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Central Vapors is a popular vaping company specialized in e liquids. This brand got started in McKinney, Texas, and has become a leading player in the e liquid world, synonymous with low prices and plenty of options. In fact, Central Vapors boasts of over 150 flavors of e liquid, as well as offering a huge range of DIY supplies like concentrates and flavorings to help people mix their own juices at home. If you’re interested in e liquids and like to try new things, it’s certainly worth checking out this brand, and Central Vapors also sells a small but interesting range of devices, featuring a mixture of mainstream and lesser-known brands.

Customer testimonials of Central Vapors are generally very positive, with the brand offering same-day shipping on most orders, as well as providing helpful customer service when needed. Another plus point of Central Vapors is variety. When you buy e liquid from this brand, you have dozens of choices available to you in terms of nicotine strength, bottle size, VG/PG ratio and more. You can even add an “Extra Flavor” boost to your chosen blends to make them even richer. Central Vapors offers lots of variety in e liquids, but a lot less in hardware. If you’d like to learn more about a site that does offer plenty of hardware and e liquid options, check out our Direct Vapor Review. We also recommend reading our Best E Cigs list.

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Central Vapors Review of Pros and Cons

For Central Vapors, we identified little lists of pros and cons to help you understand the key points of this brand. On the plus side, Central Vapors offers an enormous range of e liquid flavors, and we really appreciated the many options available to us while buying this brand’s juices. Not only can you change VG/PG ratio, nicotine strength, and all the rest, Central Vapors also sells bulk bottles of e liquid. This is one of the only brands we’ve seen to offer up to 500ml bottles of juice at very affordable prices, so if you like to buy in bulk, Central Vapors could interest you.

Now onto the negatives: Central Vapors may boast a lot of options in the e liquid department, but it’s lacking in terms of hardware. There are a few good device options here, like the Joyetech eGo AIO, Kanger EVOD, and Innokin Cool Fire IV, but not too many. Central Vapors’ branding, packaging, and website are also all a little basic when compared to the competition, and this company could do with a new look in order to have greater appeal and encourage more people to shop with them.

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Central Vapors Pros

  • 150+ e liquid flavors.
  • US-made.
  • Speedy shipping.
  • Lots of e liquid variety.
Central Vapors Cons

  • Lack of hardware variety.
  • Basic packaging.
  • Some e liquids lack strength.
  • Basic website.

Central Vapors Review Summary

central vapors review summary

With so many big online vaping stores out there these days, many shoppers tend to find a store they love and stick to it. It can be overwhelming for beginners to find the right store, and these companies need to make big efforts to stand out from the crowd and provide more appeal than their rivals. When we compare Central Vapors to other leading brands, like Direct Vapor, for example, it’s clear to see that Central Vapors does fall short in a few areas. This company’s website and branding feel cheaper, its products aren’t quite up to the same standard, and its range of hardware is nowhere near as extensive. There are a couple of interesting mods like the SMOK QBOX, but most intermediate and advanced customers will need to look elsewhere for their devices and other hardware, and those who have a taste for more premium grade e liquid probably won’t be fully satisfied by many of Central Vapors’ flavors. The prices are low and that’s a great advantage of shopping with this brand, but the quality isn’t quite the same as some of the handcrafted, small-batch brands out there.

We understand that many people like to find one shop they trust and stick to it. It’s an idea that makes a lot of sense and helps you to save plenty of cash. Can Central Vapors be your one-stop shop for vaping supplies? Well, if you have a big interest in mixing your own e liquids and don’t feel the need to test out different devices or premium e liquid brands, Central Vapors has all you need. It’s not a bad site and customers are very happy in general with the quality and value offered by Central Vapors’ products, but it’s clear to see that a little more variety could go a long way. If Central Vapors stocked some more device options, especially for intermediate or advanced shoppers, as well as perhaps a few e liquid options from recognized premium brands, this company would have even more appeal. If you’d like to find one simple place to shop for all your vaping needs, right now we’d have to recommend another brand like Direct Vapor, but Central Vapors is doing plenty of things right and will continue to be a popular choice for people looking for affordable e liquid in countless flavors.