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Eversmoke is an established brand in the growing collection of International Vapor Group properties. ‘IVP’ for short features a handful of quality e cig products and brands, with Vaporfi being it’s number one well known brand. However, Eversmoke is a brand developed for those who don’t care about all the frills of modern day vaping. Eversmoke is specifically designed to appeal to that older generation that is ready to make the transition away from traditional tobacco cigarettes. When ordering e cig products through Eversmoke, one can expect premium quality, customer service and frankly simple yet effective rechargeable electronic cigarettes. When viewing Eversmoke products, one will notice (as we state numerously throughout this article) very standard looking devices, built to mimic the look and feel of real cigarettes. The current slang word for this type of electronic cigarette is known as a ‘cig-a-like’. Eversmoke features 4 separate starter kits in the Basic, Pro, Ultimate & Couples option. Each of which specs and reviews can be found below.

If you think you’re up for more advanced vaping devices, we’d encourage you to look into tank or mod systems, both of which are offered by Eversmokes’ sister brand, Vaporfi. If you opt for any Vaporfi e cig, be sure to utilize our Vaporfi Coupon.

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Eversmoke Review of Pros and Cons

One big pro we have to mention right away is the actual quality of these items. When buying any product, most people’s number one concern is in regard to the item’s efficiency. With an e-cigarette, shoppers want strong batteries, reliable performance, solid throat hits, full vapor production and strong flavors. We’re happy to report that Eversmoke is able to pretty much tick every single one of those boxes. The brand’s e-cigs may have a simple aesthetic, but they work really nicely. The batteries last for a long time and should easily see you through the day, while the E Cigs themselves offer a lot of vapor and good flavors. The only drawback in performance is that those flavors can tend to fade a little towards the end, so we hope Eversmoke can improve this aspect to match up to the Vaporfi standard.

We also need to mention the prices. Eversmoke offers some really excellent savings, particularly on its starter kits. A basic starter kit containing a couple of batteries and all of the other items you need can be had for just $19.99, while more advanced kits are available at equally enticing price points. Cartridges also offer great value for money and Eversmoke even runs its own rewards program to help loyal customers save more. Again, this reminds us a lot of Vaporfi, as that brand also runs a handy rewards scheme to keep customers coming back for more. Shoppers certainly appreciate these sorts of loyalty bonuses, so we’re glad to see this system in place with Eversmoke.

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Eversmoke Pros

  • A wide range of starter kits
  • Lots of tasty flavor cartridges
  • Very reasonable prices
  • Rewards program
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lots of promotions and savings to be had
  • Aimed towards mature smokers
Eversmoke Cons

  • Eversmoke offers solid solutions for beginners.

Eversmoke Review Summary

eversmoke review summary

To sum up, we have to say we’re quite impressed with Eversmoke. This is a company we like. It’s important for a business to put quality above all else, and it seems like that is exactly what this Eversmoke team are doing. The brand has a clean, simplistic style and produces top quality E Cigs to satisfy almost any customer. If you’ve been on the fence when it comes to placing an order with Eversmoke, we hope this review will be able to nudge you in the right direction.

Eversmoke isn’t the most well-known brand in the business but we think it deserves a little more attention. This company is making some really great E Cigs that function to a very high standard. Instead of working on exaggerated branding and marketing gimmicks, the Eversmoke team are working to provide the best levels of customer satisfaction possible. They do this by selling products that appear simple on the outside but have some powerful technology underneath, all for very competitive prices. After dealing with this brand ourselves and having been smokers for many years, we can say we were very impressed with the performance of these e-cigarettes.

Many customers also seem to share our view. Testimonials often include references to Eversmoke’s high standards of quality and dedication to helping people save money. This company is clearly doing a lot of things right and will continue to gain plenty of fans. We haven’t had any problems ourselves when dealing with Eversmoke, and it’s hard to find other customers who have encountered any issues either. This appears to be a brand that can be trusted, so it’s certainly wise to check them out.