Your hard earned tax dollars are at work, not making our country better in any hundreds of obvious immediate issues, but rather trying to introduce e cig regulation that would essentially cut the blood flow off from the electronic cigarette industry. Not the entire e cig industry though, just any growing e cig company that isn’t worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars. That’s right, the proposed regulation by the FDA would essentially require any e cig company to pay a $300,000 per device and per e liquid flavor in lieu of an approved application to retail their devices and e liquid in the United States. This would literally topple a number of growing premium american based e cig companies and allow e cigs which are an extension of big tobacco cigarette companies to monopolize the market. In a day and age where our House of Representatives could not be more dysfunctional, delusional and frankly pitiful, it’s beyond frustrating to ponder the idea of the body getting something like this wrong.

Let’s make something perfectly clear though, e cig consumers and legitimate e cig brands are not against regulation. E Cig regulation is extremely important to ensure American consumers are buying quality and nonharmful products. However, e cig consumers and growing electronic cigarette brands should not have to suffer from lack of choice or lack of capital to pass some sort of monetarily driven testing. The current proposals brought forth by the FDA clearly favor ‘Big Tobacco’ which is wrong on every single level.

As with every single large political issue in America, e cig regulation will certainly be fumbled around by Congress for coming months and most likely well into 2015. However, most of the division that will inevitably be designed will probably be manufactured from media due to the 3rd party involved, namely the FDA. While certain media outlets will have you believe that Democrats and Republicans have opposing views on the regulation of electronic cigarettes, the truth that will undoubtedly be unveiled is that both parties agree on the fact that e cigs need to be regulated. The elephant in the room will of course be how this is done. It is apparent that House Democrats have been pushing for regulation throughout 2014 and it is a fact that House Speaker John Boehner has recently pushed back against the FDA’s plans of insisting on huge application fees for e cig device testing. For once I find myself thanking the current Speaker of the House for identifying the obvious implications of such proposed regulation.

My question is, what in the world is the FDA thinking? Yes, e cigs need to be regulated. No, every e cig device should not have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to have each of their products testing. Yes, each product should be tested but no, the cost for doing so should be nowhere near $300,000. This is a primary example of how modern day business in America is wrong. The electronic cigarette industry is a multi-billion dollar complex and has the potential to not only help tobacco smokers quit nicotine all together but to provide hundreds of thousands of jobs. For example, Halo Cigs is a growing American electronic cigarette brand. They have even recently expanded from their New Jersey operation to a giant warehouse in Gainesville, Florida. They are currently hiring for a number of relevant positions at their new facility. Halo Cigs is every single reason why this type of action by the FDA is completely wrong. If something like the proposed regulation actually went into affect, it would essentially wipe Halo Cigs out or at least dramatically stunt their growth Why? Why and how could we allow the FDA to play such a crucial role in immediate and acute chopping off of job growth in a booming industry? The only viable answer is Big Tobacco. Big Tobacco sees the push away from traditional tobacco cigarettes and into e cigs and is using their billions upon billions of dollars to try to keep control of the market. If America can’t get e cig regulation right, it’s over, start stocking up the food and water because we’re going nowhere fast.

What Proper E Cig Regulation Looks Like

First off, I’m not a politician or a lawyer, this is frankly my bare bones two cents. We all agree that regulation is important for a variety of reasons, we can’t just have a multi-billion dollar industry running loose on the streets (we have too many of those already). I’m going to make this very simple because I imagine there been a lot of time spent behind closed doors on the FDA’s part to negotiate e cig regulation. My two cents would be to do everything they plan on doing with their recent proposal or concept except, make it affordable. There is no way on earth that $300,000 is a fair rate per device or flavor. Use money from other completely wasted areas of spending to pay for the cost of FDA employees actually processing and testing e cigs. Bring the cost down to a fair level so that real e cig brands can afford to not miss a step in growth and illegitimate e cig brands will fall to the waste side. In fact, I’d say that 1% of that proposed number or $3000 would be far more fair and we do the average American consumer a great favor both from an economic and safety standpoint.

The bottom line is that electronic cigarette regulation is long overdue but we need to get it right. We can’t just willy nilly start demanding huge amounts of money to legitimize small start-up e cig brands. That would be un-american and anticapitalistic.

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