Featuring the most popular Halo Cigs Coupons of 2014 below as well as all ways to save even more with Halo Cigs. We are nearly one month into the New Year of 2014. How are you doing on your goal of quitting smoking? Have you already fallen back into your old habit and given up on the idea of quitting yet again. Have you fallen into the Blu Cigs trap of great marketing but incredibly poor performance? Learn why Halo Cigs beats Blu Cigs in every single category making it the premier choice for you to finally quit smoking. The New Year is just a date on the calender, it is a 100% physiological thing that we have created and love to refer to as a time to change things or set goals for ourselves. Just because you haven’t hit your goal within the first 30 days of setting it doesn’t mean it’s not a worthy goal and certainly doesn’t mean that you should stop trying to attain it. I smoked a pack of cigarettes nearly every day for 7 years straight until I finally decided to make the decision to quit.

Smoking Cigarettes is a Hazard To Your Health – Vape Instead With Halo Cigs
I was and am very athletic and grew up playing every sport possible, mainly football, basketball and baseball. However, after finishing high school and college, I had to get started on this thing called ‘life’ and my playing days become fewer and fewer until I rarely played at all. Bills started to come in and life started to happen, I had to work. With work and hardly anytime spent with athletics or activities, stress set in. Before I knew it, I was a pack a day smoker who was becoming out of shape for the first time in my life. I kept telling myself that I needed to start at least playing basketball or doing something to get my cardio going, however I did nothing day after day. I could feel my body becoming weaker and my lung capacity diminishing. I acted for days, weeks, months and even years that I wasn’t changing and that I would stop smoking and get back into shape. I tried quitting ‘cold-turkey’ a few times in between, throwing my pack of cigarettes and lighter out the window of my car, making a stand, that was shortly overcome by my craving for cigarettes.

The Tipping Point of Quitting Smoking and Switching to Halo Cigs
One evening, I went to sleep like any other night but I found myself tossing and turning like crazy. I am a very firm and frankly expert ‘sleeper’, so this was very odd. At first I thought I was just sick or the temperature in my small apartment was just ‘not right’. After fighting it and calling it a typically sickness for hours, trying to rationalize that I was fine, I pin-pointed the problem to my lungs. I was starting to legitimately have trouble breathing. I was short-winded to the point of it being exhausting and could not sleep for the rest of the night. I literally got out of bed at 6am, threw my cigarettes and lighter in the trash and made a stand to quit smoking once and for all.

Sticking With Electronic Cigarettes
Guess what? Within 4 hours, I wanted a cigarette so bad that I would have done anything to get my hands on one. However, I made the decision to quit and I was going to stick to it. The urges though to feed my habit of 7 years were so strong that I needed something to help me. I needed a substitute, something that would keep me from going back into my old smoking habits but something that was more safe and less damaging at least to my body. At 10am I went to my local Walgreens and purchased my first electronic cigarette. I bought a disposable $10 Blu Cig, not knowing absolute anything about ecigs including how long it would last and frankly if it would subdue my addiction to cigarettes. I only knew that they apparently vapor rather than smoke which sounded much more healthy. I puffed away all day long on my first Blu Cig and it completely fulfilled my habit and allowed me to not need an actual real cigarette. In fact, I actually really liked and enjoyed smoking it. The flavor was great (classic tobacco) and just flat out felt way cleaner. I didn’t even stink like an ashtray, which is something that we as smokers come immune to and don’t even notice how bad we smell half the time. Over the next several days, I bought a disposable ecig every morning and it lasted me all day. As you can imagine, this got ‘pricey’ & I knew there had to be a more cost effective solution.

Tell Me More About Electronic Cigarettes
Diving more into electronic cigarettes, I came to find my savings in what are known as starter kits. Starter Kits are pretty self explanatory, in essence, rather than continuously buying disposable cigarettes, when you have a starter kit you can simply buy refills, in this case cartridge refills for the standard Blu Cig starter kit. You typically get 5 cartridges in a pack for right around $15 which one tries to make last as long as possible. I was beginning to make significant progress in my overall savings of smoking vapor rather than real tobacco cigarettes and frankly any cost was worthy of the investment in my body. After a couple weeks of ridding my body of nasty chemicals consumed through real cigarettes over 7 years and hacking up all kinds of nasty stuff, I had officially made the transition into electronic cigarettes. Yes, electronic cigarettes do still contain nicotine but they don’t contain the other hundreds of harsh chemicals and tars and smoke inhalation that goes with real cigarettes, making them in my book more healthy. Another note to mention for those critiques out there is that many electronic cigarettes offer varied nicotine strengths from high, medium and low to zero. So if your ready to be crazy healthy and stop your nicotine addiction all together, again electronic cigarettes are a great solution as you can simply start with the high strength and level your way down to zero nicotine consumption, soon you won’t need to smoke anything ever and won’t be consuming nicotine at all.

