charlies chalk dust review

Charlies Chalk Dust is one of the most original E Liquid companies that we’ve ever come across. The brand is based in Orange County, California and offers an exciting range of unique flavors that you simply can’t expect to find anywhere else. This is where the company really excels; Charlie’s Chalk Dust produces some startling taste combinations that truly have to be experienced firsthand. If you’re on the lookout for a new style of e-liquid to really liven up your vaping sessions, this could be the perfect brand for you. Charlie’s Chalk Dust makes use of high amounts of VG in its products to provide particularly smooth experiences. The company’s carefully-crafted array of vape juices will certainly appeal to people who love to try new things.

This company really seems to pride itself on originality. The website of Charlie’s Chalk Dust is sleek and minimalistic, being proposed entirely in black and white. The company even has its own amusing origin story. The legend of Charlie’s Chalk Dust states that Charlie, a hot dog seller from the 1920s, was once visited by a strange man. This man spoke in philosophical poetry and opened Charlie’s eyes to the possibilities of life and flavor combinations. As he left, the man dropped a piece of paper with several unique recipes written upon it. The founders of Charlie’s Chalk Dust stumbled upon this piece of paper, along with Charlie’s diary, and decided to make use of the magical recipes. Whatever you think of the story, it’s certainly a neat way to present a company and gives Charlie’s Chalk Dust a certain air of mystery.

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Charlies Chalk Dust Review of Pros & Cons

charlies chalk dust e liquid reviews and customer testimonials
This company has a lot of positive points and there aren’t many criticisms we can throw at Charlie’s Chalk Dust. The brand focuses on originality and presents a really fresh image to its customers. Every individual will have his or her own tastes, but overall we can’t see too many reasons why someone wouldn’t want to test out some vape juice from this particular brand.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust focuses exclusively on e-liquids and has a relatively small selection of flavors. These can easily be seen as positive points. By only working with one type of product, the development team at Charlie’s Chalk Dust are able to dedicate all of their time and resources to making the truly best e-liquids possible. In addition, the company’s flavor selection may be limited but this simply shows how much pride is taken in the creation of each new taste.

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Charlies Chalk Dust Pros

  • Unique flavors
  • Product availability
  • Smooth vaping experience
  • American-made
  • Free stickers with every order
  • Charlie’s Chalk Dust merchandise available for purchase
  • Original style
  • Simple, good-looking website
Cuttwood Cons

  • The flavor selection might be a bit too wacky or limited for some people, but this really depends on your own personal preferences.

Charlies Chalk Dust Review Summary

charlies chalk dust review summary

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a company with style and substance. The people behind this brand set out to create their own unique image and a line of products that didn’t feature your typical, run-of-the-mill flavors. The fusions of tastes provided throughout this unique collection of e-liquids are unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere. Bottles come in both 30ml and 120ml varieties, with a good range of nicotine percentages being available. However, it’s worth noting that the 120ml bottles can only contain either 3mg or 6mg nicotine content. We certainly recommend taking a look at the full flavor list for Charlie’s Chalk Dust and deciding on the right one for you. However, with so many great-tasting juices available, it can be quite hard to make a decision.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust is a truly exciting member of the e-liquid industry. There’s a lot of competition out there nowadays and each brand has to do something special to stand out from the crowd and get some public attention. What the folks behind Charlie’s Chalk Dust have done is to create a brand with a truly original allure and style. The origin story behind this company is something really special that a lot of people will definitely appreciate. Not only that, but the selection of flavors on offer is just filled with one-of-a-kind juices that you simply can’t buy anywhere else. Each flavor is given its own, suitably creative name. One example would be the ‘Honey Badger’ flavor that combines the sweet tastes of honey and cream, combined with the traditional taste of genuine tobacco leaves. Another incredible product is the ‘Trueberry Sugar & Knife’ liquid, featuring a startling blend of pineapple, blackberry, maple and pancake flavors.

For now, there are nine of these amazing liquids on offer with Charlie’s Chalk Dust. Each of these products provides a truly unique experience, with plenty of fruity and creamy flavors on offer. Some of the Charlie’s Chalk Dust liquids are so well-made that they’ve been given awards. The ‘Slam Berry’ liquid, for example, delivers a remarkable flavor of fresh strawberry ice cream and was granted the prestigious title of ‘Best in Show’ at the Vape Summit event in Texas. Really, that just goes to prove how much time and hard work goes into the creation of each one of these juices. Charlie’s Chalk Dust is all about creativity and originality and will surely continue to add more wild and wacky products to its lineup in the future. This is certainly a company to keep an eye on and the team working at Charlie’s Chalk Dust really seem to know what they’re doing.