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Last Update: 28 April 2017

Electronic Cigarette Brand & Product Reviews Featured E Cig Reviews

Below you’ll find fully detailed reviews for our featured e cig brands, devices & starter kits. We do our best to provide accurate, current and informative reviews on every product we can. This is of course all an effort to ensure you have all the information you need before ultimately placing your e cig order with the brand of your choice.

halo cigs review

Halo Cigs Review

Our Halo Cigs Review covers the brand itself, Reactor, Tracer, Triton, G6 & E Liquids. Halo features high performing and affordable e cigs as well as e liquid that has a cult like following.

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vaporfi review

Vaporfi Review

Our Vaporfi Review covers the brand itself, as well as every single e cig system offered including but not limited to the VOX Series, Pro Series Starter Kits & E Liquids.

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njoy review

NJOY Review

Our NJOY Review covers the brand, MOD Kits, Vape Kits, Rechargeable Kits, Disposable Kings, Daily’s & E Liquids. NJOY is available at nearly every corner store in America.


v2 cigs review

V2 Cigs Review

Our V2 Cigs Review covers the brand, Classic Series, EX Series and Pro Series Starter Kits & E Liquids. V2 Cigs is one of the most innovative brands on the market.

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blu cigs review

Blu Cigs Review

Our Blu Cigs Review covers the brand itself, Classic, 100 and Plus Starter Kits and cartomizers. We don’t hold back any punches when reviewing all Blu Cig Kits & Flavors.

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vapor4life review

Vapor4life Review

Our Vapor4life Review covers the brand itself, as well as their most popular starter kits including but not limited to the Zeus and new WOW V Kit. Vapor4life offers e cig options for every level of user.

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henley vape review

Henley Vape Review

Our Henley Vape Review covers the brand, coveted mod systems such as the FTB Uptown & Downtown MODS. Henley is well known for featuring American Made hand crafted mod systems.

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vapor hub review

Vapor Hub Review

Our Vapor Hub Review covers the brand itself, AR Mechanical and Limitless Sleeve MODS, E Liquids & components. Vapor Hub is based out of California known for MODs.

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direct vapor reviews

DirectVapor Review

Our DirectVapor Review features the New brand itself as well as the most popular and innovative vaping systems as well as e liquids. Direct Vapor has great pricing on MODs.

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white cloud e cigs review

White Cloud Cigs Review

Our White Cloud E Cig Review features the brand itself as well as the infamous Fling Disposables & Cirrus Starter Kits. White Cloud E Cigs is known for quality & simplicity.

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premium e cig review

Premium Cigs Review

Our Premium E Cig Review features the brand itself as well as their wide assortments of basic and advanced vaping systems. Premium E Cigs also has tons of great e liquids.

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eversmoke review

Eversmoke Review

Our Eversmoke Review features the simplistic yet effective brand itself as well as the assortment of starter kit & cartridge flavor options to choose from. Eversmoke is a focused brand.

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south beach smoke review

South Beach Review

Our South Beach Smoke Review features the brand itself as well as their beginner to intermediate vaping devices and e liquid offered. South Beach Smoke is all about cig-a-likes.

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pax labs review

PAX Labs Review

Our PAX Labs Review features the brand itself as well as their New JUUL e cig & PAX 2 Loose Leaf Vaporizer. The PAX 2 is one of the most advanced vaping devices on the market.

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mt baker vapor reviews

MT Baker Vapor Review

Our MT Baker Vapor Review features the brand itself as well as the most popular advanced vaping systems and trending e liquids available online. MT Baker has abundant e liquids.

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newhere e cig review

NEwhere Inc Review

Our NEwhere Review features the brand itself as well as their wide array of beginner to intermediate level rechargeable e cigs, disposables, hookah pens & delicious I Love Donuts E Liquid.

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white rhino e cig review

White Rhino Review

Our White Rhino Review covers the growing brand itself as well as a few of their most popular loose leaf vaporizers, Remix e liquid line and advanced vaping devices.

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vapor couture e cig review

Vapor Couture Review

Our Vapor Couture Review covers the brand itself as well as their available starter kit and e liquid flavor options. Vapor Couture is 100% for the ladies out there.

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fin e cigs review

FIN Cigs Review

Our FIN Cigs Review covers the growing brand itself as well as their beginner, intermediate, advanced systems and e liquid flavor options. FIN is available almost everywhere.

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vuse e cig review

VUSE Review

Our VUSE Review covers the well known and advertised brand itself as well as all of their vaping solutions. VUSE is widely available locally and is great for beginners.


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