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Last Update: 18 November 2017

halo buy one get one e liquid

Featured E Cig Brand & Product Coupons Featured E Cig Coupons

Immediately below you’ll find our featured e cig coupon. Further down, you’ll find our complete list of e cig and e liquid coupons.We’ve partnered up with nearly every major (or at least growing) electronic cigarette brand in the industry to provide exclusive savings onto you via coupons, promo codes, discounts, specials and limited time offers. Find the e cig brand you’re interested in below and proceed to unlock huge savings before placing your order.

Savings & Deals With Halo Cigs

Halo Cigs has become a force in the vaping industry. Halo also happens to be a likable story. Starting out operating a small business out of New Jersey to now being a staple in the e cig device & e liquid industry – expanding their growing empire into Jacksonville, Florida… One of the best aspects of Halo Cigs is their focus on quality over quantity. Where other’s pound the market with thousands of flavors and device options, Halo simply focuses on good quality e cigs and e liquids. This simplifies the process for newbies just getting starting with vaping and essentially makes what can be a complex move, quite easy. Additionally and perhaps most importantly for this write-up, Halo Cigs featuring incredibly fair rates/prices on ALL of their devices & has just recently implemented a by 1 – 30 mL bottle of e liquid, get 1 – 30 mL free promotion – which is always awesome.

Shop Halo Cigs | Halo Cigs Coupon

All E Cig & E Liquid Coupons by Vapestaff All E Cig Coupons

Introducing the definitive source for all important e cig and e liquid coupons, sales, promos & discounts. Vaping offers incredible savings compared to ‘smoking’ – there is no denying that. However, being that new e cig and e liquid brands are popping up daily, we – as consumers – are given the great opportunity to take advantage of even more cost savings through essentially ‘competition’. There has never been a better time to make the switch to vapor – pour through our e cig coupon codes below to find your next favorite e cig and or e liquid. To see who’s offering the best deals, discounts and savings on e cigs and e liquids, check out our e cig coupon comparison chart.

halo cigs coupon

Halo Cigs Coupon

Use our Halo Cigs Coupon to save up to 35% off starter kits. Halo Cigs offers a range of coupons throughout the year, you can save between 5% – 35% on the Triton & G6 as well as e liquid.

vaporfi coupon

Vaporfi Coupon

Use our Vaporfi Coupon to save up to 40% off advanced vaping systems and premium e liquid. Save 15% off your new VOX II MOD E Cig all the time with our exclusive partner level promotions.

njoy coupon

NJOY Coupon

Use our NJOY Coupon to save up to 50% off vaping kits. NJOY offers tons of coupon promotions every month to save on their premium vaping and rechargeable systems as well as e liquid.

v2 cigs coupon code

V2 Cigs Coupon Code

Use our V2 Cigs Coupon Code to save 10% off all V2 products and 15% off V2 Starter Kits. V2 even offered a 25% coupon for Pro Series 3 & 7 Kits for a limited time around St. Patrick’s Day.

blu cigs coupon

Blu Cigs Coupon

Use our Blu Cigs Coupon to save the most of money possible on your new starter kit. Blu Cigs rarely offers coupons, but know that when they do, we’ll be the first to feature it.

vapor4life coupon

Vapor4life Coupon

Use our Vapor4life Coupon to save up to 50% off their popular starter kits, disposables and e liquids. Vapor4life offers tons of promotions and coupons every single month.

henley vape coupon

Henley Vape Coupon

Use our Henley Vape Coupon to save on your next hand made e cig or mod system. Henley always offers 10% off starter kits and 15% accessories, sometimes as much as 25% off.

vapor hub coupon code

Vapor Hub Coupon Code

Use our Vapor Hub Coupon Code to save up to 30% off coveted AR and Limiteless Sleeve MODs. Vapor Hub is well known for premium e cig mod accessories and we can save you 10% on every order.

