If you’ve found this post, judging by the title, you new to electronic cigarettes. (Which is awesome I might add!) So the ‘Halo Cigarette’ is an electronic cigarette made by a New Jersey Company called Halo Cigs. The ‘Halo Cigarette’ is actually a generic term as their are two different types or styles of Halo Cigarettes. One of those styles or types is called the G6. The G6 is a compact electronic cigarette (basically the same exact size as a traditional tobacco cigarette) that is notorious for it’s premium quality, sleek looks and being a great choice for newbies just starting out in e cigs. It cost around $45 for a G6 Starter Kit that comes with everything you need to get started. You can actually use our Halo Cigs Coupon to save yourself some cash when making this purchase.

The other Halo Cigarette type or style is the Triton. The Triton is the bigger and better (big brother to the G6) electronic cigarette that Halo Cigs offers. Most people start out with the G6 and eventually graduate to the Triton if they like vaping in general. The Triton is a more economical system and is perfect for those who like to vape all throughout the day. This isn’t to say that you can’t vape all day with the G6, it’s just to say that the Triton is built for long lasting use. It has battery voltages ranging from 400mAh to 1300mAh that can give you days on end without needing to recharge. Of course with the Triton, you have an e cig that is significantly more bulky than the G6. Essentially, battery life and physical size of the e cig unit goes hand in hand. The best choice to have both a G6 unit and a Triton unit as they both have their pros and cons but are the best on the market in terms of quality e cigs.


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