deal that provides 20% off any purchase of five Blu Tank 3 packs. Blu Tanks work with the various Blu and Blu Plus devices and count for about 550 puffs on average. They’re available in quite a few delicious flavors, including Pina Colada, Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol and Peach Schnapps. When you buy five packs of three tanks normally, you’ll be spending $11.99 per pack. This discount reduces that price to just $9.59 per pack, so it’s a very respectable discount. As its Christmas, you could buy five packs and give them to five different friends. Or keep them for yourself! The choice is yours.

Blu Cigs Coupon for Cyber Monday Sale 2015:
Fans of the Blu Cigs brand have another reason to be excited this Cyber Monday, as the company just shared its latest coupon code with us. This code grants every customer 20% off any purchase of 12 disposable e-cigarettes. Blu Cigs disposables are available in three different flavors. For traditional tobacco fans, there’s the Classic Tobacco flavor. If you’re after something a little fruitier, why not indulge in Cherry Crush? Otherwise, if you happen to love the cool blast of minty leaves, the Magnificent Menthol taste could be the one for you. All three of these flavors taste great and, unlike other disposables, the flavors won’t fade away after the first few puffs. This deal, just like Cyber Monday itself, is a one-day-only thing, so you’ll need to use it before midnight tonight!

Blu Cigs Coupon for Black Friday Sale 2015:
The shopper’s holiday is upon us and people all around the nation are scrambling through stores and trawling the internet to find the best deals. We’re here to help, by letting you in on the latest promotion coming out of Blu Cigs. The vaping brand has decided to celebrate Black Friday by offering 30% off any order of its Blu Plus Express Kit. This kit comes with a pair of Classic Tobacco tanks, offering over 1000 puffs in total, along with a rechargeable battery and a USB charger. It normally retails for $14.99, but can be yours for just $10.49 with this excellent new deal. That’s a really attractive price for such a great product, so we recommend that you grab one while you can. You could even buy a few and give them away as Christmas gifts.

Blu Cigs Coupon for Thanksgiving 2015:
Thanksgiving is here. After carving your turkey and enjoying a luxurious dinner, there’s no better way to relax than with some good quality e-liquid. Right now, for a very limited time only, Blu Cigs are letting you buy selected flavors of Blu Tanks with a 20% discount on each one. This is a super deal, giving you the option to stock up on delicious tanks for a fraction of the original price. This offer doesn’t apply to every flavor on the Blu Cigs menu, but will work on the brand’s Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Cherry Crush and Vivid Vanilla tanks, so there’s something to please everyone. A single tank works out to approximately 550 puffs, so they offer excellent value for money. The coupon expires at the end of the day, so copy and paste it while you have the chance.

Blu Cigs Coupon for Halloween 2015:
While the kids are out collecting candy this Halloween, you can also treat yourself to something a little more adult. Blu Cigs are getting in the spooky spirit of the holiday by offering a brand new coupon that gives you a very impressive 30% off any purchase of a Classic Blu Starter Kit. The Classic Kit gives you everything you need to get going with a brand new Blu Cigs e-cig. These products are American-made and very reliable, offering good temperature control and enjoyable vaping experiences every time. From our own dealings with Blu Cigs, we’ve got plenty of positive things to say about this company. Especially if you’re just getting into vaping, this is a great way to start and Blu Cigs’ products are renowned for their cool style and ease of use.

Blu Cigs Coupon for Fathers Day 2015:
Available in seven great flavors, Blu Cigs Classic Cartridges are highly-rated for the richness of taste and consistent performance levels they provide. Right now, to celebrate the one day of the year dedicated to dads, Blu Cigs is letting you purchase these cartridges with a 40% discount. That’s one of the very best discounts we’ve ever seen from this company. Chances like this won’t come around too often, so take advantage of this one while you can. You can get these cartridges in a nice mixture of flavors including Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, Peach Schnapps and Classic Tobacco. The menu may be small, but there’s something for everyone here. With this discount, you can save a lot of cash, especially if you take our advice and place a bulk order.

