The short answer is, yes, ecigs can save you money. However, it should be clarified with sort of a large asterisk. Large asterisk due to the fact that it totally depends on the ecig itself. There are so many choices out there, every day another ecig company or store pops up selling their ‘new brand’. Most of these ‘brands’ however are simply imported pieces of Chinese junk that start-ups just slap a logo on and ‘call it good’. You’d also be surprised to know that quality of even large companies in the electronic cigarette space. Namely Blu Cigs.

Blu Cigs Are Expensive

Blu Cigs are kind of great because there available everywhere. However is your serious about quitting smoking and switching to electronic cigarettes, Blu falls short of a long term solution, unless of course you want to shell out loads of hard earned cash on new products as their batteries and charger’s tend to malfunction after about a months of totally normal use. Speaking from experience, there is absolutely nothing worse than finally making the transition to vapor only to be let down by faulty batteries and chargers routinely. If you truly want to save money with electronic cigarettes you can, you just need to be informed enough to buy the right kit.

Halo Cigs Triton Last Longer

Which kit is the right one you ask? Which kit will last for years on end without failing you in the crunch time when you really need that strong dose of nicotine? Fair question. Answer, Halo Cigs. Halo Cigs offers quality starter kits that will stand the test of time and not up and malfunction for no good reason when your in desperate need of a good ‘vape’. One will go through hundreds of dollars and headaches when rolling with companies like Blu Cigs & one will also be able to concentrate on much more important things than faulty equipment when they go with such companies as Halo Cigs. You’ve been warned, if you don’t want the hassle of spending too much money on ‘mainstream’ electronic cigarettes, go with the best, go with Halo Cigs, it will save you money in the long term.


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