Is your Blu Cig not working? Don’t worry, your not a special or unique Blu customer. In fact Blu Cigs typically only work about 50% of the time on average. Some of you might ask, ‘how long do blu cigs last?’ The answer is of course not long at all. Blu batteries or starter kits will last about 2 months tops and cartridges will often be faulty as soon as you buy them. What are Blu users to do? First, you can educate yourself on a few facts about electronic cigarettes. Second, you can learn about the difference between the Halo G6 and Triton. Thirdly, you’ll need to read up on what makes a proper e liquid via our Halo E Liquid Review. Lastly, you’ll need to grab our Halo Cigs Coupon below to save yourself as much money as possible with our Halo G6 Coupon, Halo Triton Coupon and or Halo E Liquid Coupon.

Whether your just starting with electronic cigarettes or have been using your particular brand for a long time, Halo Cigs is worthy of your trial. You will find that Halo Cigs ‘do it better’. In fact, if you want the ultimate e cig experience, we highly recommend that you purchase a Triton Starter Kit as soon as humanly possible. The Triton packs the punch you crave as a smoker, it doesn’t leave you constantly wanting more as most disposables and cartridges setups do and it will actually save you money as it is a much more efficient setup.


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