blacknote coupon

Blacknote Coupon

Use our Blacknote Coupon to save the most possible amount of money off from individual e liquid as well as the entire Notebook Collection. Blacknote is the #1 place for tobacco based e liquids.

direct vapor coupons

Direct Vapor Coupon

Use our Direct Vapor Coupon to save up to 40% off select mod vape systems and unique e liquids. Direct Vapor offers great prices on advanced vaping systems.

white cloud e cig coupons

White Cloud E Cig Coupon

Use our White Cloud E Cig Coupon to save as much as 40% off their coveted Fling disposables and Cirrus Starter Kits.

premium e cig coupons

Premium E Cig Coupon

Use our Premium E Cig Coupon to save as much as 50% off your entire order. Premium E Cigs are most known for their wide array of advanced devices and premium e liquid brands.

smoke and dagger coupons

Smoke and Dagger Coupon

Use our Smoke and Dagger Coupon to save as much as 20% off their new and completely coveted line of four amazing e liquid flavors. Smoke & Dagger is the fastest rising brand.

south beach smoke coupons

South Beach Smoke Coupon

Use our South Beach Smoke Coupon to save as much as 60% off select electronic cigarette starter kits. South Beach Smoke is perfect for beginners.

mt baker vapor coupons

Mt Baker Vapor Coupon

Use our Mt Baker Vapor Coupon to save an average of 30% off sitewide. Mt Baker Vapor is notorious for premium vaping systems and offering a huge range of e liquid brands.

vuse vapor promo code

VUSE Vapor Promo Code

Use our VUSE Vapor Promo Code to save as much as as 15% off select products. VUSE is well known for being featured in commercials (as it’s backed by a large tobacco company).

newhere e cig coupons

Newhere E Cig Coupon

Use our Newhere E Cig Coupon to save as much as 25% off select products. Newhere is most notorious for their ‘Hookah Pens’ and more recently, the ‘I Love Donuts’ infamous e liquid flavor.

white rhino e cig coupons

White Rhino E Cig Coupon

Use our White Rhino E Cig Coupon to save an average of 35% off their wide range of vaping systems. White Rhino is known for loose leaf devices.

vapor couture coupons

Vapor Couture Coupon

Use our Vapor Couture Coupon Code to save an average of 25% off all electronic cigarette starter kits. Vapor Couture is most notorious for offering e cigs designed for women.

fin cigs coupons

Fin Cigs Coupon

Use our Fin Cigs Coupon to save up to 50% off select electronic cigarettes, disposables and vaping systems. Fin Cigs is known for offering quality e cigs on every level.

fluffy clouds e liquid coupons

Fluffy Clouds Coupon

Use our Fluffy Clouds E Liquid Coupon to save a full 25% off your next order. Fluffy Clouds e liquid is in it’s relative infancy as an e liquid company. However, Fluffy Clouds is growing by leaps and bounds and is sure to catch your fancy with their current flavor lineup consisting of ‘Fruitfucker’, ‘Jynx’, ‘Morning Manifesto’ & ‘Nuka’. The Fruitfucker is not only an alluring label, but it’s refreshing and not overpowering.

anml vapor coupons

ANML Vapor Coupon

Use our ANML Vapor Coupon to save as much as 20% off their coveted e liquids. ANML Vapor only offers two flavors in the Looper & Carnage, but they’re out of this world. We strongly recommend trying them both.

binary e liquid coupons

Binary E Liquid Coupon

Use our Binary E Liquid Coupon to instantly save a full 15% off any of the amazing 5 available flavors. We recommend them all, but particularly love the ‘POW’ flavor. Binary is comprised of incredibly complex flavors.

cosmic fog e liquid coupons

Cosmic Fog Vapor Coupon

Use our Cosmic Fog Vapor Coupon to save 25% off select flavors throughout the year. Cosmic Fog is well known for their attention to detail and their new ‘Lost Fog’ Collection.

