cuttwood e liquid review

Cuttwood E Liquid, also known as ‘The Sauce Boss’, is one of the many e-liquid brands operating out of Los Angeles, California. This brand is quite well-known now and has developed a good reputation for providing top quality products with unique flavor fusions. It’s a real credit to the company that, with only five flavors currently available, Cuttwood is one of the most famous brands in the business and operates various marketing operations to spread the word about its products. This is clearly a well-managed business and the bottles on offer have become very popular with the brand’s huge number of fans. Essentially, Cuttwood is one of the biggest success stories of the vaping industry. What started off as a little business has rapidly grown into a globally recognizable brand, complete with a huge social media presence and plenty of racecar sponsorships too. It’s also commendable that with such a fast rate of growth, the company hasn’t lost sight of what it truly stands for. From start to finish, Cuttwood has been all about creating the best e-sauce money can buy.

The mixers at Cuttwood make use of only the best ingredients, experimenting with various flavor fusions and savors from all four corners of the globe to discover which combinations work the best. This company uses a 70:30 VG:PG ratio in its products, helping to keep the flavors just rich enough while offering a smooth experience and plenty of vapor. As premium provider of vape juice, you can expect to pay a little more than standard price when shopping with Cuttwood, but the quality does help to justify the cost. Bottles are available in 15ml, 30ml and 120ml sizes, costing $13, $23 and $85, respectively. The company deals exclusively in cereal and fruit-based flavors. This catalog therefore won’t appeal to people who prefer more traditional savors like menthol or tobacco, but it’s impossible to argue against the delicious of some of these products. With so many high ingredients in play, it’s clear to see that the mixers of Cuttwood are very experienced and knowledgeable about what they do.

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Cuttwood Review of Pros & Cons

This company got to where it is in the world by doing things right, so we don’t have too many negative points to throw their way. As with many of the more premium or ‘craft’ brands in the vaping industry, the question of variety can get posed quite a lot. It’s true that this company only has five juices to offer at the moment, which isn’t a huge amount. However, at the same time, the limitations of the Cuttwood menu only help to show how much time and dedication is put into the production of each flavor.

In order for a new taste sensation to be given the Cuttwood seal of approval, it really needs to be something special. This way, every customer knows that they’re paying for a product of very high quality. The company’s image is also quite pleasing. It doesn’t exactly stand out with a core theme like many other brands, but Cuttwood still manages to bring its own sense of style to its products and online presence. The prices of these bottles could be a sore point for some, but you get what you pay for in the vaping world and $23 for a 30ml bottle has become the industry standard for brands of a premium nature.

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Cuttwood Pros

  • Five mouthwatering flavors to choose from
  • USA manufacture
  • The best ingredients money can buy
  • Easy-to-navigate website
  • Active social media presence
  • A brand with style
  • Good product availability
Cuttwood Cons

  • A little pricey at $23 per bottle, but samplers and big bottles help customers to save some cash.

Cuttwood E Liquid Review Summary

cuttwood e liquid reviews

We can’t say that we’re surprised to see Cuttwood in such a good position. This brand is well-known and well-loved far and wide because it offers such brilliant juices. There may only be five of these luxurious liquids for now, but each one has something unique and appetizing to offer. Each handcrafted product will live long in the memory of anyone who tries it, and we’ll certainly be excited to see the next addition to the Cuttwood menu.

There are plenty of reasons why Cuttwood is one of the most recognizable brands in the vaping industry. The founders and staff of this company have really managed to understand and capture what people love about vaping. Cuttwood has got some serious marketing in place and frequently organizes and participates in vaping events around the US, helping to educate and inspire people all over. The website is also well-made and the company continuously keeps in touch with fans via social media. This sort of involvement with the community is good to see and has helped elevate the Cuttwood name to unparalleled heights. Fans are very complimentary towards the products on offer and we’re eager to see more from this brand in the future.

One of our favorite flavors from Cuttwood has to be Boss Reserve. Fusing the delightful and delicious sensations of creamy milk, crunchy nut clusters and honey-glazed graham crackers, topped off with a surprisingly enjoyable hint of banana, this little juice is one of the best e-liquids money can buy. The company’s amusingly-named Unicorn Milk, composed of strawberries and a delicate mixture of creams, is another highlight. Honestly though, the whole Cuttwood collection is worth experiencing. All of the flavors have been very well-crafted, with a lot of time and care clearly going into each one. The company calls itself ‘The Sauce Boss’ and after you’ve tasted one or two of its offerings, you’ll start to see why.