For a limited time only, Halo Cigs is offering a phenomenal promotion in free e liquid. One of Halo’s new favorite promo’s to offer lately is a free bottle of e liquid with any Halo Cig’s purchase of $20 or more. The current Free Halo Cig’s E Liquid being given for free is their Malibu Tropical Blend E Liquid. If you’ve only ever used the Halo G6, your probably just familiar with cartomizers (also known as cartridges or refills). The e liquid being offered for free is literally a bottle of Malibu Tropical Blend. If your a Halo Triton user, using this e liquid will be the same as always, simply pouring it into your tank. However, if you have the G6 and are wondering how in the world this will benefit you, read on. Not many people know this, but your Halo G6 Cartomizers have removable rubber tips on the end. You can in fact pour in any Halo E Liquid into your used Cartomizers to use again 2-3 times before they ultimately burn out completely. Given, they won’t taste as good as from the factory, but it’s one heck of a way to save money by using the Halo G6 and utilizing Halo’s current E Liquid give away promotion. I’m not sure how you guys are currently buying your e liquids and cartomizers, but what I’ve been doing is purchasing two 5 packs of my favorite every week or week in a half so that I never run out. If I miss ordering for a week or by chance run out somehow, I usually have about 20 used Cartomizers on standby to refill with my free bottle of Halo E Liquid.


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