space jam e juice coupons

Space Jam E Juice Coupon

Use our Space Jam E Liquid Coupon to save as much as 40% off select flavors. Space Jam E Liquid is one of the most popular and highest trending e liquid brands on the market. Also, the new ‘Mystique’ Collection is set to launch soon (which we happen to be terribly excited about).

five pawns e liquid coupons

Five Pawns Coupon

Use our Five Pawns E Liquid Coupon to save around 15% off your next purchase. Five Pawns is known for it’s top of the line gourmet level flavors. It’s truly hard to choose our favorite flavor, but the ‘Grandmaster’, ‘Black Flag Risen’ & ‘Castle Long’ flavors are some of the best e liquid available anywhere on the market.

charlies chalk dust coupons

Charlies Chalk Dust Coupon

Use our Charlies Chalk Dust Coupon this year, to save anywhere from 10% to 40% off select flavors and sample packs. Charlies Chalk Dust is one of our favorite brands and features not only great branding, but incredibly complex & the most unique flavors you’ve ever tasted.

frisco vapor coupons

Frisco Vapor Coupon

Use our Frisco Vapor Coupon to save between 5% and 20% during select specials and holiday sales. Frisco Vapor consists of only 8 flavors, but is sheer vaping quality. While all 8 flavors are worthy of your trial, we recommend the ‘Powell’ (a fruity rice crispy treat) & ‘Soma’ (a mint menthol with infused fruit) flavors.

motley brew e liquid coupons

Motley Brew E Liquid Coupon

Use our Motley Brew E Liquid Coupon to save as much as 40% off all new orders this year. Motley Brew is a trendy e liquid brand with a lineup of 6 solid flavors. While all are worth trying, our favorites are ‘Old Fashioned’ (a cocktail based flavor) & ‘Almost Famous’ (a delicate dessert flavor). It’s also worth noting that Motley Brew has an awesome story.

cuttwood vapors e liquid coupons

Cuttwood Vapors Coupon

Use our Cuttwood Vapors Coupon to save 25% off your entire order. Cuttwood features only 5 different flavors, however each of those 5 flavors are extremely unique and have become some of the most popular flavors on the market. If you haven’t tried Cuttwood’s ‘Unicorn Milk’ or their ‘Bird Brains’, you are greatly missing out and need to stock up.

mr good vape coupons

Mr Good Vape Coupon

Use our Mr Good Vape Coupon to save 15% off your next order. Mr Good Vape features 12 amazingly unique e liquid flavors for your consideration and ultimately loyalty. Our favorite Mr Good Vape e liquids are ‘Bahama Mama’ & ‘Dabble Dooyah’. It’s important to note that basically all Mr Good Vape flavors are strictly dessert based. Another very note worthy Mr Good Vape flavor is ‘Dreamsicle’.

kilo e liquid coupons

Kilo E Liquid Coupon

Use our Kilo E Liquid Coupon to save anywhere from 5% to 20% off your next order. Kilo E Liquid is one of the latest brands to experience tremendous growth and is currently highly trending. Out of the only 4 available flavors, our personal favorite Kilo e liquids are ‘Kiberry Yogurt’ & ‘Cereal Milk’. Truth be told, all 4 e liquid are very complex and unique in their own right and deserve your full trial.

ripe vapes e liquid coupons

Ripe Vapes Coupon

Use our Ripe Vapes Coupon to save 30% off your entire purchase. Ripe Vapes is a small but rising e liquid brand with an inense focus on quality over quantity. Ripe Vapes features 7 extremely sophisticated flavors for your enjoyment and taste buds. Our favorite Ripe Vapes e liquids are the ‘VCT’ and of course the ‘Monkey Snack’. However, the ‘Keylime Cookie’ flavor is certainly worth your review.