Blu Cigs Coupon for Mothers Day 2015:
This Mother’s Day, why not show your mom how much you care about her with the purchase of some high quality disposable e-cigs? Right now, for one day only, we can let you in on the latest deal direct from Blu Cigs. The company’s new coupon code gives you 15% off any order of 8 disposables. The Blu Cigs disposables are compact and perfect for people who like to vape on-the-move. They require no assembly and are 100% recyclable. They also come in a few different flavors, including traditional tobacco and menthol tastes. Whether you’re a first-time user or an experienced vaper looking for something new, these disposables can suit your needs. 15% represents quite a reasonable amount of cash, so this is a super time to invest in some handy, disposable e-cigs.

Blu Cigs Free Shipping: free blu cigs coupon for shipping Currently, Blu Cigs is offering Free Shipping on your entire order with our Blu Cigs Coupon that can be found at the top of this page. Very few e cig companies offer free shipping on entire purchases unless x amount of dollars has been added to your shopping cart. It’s certainly a welcoming offer to save on Free Shipping when it typically cost around $10 – $20 for a decent order size. Furthermore, the automatic free shipping offered by Blu Cigs is standard USPS delivery. If however yo spend $100 or more, you’ll automatically have the option to choose free UPS ground shipping from the drop down menu in shipping options regardless if you use our Blu Cigs Coupon or not.

Blu Cigs Rewards: blu cigs coupon for rewardsThe Blu Cigs Reward program is actually pretty cool. They’ve decided to push the envelope in terms of interaction with their loyal participants. Upon signing up for the rewards program you will be granted a healthy amount of points. You’ll even be granted a title or level known as a ‘Vapor Maker’. As you continue to buy Blu Cigs products and share Blu Cigs in your social media (among other web based interactions) you’ll gain more and more points thus ‘leveling’ yourself up and making program awards available to your account. The second level after ‘Vapor Maker’ is known as ‘Hard Charger’. There is an abundance of ways to gain rewards points and unlike any other E Cig company, Blu has taken a bit of a cultural approach to their online extension of an already success retail business. Although, I must say, I’m not exactly sure why Blu Cigs would go through all the trouble of creating such an elaborate rewards program to only offer ‘swag’ such as t-shirts, umbrellas, iPad covers and mugs. The only e cig related reward is one Disposable.

Blu Cigs Trade In Program Promotion: Are you an avid fan of Blu Cigs? Would you like to be granted a $10 off coupon for your next Blu Cigs purchase? If so, Blu Cigs is offering a sort of trade-in system that will allow you just that. By simply downloading a Blu Cigs Trade In Program Form, filling it out and mailing it in with with your old Blu Starter Kit system and a proof of purchase for a new Blu Plus Starter Kit, you’ll be issued a $10 coupon for your next Blu Order. Personally, it seems like an awfully lot of work, not to mention the actual cost of purchasing a whole new Blu Plus Starter Kit just to receive $10. Again, it’s Blu Cigs’ marketing ploys like this that leave us with nothing more but a bitter taste in our mouth. Almost every single other e cig brand that we promote on vapestaff features far better special offers than that of Blu Cigs.

Redeem Retail & Online Codes: blu cigs coupon instructionsBlu Cigs has began to offer redemption codes in their actual packaging. Next time you open up a new starter kit or disposable you’ll notice a separate sheet of paper with a unique redemption code printed on it. In order to redeem to your points, simply log into your Blu Cigs account on the official Blu Cigs website and navigate to the claim blu cigs points section. You’ll then enter your code and instantly receive your new Blu Cigs Reward Points.

Get Blu Cigs Points: Blu Cigs of course features a robust rewards program that not only allows you to receive points by purchasing actual Blu Cigs devices, but by doing simple little tasks. See below for a full list of ways to receive Blu Cigs Points that can ultimately be redeemed for Blu Cigs Gear.

