If your new to electronic cigarettes you might be wondering what the difference is between automatic and manual e cigs. For starters, the terms automatic and manual are referring to the type of battery functionality. Automatic batteries for example are designed to ‘automatically’ activate when you inhale or take a puff. On the other hand, manual batteries are designed to only activate when the user is pressing down a button located on the e cig battery itself. Frankly, in our opinion the manual option is just an available option on most e cig brands because other companies are offering it, not because it’s some kind of amazing feature that is necessary for all e cig users. For example, if one brand or company features a manual option and others don’t, it will most likely be looked at as a more custom product. However, in our experience, the manual option makes little to no difference in any part of your vaping experience.

difference between halo automatic and manual batteriesOpponents will claim that manual e cigs offer a more custom and or controlled experience. Again, it’s strictly preference and either way you’re sure to get a quality electronic cigarette solution with Halo Cigs. We do however prefer the simplicity of the automatic batteries, especially when using the G6. The Triton only offers manual batteries, mostly because it’s a full sized beast of an electronic cigarette system. Obviously it’s all about trying both G6 options for yourself to determine what works best for you. It is most common however that beginning users start with an automatic solution and then perhaps try manual e cig systems out of curiosity if nothing else. Whichever you decide, be sure to utilize our Halo Cigs Coupons to save the most money possible on your new starter kit. If you’d like to learn more about Halo Cigs products, check out our Halo G6 Review, Halo Triton Review and Halo E Liquid Review to learn more about each individual product.

Which Halo Battery Type Should You Choose

It’s completely up to you obviously, but we would recommend automatic batteries when first starting out. However, remember that if you are in fact purchasing the Triton, it is only available in manual. This way you’ll be able to determine which one works better for you. You can of course always by a new battery down the road and this way you’ll know for certain which one works best for you. The good thing to keep in mind about Halo Cigs batteries is that your guaranteed to have a premium quality vape as compared to the likes of Blu Cig batteries that never work.


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