fluffy clouds e liquid review

Fluffy Clouds E Liquid is a relative newcomer to the vaping scene, with this line of products coming to us from Slumberland Industries. The brand was first introduced back in 2014 and has found quite a few fans since then. Overall, if we wanted to summarize the Fluffy Clouds line we’d say that this brand may have a cute name, but it’s also got a lot of attitude. There aren’t too many flavors in this lineup, but they’re all capable of leaving a lasting impression with any user. The Fluffy Clouds brand is all about providing creative and intense flavors for fair prices. One of the first things you’ll notice about this brand is that a regular 30ml bottle only costs $15 and that alone is enough to attract a lot of customers. A lot of premium e-liquid companies are charging well over $20 for their bottles nowadays, so it’s good to see an up-and-coming company that has decided to buck the trend in a sensible way. Even the giant 120ml bottles of Fluffy Clouds e-juice will only cost you $38, so you can really stock up without having to empty your wallet.

So the prices are good, but how about the products themselves? Well, we’re glad to report that Slumberland Industries has developed some really interesting recipes here. On the outside, you’ll recognize the ingredients list and flavor names with ease, but when you actually go ahead and test these liquids out, you begin to see how special they are. The company has managed to take classic American flavors like cherry cola or strawberry milkshake and recreate them in their own image. These flavors are very rich and the company has stayed close to home when sourcing its ingredients. Instead of making use of exotic flavors and components from all across the globe like so many other brands, Fluffy Clouds has kept its menu decidedly American. We can certainly appreciate that, and it helps to set this brand apart from the others. It’s also worth noting that Fluffy Clouds really focuses on VG in the production of its juices. The contents vary from bottle to bottle, but one of the flavors contains 87% VG, which is one of the highest percentages we’ve ever seen. This helps to minimize the roughness of the throat hit, while ensuring maximum vapor production and powerful flavors. Clearly, the brand is called Fluffy Clouds for a reason, as those fluffy clouds of vapor will undoubtedly form when you use these juices.

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Fluffy Clouds E Liquid Review of Pros & Cons

fluffy clouds e liquid reviews

Let’s begin by talking about the things we like about this line of juices. First of all, Fluffy Clouds has a sense of style and isn’t afraid to show it. The brand’s deep blue bottles and bold fonts really help to give these products their own special image. Product names are equally to-the-point and the brand’s website is simple and easy-to-navigate. The juices themselves are very interesting, focusing on classic flavors that everyone can relate to, rather than making the recipes too exotic or wacky. The menu may be small for the time being, with just four main tastes and two other variants of pre-existing flavors, but it’s definitely filled with flavor.

We also like the way that this brand really does produce the titular ‘Fluffy Clouds’ when used. The high VG content causes some really dense fog to form with each puff, and a lot of people like this sort of liquid. However, this is where one of our subjective criticisms comes into play. Naturally, not everyone likes blends that are very rich in VG, so if you prefer less vapor and stronger throat hits then this might not be the brand for you.

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Fluffy Clouds E Liquid Pros

  • Cool style
  • American ingredients and recipes
  • Rich flavors
  • Lots of vapor production
  • Very affordable prices
  • Cool blue bottles and nice company logo
Fluffy Clouds E Liquid Cons

  • None worth pointing out.

Fluffy Clouds E Liquid Review Summary

fluffy clouds e liquid review summary

Overall, we can say that Fluffy Clouds is a great little line of products that will really appeal to certain people. The high VG content and limited number of flavors won’t be for everyone, but that doesn’t stop these products being really well-made and thoroughly delicious.

We really like the Fluffy Clouds brand. These flavors have been mixed to provide some real intensity. With each bottle, you’ll really feel as though you’re biting into each and every ingredient. The thick clouds of vapor produced by these bottles only help to reinforce that effect. To put it simply, if you want vape juice that really captures the essence of genuine food and drink, then you should definitely be looking into buying some products from Fluffy Clouds. For now, the lineup is quite limited, but we hope to see more flavors arrive in the months to come. We, and the many fans of Fluffy Clouds, also really appreciate the low prices of these bottles. Vaping isn’t too expensive in general, but it’s always nice to save a few dollars, while still being able to enjoy high quality products.

So which flavors really stand out? Well, we like all of them, but ‘Jynx’ is particularly popular. This little bottle manages to faithfully recreate the experience of drinking a smooth strawberry milkshake. The ingredients in this bottle are evidently of very high quality, and the huge amount of VG allows you to really close your eyes and imagine that milkshake trickling down your throat. It’s a very impressive product and is a great all-day vape. ‘Nuka’ is another highlight, replicating the sweet tang of cherry cola with strong tones of menthol to keep it fresh.