Been There Done That With E Cigs
Now that I’ve actually gone through this entire process and know the ins and outs of the electronic cigarette market, I am simply trying to help as many people as possible through my story and knowledge. So, if your ready to stop smoking real cigarettes finally in 2014 and want to do it in the most effective way possible, follow my lead.

What Ecigs Are Best
Halo Cigs Coupon 2014Electronic cigarettes are available in a ton of different variations produced by a ton of different companies. However, not all ecigs ‘were created equally’. Many ecig companies are sprouting up all of the United States, which is good one some regards of a shift in direction from real cigarettes to vapor, but in many other aspects, its a problem. Buyer beware comes to mind. Many of these ecig start-ups are simply buying their batteries, cartridges, chargers and flavors from China, slapping their logo on them and calling it a business. It’s truly never been easier to start your your electronic cigarette business as there are currently very limited regulations in the industry. For the consumer, this means that you need to be informed, you need to be on your toes when your deciding which electronic cigarette your going to choose as your ‘brand’. What’s at stake? Falling back into your habit of smoking real cigarettes to get your ‘fix’, headaches and hair pulling out from being stressed about your product not working or constantly malfunctioning and perhaps most importantly ‘your hard earned money’.

Why Halo Cigs Beats Blu Cigs
Ecigs are fast becoming popular and coming to a spot on the shelf of the gas station nearest you. Just because it has pretty packaging doesn’t mean its any good though. Lets take Blu Cigs for example, my first electronic cigarette. Did it work for the short-term, yes. Did it work for the longer term, no. Even the large company of Blu has it’s problems. I went through 5 different starter kits before I finally decided to look elsewhere. They were constantly malfunctioning. They wouldn’t charge and when they did charge they would only last less than an hour. It was hugely frustrating and if I can save just one person the same hassles that I went through, I will have done my job. When you buy a product, you expect it to deliver results or at least work for more than a month. If you try this company, know that you throwing your money down the drain. I’m an internet guy, so I went in search of the best solution for me, an electronic cigarette starter kits that actually worked, tasted great and was in my budget. What I miraculously found was a company called Halo Cigs.

Halo Cigs is On The Rise
Halo Cigs is a growing company that offers great electronic cigarette products. They are extremely open to regulation in the industry as they strongly adhere to safe products and solutions. On average, I have found Halo Cigs to last about 1 entire year longer than Blu Cigs when comparing starter kits. Mainly though, the entire ‘vaping’ experience is better with Halo Cigs because you don’t have to worry about charging your ecig every half hour. With Halo, you actually get batteries, cartridges and chargers that work and don’t malfunction nearly every day like the rest of the competition. You might say, aren’t you being a bit crazy about this whole topic. I would reply with, been there, done that. This article is for those smokers who are looking to finally quit smoking real cigarettes once and for all and I am simply pointing out my story and how to best make it happen for you to. As they say, my loss/actual real world knowledge is your gain.

Halo Cigs Are The Best Option
Halo Cigs not only offers quality products, but they offer ecigs that are sleek. Perhaps one of the biggest addiction factors related to smoking is the physical addiction factor. One gets used to having a nice little ‘square’ between there fingers. They become used to the shape and overall size and in a way, the physical habit is almost as strong as the chemical habit. Halo Cigs are developed to be stylish, sleek, clean and fashionable. Afterall, none of us want to be seen as the guy or girl whose walking around with some sort of huge medical looking vaporizer or something. We want to be seen like any other smoker. With Halo, the design of the battery and ecig as a whole is superb and is actually a great conversation piece when going out. People see the size and the similarity to a real cigarette and they are intrigued. Rightfully so I might add.

A Summary of Halo Cigs and Quitting Smoking
In summary, first make the decision to finally quit smoking. Second, purchase a starter pack from Halo Cigs. Thirdly, kiss your nasty real cigarette habit goodbye. Lastly, buy refills and repeat. Those of you who want to stop smoking all together, fantastic, simply start with the high level of nicotine strength and work your way down to zero over say a two month time span. Your body will naturally adjust to the slow transition. Oh yeah, we happen to have an in with Halo Cigs and can save you 5% off every single purchase you make through Halocigs.com. Granted, it’s not a lot, but every little bit certainly helps these days. Simply click on the button below to reveal the coupon code. When you have the code, you’ll enter it into the Halocigs.com website when checking out.

Lastly, feel free to share your quitting smoking for good stories with us via the comment section below. If you’ve been a smoker for a few years and have tried to quit without success, make this the year that you actually follow through and get yourself some actual leverage with a phenomenal electronic cigarette company in Halo Cigs.

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