The ‘ecig’ market itself is a multi-billion dollar industry and is in an incredible stage of growth as more and more nicotine users seek a better solution to ‘smoking’ than classic paper cigarettes. With this being the case, a tremendous amount of new brands and businesses are being started, which on one hand is a great thing for the user but on the other raises many concerns over proper business practices. Halo is both a quality company and one that offers competitive rates and even coveted Halo Cigs Coupons.

Halo Cigs Quality

At Halo Cigs, every single possible effort is made to ensure their customers safety and satisfaction. All of their products are passed and certified by appropriate agencies including (USP, FDA & FEMA). One would think that these things are required or ‘standard’ for any electronic cigarette based business, however this is not the case. With products available at pennies on the dollar overseas, many ecig start-up businesses bye-pass all regulations and start selling/promoting products that have absolutely no oversight. Halo Cigs however have went through every process and procedure to build a firm foundation to grow for years to come & whenever possible supports manufacturing right here in the United States.

Halo Cigs VS Other E Cig Brands

If you’ve tried electronic cigarettes before, perhaps with companies like ‘Blu’, only to be let down by e cigs and cartridges that fail to work the majority of the time, do not write them off all together. The truth is, electronic cigarettes are still relatively new and as technology continues to advance, more e cigs will be of quality and provide a better solutions than classic tobacco cigarettes. Halo Cigs on the other hand is actually an electronic cigarette company that can be counted on to supply quality products that work 100% of the time.

Halo’s electronic cigarette product line is very simple. First, they feature the G6 as a compact model that is most similar in size and shape to a traditional tobacco cigarette. Secondly, they offer a full size electronic cigarette unit in the Triton which is slightly more bulky than the G6 but offers phenomenal battery life and vapor production. Lastly, Halo manufactures their very own e liquid right here in the United States with the utmost importance placed on quality and regulation as outlined above. If you’d like to learn more about Halo’s product line, feel free to read our Halo G6 Review, Halo Triton Review and Halo E Liquid Review.