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Halo Cigs Tracer MOD Review

The Halo Cigs Tracer MOD is one of Halo’s newest electronic cigarette options. You’ve been asking for it for more than 2 years and Halo Cigs has finally delivered, by way of not 1, but 2 new mod electronic cigarette systems. The Halo Tracer MOD is a delightfully sleek 2600 mAh tubular mod fed by
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Halo Reactor Box MOD Review

The Halo Cigs Reactor Box MOD is a long awaiting high performance options to showcase the Halo E Cig lineup. For years, loyal ‘Halons’ or Halo Cigs enthusiasts simply had the option of choosing between the G6 & Triton devices/starter kits. Finally making new and established vapor user’s dreams come true, Halo unveiled the New
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Halo Cigs Flavor Friday Specials

Halo Cigs has recently decided to start offering what they’ve coined, ‘Flavor Friday’. Halo Cig’s Flavor Friday always consists of either one of their popular or their new e liquid flavors paired with some sort of food or adult recreation. Additionally, they’ve recently decided to start running special offers and Halo Cigs Coupon sales on
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Halo Triton Review

The Halo Triton is a full size e cig and it’s one of the best tank systems available in it’s class (especially for the price). From it’s solid battery life to it’s uncanny ability to produce huge amounts of vapor, the Triton is for users graduating from the G6 or other compact e cigs. However,
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Halo G6 Review

The Halo G6 is our #1 rated overall best compact system on the market. The main aspects of our Halo G6 Review was battery life, vapor production, cost, flavor options and overall build quality. The G6 seems to have everything a typical e cig user would want in a compact e cig, from battery life
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Halo Cartomizer Review

Halo Cigs Cartomizers (in our experience), work 100% of the time, which is something that Blu Cig cartomizers or cartridges cannot say. Another nice finding was that the G6 cartomizers by Halo are in fact refillable. The soft rubber tip easily pops off and allows for quick refilling. Granted, it’s only recommended that you refill
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Halo E Liquid Review

Halo Cigs E Liquid is America’s #1 selling brand for good reasons. For those of you who don’t know, there is much more to a quality e liquid than just a few fancy flavors. Comprised of PG, VG, Flavor & Nicotine, it takes a great deal of time and consideration to perfect this combination of
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Halo Cigs Vs Blu Cigs

halo cigs vs blu cigs comparison
Which is better, Halo or Blu? Easy. Halo Cigs is far better than Blu Cigs on every level. Why? Good question… Simple answer: Blu Cigs are notoriously faulty and Halo Cigs notoriously feature two of the best e cig systems on the market via the G6 Compact System & the Triton Tank System. Detailed answer:
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Halo Cigs Review

Halo Cigs is a growing New Jersey business in the electronic cigarette market who above all else takes pride in offering safe & quality products. Founded in 2009 by parent company ‘Trident Group LLC’, Halo Cigs are becoming one of the biggest players in the electronic cigarette industry. Because Halo Cigs is a privately held
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Halo Cigs Rewards Program Review

halo cigs reward program review
For those of you who don’t already know, Halo Cigs does in fact offer a rewards program. The purpose of this article is to review it and offer a loyal Halo customer’s perspective on the program. First off, I’d like to point out that many e cig companies don’t offer any sort of rewards at
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Why We Heart Halo Cigs

In a completely unregulated electronic cigarette industry, it’s becoming far to common place for certain companies both fly-by-night and large alike to give e cigs as a whole a bad name. Most people come to electronic cigarette as an alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes in a overall effort to quit smoking completely. The trouble is,
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Halo Cigs Rewards

Remember your friends or friend’s parents who used to save cigarette boxes and or upc codes religiously? I think the idea was that if they piled up enough boxes in the ‘breeze-way’ that they’d one day be offered a trip to Hawaii or Bermuda. Thank god we don’t have to do that anymore. Don’t forget
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Halo Cigs Company

The ‘ecig’ market itself is a multi-billion dollar industry and is in an incredible stage of growth as more and more nicotine users seek a better solution to ‘smoking’ than classic paper cigarettes. With this being the case, a tremendous amount of new brands and businesses are being started, which on one hand is a
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Halo Cigs Moving Headquarters To Florida

One of the fastest growing premium electronic cigarette retailers in the United States, Halo Cigs is moving it’s headquarters to sunny Gainesville Florida. The New Jersey electronic cigarette device and e liquid powerhouse is certainly not very public about their corporate decisions and growth outlook. However, based on Halo Cigs tremendous online following, quality of
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Electronic Cigarette Size Matters

First off, I’m not sure but it might be an ‘e cig sin’ to talk down about overall size of systems, but lately I’m left with no choice. While I’m certainly happy to see more traditional tobacco users make the switch to vapor, it’s almost appalling to see tree trunk sized systems being used in
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Halo Cigs Automatic Delivery

Halo Cigs does not currently feature any automatic delivery options. However, this thread is meant to proactively stir up the discussion so that auto delivery might be considered into the companies e-commerce setup. If you like the idea of keeping your credit card on file with Halo Cigs and setting a monthly or weekly schedule
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Halo G6 Battery Not Working?