  • Read Blu Article – 5 points
  • Visit Blu Site – 5 points
  • Watch The Video of the Week – 50 points
  • Connect to Facebook – 100 points
  • Add Your Phone Number – 25 points
  • View Blu Photos – 5 points
  • Like Blu Cigs on Facebook – 5 points
  • Connect to Twitter – 100 points
  • Connect to Instagram – 100 points

Blu Cigs Coupon Per Product:

Blu Cigs coupon Standard Starter KitBlu Cigs Standard Starter Kit Coupon
Save big on your entire Blu Cigs purchase.
Blu Cigs coupon Premium Starter KitBlu Cigs Premium Starter Kit Coupon
Save big on your entire Blu Cigs purchase.
Blu Cigs coupon Premium 100 Starter KitBlu Cigs Premium 100 Starter Kit Coupon
Save big on your entire Blu Cigs purchase.
Blu Cigs coupon Plus Starter KitBlu Cigs Plus Starter Kit Coupon
Save big on your entire Blu Cigs purchase.
Blu Cigs coupon TanksBlu Cigs Tanks Coupon
Save big on your entire Blu Cigs purchase.
Blu Cigs coupon DisposablesBlu Cigs Disposables Coupon
Save big on your entire Blu Cigs purchase.
Blu Cigs coupon CartridgesBlu Cigs Cartridges Coupon
Save big on your entire Blu Cigs purchase.
Blu Cigs coupon accessoriesBlu Cigs Accessories Coupon
Save big on Blu Cigs accessories.

Vapestaff’s Blu Cigs Coupon Instructions

  • 1. First, in order to take advantage of our exclusive Blu Cigs Coupon, you’ll need to head on over to the official Blu Cigs website and fill up your shopping cart.

    blu cigs coupon step one

  • 2. Secondly, notice the ‘Discount Code’ box on the right hand side of the screen. This is where you’ll be implementing our partner level Blu Cigs Coupon in order to lock in savings on your purchase.

    blu cigs coupon step two

  • 3. Thirdly, head over to our Blu Cigs Coupon page located on Vapestaff. You’ll be able to immediately notice the stockpile of Blu Cigs Coupons located at the top of the page, each of which indicate the actual Blu Cigs Coupon being offered. Specifically, notice the ‘Show Coupon Code’ box.

    blu cigs coupon step three

  • 4. Next, after located the Blu Cigs Coupon that you like to use, simply click on the corresponding ‘Show Coupon Code’ button. The actual Blu Cigs Coupon Code will then be revealed to you. You can then choose to copy it or just remember it in order to implement it in your shopping cart.

    blu cigs coupon step four

  • 5. With your exclusive Blu Cigs Coupon now in hand, head back over to your shopping cart at the Blu Cigs website. Again, notice the ‘Coupon Code’ box located on the right hand side of the page. This is indeed where you’ll be entering the Blu Cigs Coupon that we’ve provided you. After entering the code and receiving the successfully applied indication, simply click the green checkout box.

    blu cigs coupon step five

  • 6. Lastly, on the Blu Cigs checkout screen, you’ll need to fill in your shipping, billing and payment information. Be sure to notice the total amount being discounted from your purchase and to process the order, just click on the orange place order now button.

    blu cigs coupon step six

How To Use Our Blu Cigs Coupon:

Using our Blu Cigs Coupon is simple. All you have to do is locate the Blu Cigs Coupon you’d like to use at the top of this page and click the corresponding ‘Get Coupon Code’ button. A new tab will open in your browser to the official Blu Cigs website. Simply click back to our site at vapestaff in order to view your now revealed Blu Cigs Coupon. Keep in mind that often times coupons will open a new window or tab that will automatically reserve the discount in your checkout area. In this situation, you’ll just need to fill up your cart and checkout from the window opened up from vapestaff.

  • Click the Blu Cigs Coupon button that corresponds to the offer you’d like to use.
  • Our Blu Cigs Coupon Code will then open a new tab in your browser.
  • Click back to our website to view the Blu Cigs Coupon that will now be visible to you.
  • You’ll then use that particular Blu Cigs Coupon at the checkout page to take advantage of that offer.