freeman vape juice review

Freeman Vape Juice is making waves in the vaping industry, so we just had to review this brand and see exactly why people are getting so excited. Freeman Vape Juice doesn’t have the same amount of experience as other premium e liquid brands, but it’s making a big mark on the vaping scene and proving to be very popular with fans. The team behind this brand clearly know what needs to be done to be successful, putting a lot of time and effort into crafting the finest products. Freeman Vape Juice is made using only the best ingredients and the latest production techniques, guaranteeing purity and quality in every bottle. We always appreciate when e liquid companies take the time to keep their standards high, so Freeman Vape Juice wins some big points with us for this initiative. The company also happens to make some top quality vape juice, and if you want to see our favorite e liquids of all time, take a look at our list of Best E Liquids.

Freeman Vape Juice boasts of 9 flavors right now, with 19 ingredients being used to make them. There’s a good mixture of simple, classic ingredients like tobacco and menthol, as well as more elaborate or exotic additions like rice pudding and butterscotch. While reviewing Freeman Vape Juice, we saw that the team has worked some magic with these ingredients to create an attractive and enticing menu of flavors. One of our favorites is Trail Blazer, mixing together tobacco, butterscotch and peanuts to create a multi-layered blend that makes for an ideal all-day vape. If you like tobacco blends like Trail Blazer, you might want to take a look at our Black Note E Liquid Review for more awesome tobacco-based e liquids. If sweetness is more your style, Freeman Vape Juice’s 1885 offering is another top quality treat, offering the flavor of a creamy vanilla milkshake.

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On a side note, it should known that we tested all e liquid flavors with Vaporfi SMOK Series MODs & Halo Reactor Series MODs. (Both of which we consider to be top of the line and indeed some of the best e cigs available online.) For more information on these e cig/vaporizer lines, we encourage you to check out Vaporfi and Halo Cigs for yourselves. Furthermore, don’t forget to use our Vaporfi Coupon & Halo Cigs Coupon to save as much money as possible on your new vapes!

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Freeman Vape Juice Review of Pros & Cons

While reviewing Freeman Vape Juice, we saw that this brand has a lot to offer. The vape juice itself is of excellent quality, and there’s a nice little menu of flavors to try out at competitive prices. On the downside, there aren’t many options for tobacco or menthol lovers, and the 80:20 VG:PG ratio is pretty standard in the industry these days and offers awesome vapor production, but results in a relatively weak throat hit.

In general, Freeman Vape Juice is a big winner in our view. It’s rare to find such good quality e liquid at such low prices, and the brand’s 120ml bottles at $19.99 offer amazing value for money. Regular promotions like Buy 1, Get 1 Free deals also help to make Freeman Vape Juice a highly recommendable brand.

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Freeman Vape Juice Pros

  • Excellent quality e liquid.
  • Competitive prices.
  • Good promotions.
  • High vapor production.
  • American made.
Freeman Vape Juice Cons

  • Website design could be better.
  • Limited tobacco and menthol options.

Freeman Vape Juice Review Summary

freeman vape juice review summary

Freeman Vape Juice is a growing player in the e liquid world and we wouldn’t be surprised to see this brand enjoy plenty of success in years to come. The Freeman Vape Juice team have invested in smart production techniques and a small but varied array of well-sourced ingredients to create an exciting and vibrant menu of e liquid flavors. While reviewing Freeman Vape Juice, we were surprised by the company’s competitive prices, as we’ve rarely seen 120ml bottles of premium e liquid offered at such a small cost. Fortunately, Freeman Vape Juice has been able to exceed our expectations and is undoubtedly one of the best places to shop for top quality vape juice, especially if you’re on a restricted budget and want to get the best bang for your buck.

Our Freeman Vape Juice review has already mentioned a couple of the company’s most popular flavors, and we also have to highlight the Icebound and Jungle bottles. The former mixes together crisp mint, refreshing watermelon and juicy berries to create a fruity menthol experience, while the latter brings together strawberry, kiwi and banana in a tropical fruit smoothie. They’re both excellent e liquids and definitely stand out as some of the most delicious e liquids in the Freeman Vape Juice lineup. The brand also offers a very reasonably-priced sample pack, letting you try out the entire menu for a very low price. It’s a great way to see what Freeman Vape Juice has to offer and discover your favorite flavors.