It’s been a busy year for Halo Cigs in 2014. They have been growing substantially via both word of mouth from it’s loyal customer base and also by it’s cult like online following. Of course another reason for their recent spectacular growth is the large amount of savings that they’ve been offering in 2014 from coupon discounts. Below is the recent history of all of Halo Cigs Coupon Discounts in 2014. It should give you a good idea as to what to look forward to in terms of ways to save on coveted Halo Cigs Products for the remainder of the year.

Labor Day Sale & Coupon: Labeled the Halo LaborDaze Special, the company offered 10% off everything, including G6 & Triton Starter Kits as well as all accessories, e liquid and cartridges. This magnificent sale also happened to feature double Halo Points, which of course get your closer to receiving free e liquid. The coupon code for this promotion was of course labordaze.

Summer Sale: This promotion was mainly during July & August and featured a free 10mL bottle of Malibu Tropical Blend E Liquid with any purchase of $20 or more. During this sale, most of us loyal Halo users stocked piled more than enough Malibu e liquid to last for a couple months. No coupon code was required to take advantage of these savings.

Independence Day Sale & Coupon: Celebrating all things American, this sale offered a whopping 15% off Halo’s Premium American Made E Liquid. The best part about being a G6 user is the fact that you can take advantage of all these e liquid bottle savings and simply refill your cartridges. Being able to save 15% on such a valuable commodity makes vaping all the more affordable for both G6 and Triton users. This sale used coupon code freedom.

Pre Summer Sale: The June early July promotion was proudly offering a free 10mL bottle of Tribeca e liquid with any purchase of $20 or more. Being that Tribeca is the most popular e liquid that Halo offers, it was surely a welcome promotion among avid users. You can bet that users were stocking up on their favorite e liquids and perhaps upgrading their systems during this fantastic giveaway. This particular sale didn’t require and coupon codes.

Summer Kickoff Sale: A popular trend with Halo is to offer free e juice with purchase of a certain amount of money or more. In early June 2014, Halo offered Menthol X freebies on any purchase of $20 or more. Another great feature about these sales is the fact that users get to try flavors that they wouldn’t necessary normally try on their own. Which in turn often times leads to new favorites and of course a healthy stockpile of flavors to choose from.

Memorial Day Sale & Coupon: Halo’s Memorial Day Sale featured 10% off every product in the store plus double points. Again, it’s not often that discounts of more than 5% are offered on equipment, so this was certainly a welcome promotion to offer during Memorial Day Weekend in May of 2014. Sales like this are great for users who only have one system in either the G6 or Triton and want to try the other with locking in huge savings at checkout. The Memorial Day Sale used coupon code Remember.

Spring Sale: The Halo Spring Sale generously offered 20% off all e liquid and cartomizers. This sale ran nearly all of April 2014 and allowed users to save huge on their favorite flavors. It’s sales like these that both keep the customer base happy and experimenting with new flavors. For example, it’s been said that Twisted Java taste just like a caramel mint cappuccino and that by combining just a couple drops of Sub-Zero with Prime 15 is an amazing blend to try. Also, another favorite combination is a mix of Voodoo and Cafe Mocha, said to taste exactly like Coco-Puffs!


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