frisco vapor review

Important Note: All of our Frisco Vapor distributors are currently out of stock. While we’ll certainly let you know when they’re back ‘in-stock’, in the meantime, we’d point you in the direction of Five Pawns gourmet e liquids.

Frisco Vapor is growing by leaps and bounds. The individual e-liquids are each named after various districts and landmarks, from ‘The Rock’ to ‘Ashbury’ and even ‘Presidio’. These names and terms won’t necessarily have the same meaning to someone on the other side of the country as they would to a citizen of San Francisco, but it’s still quite interesting to see a company embrace its home to such an extent. The city of San Francisco is known worldwide and represents one of the most populous locations in the whole United States. The area is very popular with tourists from all four corners of the globe, so it’s certainly not a bad idea for the folks at Frisco Vapor to build their marketing themes and images around such a well-known and much-loved place. People who live in San Francisco or visit the city often will undoubtedly appreciate the ability to buy individual bottles named after their favorite areas.

We’ll talk about the quality of the juices themselves soon, but first let’s just give a special mention to the quality of the bottles and branding. Every flavor has been given a great little, art-deco style image to go along with its name. ‘The Rock’ for example has a simple rendition of Alcatraz upon its glass bottle, while ‘Powell’ is decorated with a picture of one of the city’s famous cable cars. These little labels are only valuable in aesthetic terms, but they’re really pleasing and add an extra degree of quality to Frisco Vapor products. Moving on to the e-liquids themselves, we really have no complaints. The company currently has eight original flavors on offer, along with a bonus bottle that is actually a remixed variant of a pre-existing formula. The recipes themselves aren’t particularly wacky or complicated, they’re simply very well-made. Some examples of ingredients include banana, tobacco, oatmeal cookie, spearmint, peach tea, and many more.

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Frisco Vapor Review of Pros & Cons

frisco vapor e liquid review
One thing we really like about Frisco Vapor is the way in which the company has managed to keep its menu quite broad. This is a good thing, as it allows the brand to appeal to a very wide audience. Whether you’re the sort of person who prefers tobacco, menthol, fruit, cereal or sweet e-liquids, this brand will have at least one option to make you smile. This is certainly one of the reasons why Frisco Vapor’s popularity has grown so much, and we’re looking forward to seeing the ways in which the brand’s menu will expand in future.

In terms of prices, the standard 30ml bottle of each flavor will cost you $22, which is a perfectly standard price for this sort of juice. The company goes to great lengths to help people save a bit of cash by offering a surprisingly vast array of bottle sizes. Every savor can be purchased in 15ml, 16.5ml, 30ml, 60ml and 120ml bottles, and you’ll benefit from better savings as you buy bigger packages.

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Frisco Vapor Pros

  • A broad range of flavors
  • Excellent ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Cool San Francisco-centric theme
  • Nice website
  • Respectable prices
  • Free shipping in the US
  • Many different bottle sizes to choose from
Frisco Vapor Cons

  • None, other than the fact that it’s commonly sold out.

Frisco Vapor E Liquid Review Summary

frisco vapor review summary

As we have said many times, it’s nice to see a company embrace its home. The team at Frisco Vapor clearly loves the city of San Francisco and is doing the town justice by creating some really great products. The range of flavors on offer will appeal to everyone, and even the bottles themselves can brighten up your day.

We like Frisco Vapor. Whether you love, hate, or feel indifferent about San Francisco as a city, it’s nice to see a company take inspiration from its surroundings. It’s impossible to argue against the idea that San Francisco has got a lot of famous landmarks, from Alcatraz Island to the Golden Gate Bridge. These monuments have been nicely captured in the design of the company’s bottles, while the flavors on offer have come from all around the world. We definitely appreciate Frisco Vapor’s style and would like to see more vaping brands based around cities or locations in the future. The company also has a lot of other advantages to offer, from its free shipping to its reusable glass bottles and its excellent array of savors.

One flavor that really does stick out for us is ‘The Rock’. Like most of the Frisco Vapor catalog, this bottle contains a relatively simple flavor that has clearly been perfected over time. The Rock offers a refreshing mixture of peaches and earl grey tea. If you enjoy tea-based juices, this is definitely one to check out, and it even won a respectable ‘Best in Show’ award at the famous Vape Summit event. It also contains a high amount of VG, 65% to be exact, ensuring that the flavor remains rich and delicious over time. There’s a lot of VG in the whole Frisco Vapor menu, so you can expect relatively smooth hits and intense flavors with every single bottle. ‘Soma’ is another delicious option for menthol-lovers. This bottle contains a smooth spearmint presence, with fruity hints of melon and strawberry to balance it out.