Halo Cigs started in 2009 out of Pequannock New Jersey, producing e liquid for electronic cigarettes solely. As the demand was clearly increasing for quality electronic cigarette products, Halo Cigs found itself in a perfect position for growth in the booming industry. Halo Cigs is currently available in over 500 northeastern regional cigar and smoke shops but the bulk of their business stems from online sales. Halo quickly made a name for itself by providing american made quality e liquid as many providers in the industry simply import nicotine juice (e liquid) from overseas with absolutely no idea the exact contents. In a totally nontransparent industry, Halo has filled in the missing legislative gaps with it’s own strict quality control and exacting guidelines for their e liquid recipes. From only 6 employees in 2009, Halo Cigs grew to over 30 full time employees by mid 2010 and continues to grow at a steady rate.

Getting What You Pay For

Everyday a new ‘smoke shop’ or business opens it’s doors, trying to take advantage of the rising electronic cigarette trend. 95% of these companies find an overseas source to import all of their products from. We are all for american entrepreneurship, but certainly not at the cost of american consumer health. With virtually no regulation outside of state and local governments mandating whether or not ecigs can be used indoors, the ecig industry resembles the wild west at the moment. Perhaps even a bit of a gold rush or more fittingly, a vapor rush. In most cases, electronic cigarettes are a safer alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes, however nobody knows what these mostly Chinese companies ingredient’s consist of. It’s definitely a fair request for the federal government to regulate e liquid and it’s nicotine content just as strictly as it does via the FDA for tobacco itself. In the meantime, all we can do as ‘vapors’ is at the very least, buy american made e liquid, which Halo Cigs provides at a rather high standard.


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