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E Puffer is a global leader in the vaping world, being one of the most experienced and widely-known brands on the planet. E Puffer got started way back in 2007 and was around for the early days of the e cig industry. Now, this company boasts of headquarters all around the globe, in the US, UK and Canada, as well as offering shipping in 26 different countries to over a million customers. In short, E Puffer is one of the biggest names in vaping, so if you have any interest in e cigs, you’ll probably have heard about this brand and want to know more.

E Puffer sets itself apart by manufacturing its own varied range of devices, offering everything from standard e cigs to e hookahs, e pipes, e cigars and more. Variety is a big part of this brand, and former smokers looking for an introduction into vaping would be wise to check E Puffer out. With a lot of different devices to choose from, along with a few dozen flavors of e liquid, this brand has plenty to offer. E Puffer reminds us a lot of another popular, beginner-friendly company: Vaporfi. Learn more about them in our extensive Vaporfi Review, and be sure to read through our list of Best E Cigs to get our opinion on the best devices money can buy right now.

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E Puffer Review of Pros and Cons

When it comes to E Puffer, this brand has plenty of pros, as well as a few cons that might encourage you to shop elsewhere. E Puffer excels at offering good quality, reliable devices, and a big selling point of this brand is the presence of e pipes and hookahs on the store, offering a variety of unique vaping experiences. E Puffer is also one of the most experienced brands out there, so you know you can trust this company if you choose to shop with them.

In the ‘cons’ column, we have to highlight E Puffer’s relatively high prices. This brand doesn’t run many sales or offer many opportunities for customers to save cash, and even its basic, entry-level offerings are pretty highly priced compared to the competition. Companies like Vaporfi will offer beginner-friendly vape pens for very low prices, but E Puffer isn’t the most affordable brand out there.

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E Puffer Pros

  • Great quality devices.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Lots of alternatives.
  • Leading US brand.
E Puffer Cons

  • High prices.
  • Lack of sales.
  • Few advanced options.

E Puffer Review Summary

e puffer review summary

As a highly experienced and popular brand, E Puffer has a lot of advantages to offer. There’s a great range of devices here, and the brand’s variety is a point we keep coming back to. Few other vaping companies can offer so many different kinds of devices, including e hookahs, pipes, cigs and cigars, so if you’re interested in this sort of hardware, E Puffer is a fine place to start. It’s a great place in general for beginners, with E Puffer’s Magnum being a great entry-level device. Powered by a strong battery, the Magnum offers a solid vaping experience, but its price tag is a little high compared with many other beginner models from other brands, like those offered by Vaporfi, for example. Vaping can be expensive, and former smokers don’t usually want to make a huge investment on their first device, so if you’d like to see what e cigs have to offer without breaking the bank, you might be better off shopping with Vaporfi.

The prices are E Puffer’s main downfall. Mods like the Phantom and X-Pro aren’t too expensive and offer good quality vaping experiences and excellent power output, but you can find better value elsewhere. The vaping industry is a highly competitive one, so we’d like to see E Puffer keep an eye on its rivals and adjust its prices accordingly to remain competitive and provide more value to its customers. The brand’s premium e liquids are made with great quality ingredients and provide some powerful, delicious flavors, but their prices are once again a little high, and we’d like to see more affordable options added in the future. Overall, E Puffer is a global leader in the vaping industry and it’s not hard to see why. The brand has great standards of hardware quality and offers some easy-to-use devices, as well as a nice range of alternatives. With over a decade of experience behind it, this brand has enjoyed a lot of success and will surely continue to do so, but it might need to make a few changes if it wants to truly be the No. 1 choice.