glas vapor e liquid review

Glas Vapor is one of those e liquids brands that just oozes with class and elegance. Created by renowned e liquid innovator and creator Sean Glas, this brand is widely regarded as one of the premier names in the entire industry. While reviewing Glas Vapor e liquids, a simple glance at the brand’s products was enough to tell us all we needed to know: Glas Vapor is all about quality. The brand has an expanded menu with a few different lineups of flavors, but its classic original flavors still shine through as some of the best. Delivered in stunning crystal bottles, these products are beautiful to look at and offer some amazing vaping experiences. If you’d like to learn more about the e liquids we love the most, be sure to read through our list of the Best E Liquids.

While reviewing Glas Vapor, we took the time to investigate this brand’s production methods and were blown away by what we learned. Glas Vapor uses state-of-the-art production techniques, with fully certified and monitored production centers, guaranteeing maximum safety and quality. So much care goes into the creation of every single one of these e liquids. Innovation, passion, and quality are three of the core tenets of the Glas Vapor name, and it’s clear to see that this brand is one we can all trust. When we actually took the time to vape some Glas Vapor e liquids, we were stunned by just how good they were. In fact, while checking out Glas Vapor, we were reminded of another of our favorite e liquids brands: Five Pawns. You can learn more about them via our Five Pawns E Liquid Review.

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Glas Vapor Review of Pros & Cons

Well, when it comes to Glas Vapor, we’ve clearly got a lot of pros to talk about. Namely, the high quality of the ingredients and manufacture of these e liquids. The incredible packaging of the regular flavors is another bonus, and it’s a shame that the brand’s other lines like Sneakerhead and Fruit Whip don’t quite have the same level of style and elegance.

The only cons we can level at Glas Vapor are the rather high prices and the fact that the brand doesn’t offer any tobacco or menthol flavors, which slightly limits its appeal. However, if you’re interested in sweet or fruity e liquids, you absolutely need to give Glas Vapor a try and we’re very excited to recommend these products to our readers.

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Glas Vapor Pros

  • Extremely high quality.
  • Beautiful crystal bottles.
  • High production standards.
Glas Vapor Cons

  • No tobacco or menthol.
  • Premium prices.
  • Paid shipping.

Glas Vapor E Liquid Review Summary

glas vapor e liquid review summary

Sean Glas is widely regarded as one of the smartest men in the e liquid world and it’s not hard to see why. With Glas Vapor, this creator is offering some of the best e liquids money can buy. There’s an incredible range of sweet and fruity flavors here, delivered in some beautiful bottles and packaging. Even the more casual offerings like the Sneakerhead and Fruit Whip lines have cool styles and great flavors. While reviewing Glas Vapor, we were also impressed to see how the brand offers a lot of different bottle sizes, catering to a vast audience and letting you decide how much you want to spend and how much e liquid you need.

These e liquids are award-winning for a reason: they offer exceptional quality. We’ve discussed the high standards of production and testing earlier in this review, and the same dedication and commitment to quality is evident throughout the entire Glas Vapor e liquid catalog. It’s clear that these recipes have been perfected and adjusted over time to offer the most enjoyable experiences possible. The brand got started with its Pound Cake flavor, and that remains a big hit, blending together warm dough with a sweet glaze, topped off with hints of vanilla and lemon. It’s the sort of e liquid you want to save for special occasions because it simply tastes so luxurious, but it also works amazing well as an all-day vape, and the same can be said for many other Glas Vapor flavors. We strongly encourage you to give them a try.