the mad alchemist e liquid coupons

Mad Alchemist E Liquid Coupon

Use our Mad Alchemist E Liquid Coupon to save a whopping 40% off the concoctions of your choice. The Mad Alchemist offers genius level flavors. Although, Mad Alchemist doesn’t necessarily knock your socks off with branding, labeling and frankly their website, their complex flavor notes are undeniable. We are currently in love with ‘Number 9’ and ‘Winters Bite’.

holy grail elixir coupons

Holy Grail Elixir Coupon

Use our Holy Grail Elixir Coupon to save as much as 40% off your next purchase. Holy Grail Elixir is a distinctly unique e liquid brand. They only offer 6 different flavors at the moment, however each of them is ridiculously delicious. All 6 flavors are dessert based and our favorites are ‘Strawberry Fields’ and ‘Soft Serve’, although again, all 6 flavors are phenomenal. Their ‘Blueberry Waffles’ flavor happens to be one that you should stock up on.

nicquid coupons

Nicquid Coupon

Use our Nicquid Coupon to save between 10% and 35% off your next e liquid order. Nicquid is somewhat of a staple in the e liquid industry and has a solid lineup of flavors for every different type of category, from tobacco to candy and dessert flavors. The most note worthy Nicquid categories in our opinion are the ‘Burst Menthol’, ‘Bliss Dessert’ & ‘Tobacco Blend’ collections. Specifically, for you menthol lovers out their, the ‘Burst’ lineup.

101vape coupons

101 Vape Coupon

Use our 101 Vape Coupon to save as much as 50% off select products. 101 Vape offers a huge range of trending e liquids and advanced vaping MOD systems/accessories to choose from.

hold fast vapors coupons

Hold Fast Vapors Coupon

Use our Hold Fast Vapors Coupon to save around 12% to 25% off your next e liquid purchase. The discount also includes their new Iron Clad line of premium e liquids.

eversmoke coupons

Eversmoke Coupon

Use our Eversmoke Coupon to save as much as 70% off their entire line of beginner level electronic cigarette starter kits. Eversmoke is best known for cig-a-likes.

DaVinci Vaporizer Coupon Code

Use our DaVinci Vaporizer Coupon Code to save anywhere from 10% to 35% off your next advanced vaporizer purchase. The discount also includes their entire line of premium accessories.

E Cig Coupon Comparison Table Coupon Comparisons

E Cig brands offer coupons, promos and discounts all the time! Below you’ll find some of the best current promotions available. If you’re less concerned about price and more concerned about stats, specs and tech details, feel free to check out our best e cigs & best e liquids.

Brand Best Available Coupon or Promotion Average % Discount Free Shipping Freebies
Halo Cigs Buy 1 – 30 mL E Liquid, Get 1 Free 5% Yes Yes
Vaporfi Up To 63% Off Starter Kits 25% Yes No
V2 Cigs 13% Off Pro Series 7 Starter Kit 15% Yes No
Direct Vapor Lowest Price Guaranteed 5% Yes No
Black Note 33% Off E Liquid Samplers 10% Yes Yes
Blu Cigs 10% Off Entire Order 10% Yes No
NJOY 35% Off All Daily Disposables 30% Yes No
White Cloud 25% Off All Starter Kits 20% No No
Vapor4life 25% Off All ZEUS Starter Kits 30% Yes No
Five Pawns 15% Off All 30 mL E Liquid 10% Yes No
MT Baker Vapor 20% Off All E Cigs & E Liquids 15% Yes No
VUSE Vapor 20% Off Sitewide 15% No No
Limited Time Special Offers by Vapestaff

Most electronic cigarette companies offer one or more coupon specials or sales throughout the month. For example, Vaporfi, Halo Cigs, NJOY & Vapor4life often offer 2 – 5 different sales throughout a one month period. On the other hand, companies like Blu Cigs or V2 Cigs only offer a special discount of promotion once every other month. While you can always use the current coupon codes being offered by each company above, we occasionally highlight or feature Limited Time Special Offers that we find to be particularly awesome and worthy of your consideration.

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