You perhaps bought a few disposable Blu E Cigs and finally decided to pull the trigger on buying a starter kit. In theory this should save you money as you can then purchase refills via 5 pack and use one a day or so. Not so fast… While it’s a romantic thought that the Blu Cigs Starter Kit would not only help you quit smoking but also become more cost effective than disposable e cigs and even traditional tobacco cigarettes, it is flat out not the case. Why? Because the quality of the entire Blu Cigs Starter Kit is horrible. This is why you need to choose Halo Cigs from the get go and save yourself endless time and countless headaches. You can also use our Halo Cigs Coupons to save even more money in the switch.

Blu Batteries Hardly Ever Work

Concerning starter kit electronic cigarette batteries, they usually come in sets of two. This is true of Blu and it’s a good thing, because they don’t work at least not for long. On average, Blu Starter Kit batteries and chargers last 2-3 months. This is particularly exciting when you shell out $15 for a refill pack only to find that your batteries will no longer take a charge. Considering buying a Blu Starter Kit? I’d serious suggest taking a nice crisp hundred dollar bill, marching into the bathroom, taking a huge dump and wiping your behind with it. This way, it will instantly be gone and you can immediately move on to a much better system in Halo Cigs.

blu e cig cartridges not working

Concerning cartomizers, many companies have followed the trend of developing the atomizer in the same module as the e liquid, which delivers the term cartomizer itself. However, few companies have perfected this manufacturing process. The end result is loads of cartomizers (also known as refills or cartridges) that don’t work at all or at best they work 50% of the time. Dealing with faulty e cig batteries is one thing, dealing with cartomizers that don’t work is a whole other form of crazy. For example, you could easily have a great battery that ready to be used and enjoyed for hours on end, but because the cartomizer your using is faulty, you’ll receive a joyful zero level throat hit and most likely be inhaling only vapor as the atomizer (located in the cartomizer) isn’t heating to the correct level to mesh the e liquid and nicotine. Again, Blu cartomizers literally work 50% of the time or less. Want to waste money and pull your hair out from not being able to get a proper nicotine session, get Blu. Want a reliable e cig that works every single time, as any product available on the open market should, then go with Halo Cigs. We’ve been there and done that…


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