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Crown Seven is one of the vaping industry’s most experienced brands, getting started way back in 2007. At that time, vaping was only just being talked about and most people were unfamiliar with the idea of vape pens, e cigs and e liquids. Crown Seven got in on the ground floor, establishing itself as a premier manufacturer and innovator. That’s one of the biggest selling points of this brand: it’s simply more experienced than most of the competition. Experience is highly valuable in any business, and the folks at Crown Seven use their experience and knowledge to offer a small but dynamic range of devices.

This brand is based out of Scottsdale, Arizona and is associated with good quality, reliable devices. Those who are new to the vaping world can start off with Crown Seven’s Hydro Imperial e cig, providing a simple but effective introduction to vaping, with a solid battery and sleek construction. The Hydro Imperial is an easy-to-use device, with Crown Seven offering flavorful cartridges in tobacco or menthol flavor to go along with it. While reviewing this brand, we were reminded of another great option for beginners: Mig Vapor. Check out our Mig Vapor Review to learn more, and be sure to read through our list of Best E Cigs to see our favorite devices.

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Crown Seven Review of Pros and Cons

For Crown Seven, we have to point out a few cons as well as the big advantages of this brand. For example, the site doesn’t run sales or discounts very often, so you’ll have to pay the asking price most of the time. In addition, Crown Seven does offer a couple of intermediate options, but there’s not a lot here if you’re looking for a more advanced device, and there aren’t many flavor options in terms of cartridges or e liquids either.

On the plus side, Crown Seven is a highly experienced brand and does a nice job of looking after beginners and smokers who are interested in testing out e cigs for the first time. The brand’s Hydro Imperial is a highly rated entry-level option, and Crown Seven devices in general are well-made, with sleek designs and good batteries keeping them powered up under the hood.

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Crown Seven Pros

  • Great for beginners.
  • Made in the US.
  • Experienced brand.
  • Well-designed devices.
Crown Seven Cons

  • Lack of hardware variety.
  • Not many e liquids.
  • Few cartridge flavors.
  • Lack of discounts and deals.

Crown Seven Review Summary

crown seven review summary

All in all, Crown Seven is an interesting brand and one we can recommend to beginners in particular. The company’s Hydro Imperial e cig is a great starting point and has everything you need in an entry-level vape pen. The more advanced devices like the Gladiator and Gladiator Spartan Sub Ohm mod help to take things to the next level, meaning that former smokers can start off with the Hydro Imperial and work their way up to more advanced Crown Seven devices over time if they really like this brand. In our experience, Crown Seven products tend to be reliable and offer decent power output, as well as having generally attractive designs. The only problem is that when we compare this brand to the competition, it’s clear to see that Crown Seven could be doing more. This is one of the oldest and most experienced brands around, but it might start lagging behind its rivals unless it starts making some changes.

Mig Vapor, for example, offers way more variety. As well as providing simple, beginner-friendly e cigs and basic mods, Mig Vapor takes things to the next level with more advanced devices and alternatives like dry herb and wax vaporizers. Not only that, but it also provides an enormous selection of e liquids and even lets customers blend their own flavors. It’s a brand that appeals to beginners, just like Crown Seven, but goes the extra mile to also appeal to intermediate and advanced e cig users and provide more options and variety. The vaping industry is highly competitive, and companies need to make these efforts to stand out and succeed. Right now, Crown Seven is an attractive option for former smokers, but needs to be doing a little more to appeal to a wider audience. We’re not saying that this brand needs to suddenly invent a dozen new devices and e liquid flavors, but we would like to see more variety in the future.