When switching to electronic cigarettes from traditional tobacco cigarettes or frankly whenever searching for a new electronic cigarette, the number one factor to consider in our opinion is battery life. You can have the most magnificent looking e cig and maybe the best flavor cartridges ever invented, but if you don’t have a battery that’s worth a ‘hoot’ it’s all in vein. Honestly, there is no worse feeling than getting ready to take that smooth vapor drag only to find out that your battery is dead. Of course, its understandable if you haven’t charged the e cig fairly recently, but if for example you just pulled it off the charger within the hour or two and its flat dead, you’ll likely start throwing things everywhere, which isn’t good for anybody. Which brings me to my primary point of the absolute importance of having a quality e cig and a battery that actually works properly. I know, it doesn’t seem like this should be such a problem, right?

Check out our Halo Triton Review and Halo G6 Review to learn more about each system’s battery life and size. If you’d like to learn more about the Halo Cigs Brand itself, head on over to our Halo Cigs Review. If you’re a complete newbie and want to learn more about e cigs in general, check out our e cigs 101 guide. When you’re ready to pull the trigger on your new Halo E Cig, be sure to use our http://vapestaff.com/halo-cigs-coupon”>Halo Cigs Coupon to save the most money possible on your new order!

Halo Cigs Batteries Last Longer

Well, speaking from experience, it’s a huge problem in the electronic cigarette marketplace. Blu for example has a very sleek ecig that is readily available at any local gas station however, their batteries are completely terrible and will leave you high and dry more times than not. Our experience with Blu Cigs Starter Kit was that the batteries lasted on average 2 months before dying off and not taking a charge anymore, which gets very expensive after a few kits. Halo Cigs on the other hand, in our experience, has one of the best batteries on the market. On average, Halo Cigs Starter Kits lasted for an entire year. So, save yourself huge amounts of headaches and money by simply purchasing a Halo Cigs Starter Kit from the get go. There’s simply no reason to waste any hard earned money on cheap junk electronic cigarettes that only last a month or two if your lucky. Buy Quality. Buy Halo Cigs.


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