Halo Cigs does not currently feature any automatic delivery options. However, this thread is meant to proactively stir up the discussion so that auto delivery might be considered into the companies e-commerce setup. If you like the idea of keeping your credit card on file with Halo Cigs and setting a monthly or weekly schedule of auto deliveries of e liquid or cartridges to your house, we ask that you comment in the section at the bottom of this page.

Halo is continually growing and has frankly become a top 5 contender among the most widely sold electronic cigarette brands in the United States. Like the majority of other US electronic cigarette brands, nearly all of their sales are completely online or via e-commerce. We all certainly understand that a company has to crawl before it can walk and that it will ultimately take time for the company to develop it’s reach in retail markets. However, it would equally make sense that the company would offer the most modern features for it’s customers to remain loyal to the brand. In this case, that such feature would be automatic delivery of e liquid or cartridges.

There is certainly nothing wrong will going to the Halo website itself, logging in and ordering products as customers see fit, however it seems like it would make more sense to allow customers the option of auto delivery. From the customers point of view, they won’t have to deal with the small and even timely hassle of ordering a la carte. They would instead simply sign up for an auto deliver program and select the options that best suite their vaping habits. For example, I typically use 5 to 8 Halo Tribeca Cartomizers every single week. Therefore, I like to have at least two 5 pack cases on hand going into my work week. It’s not a huge deal by any stretch of the imagination to simply login and make these purchases on my own. I am human though, and I often forget to re-order my coveted refills, which sometimes leaves me in a bind. I have remedied this situation in the past by also having Tribeca 30mL e liquid bottle on hand so I can reuse old cartomizers. This works fine for a couple days, but there is truly nothing like the freshness and potency of the cartridges that come directly from the factory. I for one, would welcome a Halo Auto Delivery system with open arms. To not have to worry about remembering to order my e liquids would be a huge benefit to continue exclusively using the brand.

From the companies perspective, it would mean consistent orders and that much more reason for customers to remain loyal to the brand. Sure, it would take a small investment in IT to develop the system and incorporate it into the website, however such tasks these days are relatively easy and the absolute maximum price for integrating such a system would be no more that a few thousands dollars. I honestly can’t think of any downside to Halo offering such a program and would urge fellow loyal Halo users to write the company in an effort to make this update happen.

We would love to hear your feedback on whether or not your in favor of Halo offering an auto delivery program. Feel free to add your comments below. We don’t discriminate on differing opinions either, go ahead and add your two cents below.

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