You’ve finally decided on making the transition to vaping electronic cigarettes as opposed to smoking tobacco cigarettes. You’ve probably tried a few electronic cigarettes that have been less than desirable in terms of quality and cost, Blu batteries never work for example. Then, you heard of Halo Cigs, an electronic cigarette brand that seems to offer solutions that work. A company that features premier e cigs that happen to actually work as advertised. Your on the right track! Now you just need to figure out what the heck the difference is between the G6 and the Triton. Fret no more, we’ve got you covered on the differences between the coveted Halo G6 and Halo Triton electronic cigarette systems below. Also, be sure to utilize our Halo Cigs Coupon Codes once you’ve decided on which Halo Cigs system to purchase.

Learning About The G6

about the halo g6The Halo G6 is a fantastic electronic cigarette both in terms of performance and cost effectiveness when compared to the competition. However, the biggest thing that separates the G6 from it’s ‘Big Brother’, the Halo Triton, is it’s compact size. For the typical physical addiction cure that most ex-smokers or near ex-smokers often find them self searching for, they truly need something that is nearly the same exact size as an actual tobacco cigarette. Electronic cigarette’s have been around for a long time, it has not been until recently that technology has been developed to produce an e cig that is so comparable in size to a real cigarette that actually delivers a quality vape. This same micro technology is perhaps the single biggest reason that so many new e cig brands are being founded. Again, the need for a very similar shape to cure the physical addiction when first switching from tobacco cigarettes is essential. Many e cigs are available in compact size, but few actually perform as well as Halo, making it one of the best e cigs for one time smokers to finally place a big fat ex in front of that dirty word. Check out our full Halo G6 Review to learn all aspects of this fantastic compact electronic cigarette including but not limited to it’s battery life and sizes.

Learning About The Triton

about the halo tritonThe Halo Triton on the other hand, referred to as ‘the big brother’ of the G6, is typically for those who have started with a compact e cig such as the G6 and want a bigger more robust solution that delivers the largest vapor production possible as well as being a more economical system to vape a ton of e liquid with. The Triton is obviously a phenomenal system but it is slightly larger than the G6, making size the absolute biggest difference between the two e cigs. As with many other things in life, there’s always a better way to accomplish a goal. For the G6 most peoples goal is to replace their tobacco addiction. With the Triton on the other hand, the goal is to have the fullest most complete vaping experience possible. In other words, we like it, we love it and we want more of it. The Triton delivers an incredibly fulfilling vape that is more cost effective than most compact cigs. If you’d like to know more about the Triton, check out our full Halo Triton Review for all the information you need, including but not limited to it’s battery life and sizes.

Conclusions On Halo’s Compact & Full Size E Cigs

Which one should you buy? Both. If you can’t buy both, start with the G6 and then graduate to the Triton down the road. I find myself using my G6 when I’m out and about and my Triton when I’m chilling at home or by the pool. Some people may ask why. The answer, if it isn’t obvious, is because it’s not always a fun thing to bust out your Big Brother Triton when out and about. Sometimes compact is better and the G6 will always have a place in my jacket pocket for that very reason. On the same note, my Halo Triton will always have a drawer in my desk when I’m home and relaxing.


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