Is your Halo G6 not working as good as it once did? Have no fear, it’s an easy fix. Unlike other compact electronic cigarettes such as Blu, the Halo G6 can actually be cleaned which is exactly what you’ll need to do. Most electronic cigarettes including the G6 burn e liquid via a battery and
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Blu Cig Review

I personally used Blu Cigs for an entire year and literally know everything there is to know about them. I smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes for over 7 years (Newports to be exact) before making the transition to electronic cigarettes. I finally got sick of feeling bad from watching those horrible commercials on tv (that we
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Why Choose Halo Cigs

When it comes to electronic cigarettes, one has many different options to choose from. While capitalism in general is certainly encouraged, buyers should beware of ‘fly-by-night’ companies operating in the electronic cigarette industry. Frankly, any Tom, Bob or Sam can place an order online into a China warehouse to purchase bulk electronic cigarette components. This
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Halo G6 Starter Kit Review

The G6 Starter Kit produced by Halo Cigs is literally the best all around electronic cigarette system I have ever used. In an industry filled with newcomers both on the producing and consuming sides, one has to sort through a seemingly lot of jargon and or fluff in order to get to the important aspects
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Halo Cigarette

If you’ve found this post, judging by the title, you new to electronic cigarettes. (Which is awesome I might add!) So the ‘Halo Cigarette’ is an electronic cigarette made by a New Jersey Company called Halo Cigs. The ‘Halo Cigarette’ is actually a generic term as their are two different types or styles of Halo
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The Best Compact Electronic Cigarettes

Let’s make something perfectly clear off the top… Friends don’t let friends use ‘arm-sized’, ‘backpack-hauled’ or ‘generator-wheeled’ e cigs. E cig size matters and we’re happy to point out the best compact e cigs available. Additionally, if you’re interested in learning about all the best e cigs currently on the market, check out our ‘Best
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The Best Tank E Cig

Love the idea of e cigs but looking for a system that actually delivers quality performance that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? Introducing the Halo Triton, one of the best e cig solutions available on the market today. While it is slightly more bulky than you typical standard compact e cig, it certainly
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Halo Cigs Are Better Than Blu

Is your Blu Cig not working? Don’t worry, your not a special or unique Blu customer. In fact Blu Cigs typically only work about 50% of the time on average. Some of you might ask, ‘how long do blu cigs last?’ The answer is of course not long at all. Blu batteries or starter kits
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Halo Cigs Are Cost Effective

If you’ve been using disposable e cigs, you probably know that they get expensive rather quickly! While they certainly are great when your in a bind or new to e cigs, they are in no way cost effective for any medium or long term solutions. There are a few different options to choose from when
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Halo Cigs Performance

Halo batteries are among the very best in terms of longevity available in market. In terms of performance, they require minimum puff power to produce maximum vape. They also happen to be available in a number of colors, sizes and switch types. Tired of using inefficient vaping systems such as ‘Blu’? Been there, done that…
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Halo Cigs VS V2 Cigs

Halo Cigs and V2 Cigs are two of the top e cig brands in the industry. If your curious which brand you should choose, it should be known that you really can’t go wrong either way. Perhaps the biggest difference between the two companies is their product selection. While V2 Cigs is constantly innovating and
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Halo Cigs Tips and Tricks

Important Update: While this article still rings true, it’s rather old. We wrote it when we first started vaping using Halo’s G6 and Triton e cigs. However, Halo Cigs has since greatly improved their product lineup. Thus, we’d urge you to rather read our ‘Halo Cigs Reactor MOD Review‘ and or our ‘Halo Cigs Tracer
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Best Disposable E Cig

Which is the very best disposable e cig? A great question that leads to many varying opinions and thoughts regarding electronic cigarettes in general. First of all, I’m going to give you a clear answer to your question. However, I’m not happy about it and I’m happy to let you know why. The best ‘Disposable
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How Long Do Blu Cigs Last

Blu Cigs have one thing right in their business model and that’s marketing. Unfortunately, that’s about the only thing they have right… After extensive personal trial, I found Blu Cigs to fail in every important aspect of what makes a good electronic cigarette. From battery life, recharge cycles, cartomizer delivery and overall product quality, Blu
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