Halo Cigs has recently decided to start offering what they’ve coined, ‘Flavor Friday’. Halo Cig’s Flavor Friday always consists of either one of their popular or their new e liquid flavors paired with some sort of food or adult recreation. Additionally, they’ve recently decided to start running special offers and Halo Cigs Coupon sales on the particular flavor of the week.

Halo Cigs Flavor Friday Cafe Mocha National Doughnut Day

halo cigs coupon national donut dayBeen vaping your favorite e liquid without the thought of trying absolutely anything else basically forever? We held the same mentality for over a year until we finally decided to take sweet venture’s into Halo Cigs Flavor Friday with the Cafe Mocha flavor. Not only was it the perfect flavor to celebrate the lesser known National Doughnut Day National Holiday, it has since become one of our favorite morning e liquid to vape. There’s just something about vaping the right e liquid in the morning to get your day started on the right track. This entire episode also pushed us to pursue other flavors for particular parts of the day, week and even certain pairing such as the cigar with Cordoba e liquid match below.

Halo Cigs Flavor Friday Cordoba Cigar Vaping

halo cigs coupon cordoba e liquidEver pour yourself a still glass of whisky, scotch or bourbon and enjoy it with your favorite e liquid flavor. Consider paring your favorite ‘man drink’ with the delicious new Halo Cigs e liquid flavor, ‘Cordoba’. One of two things will no doubt happen, you’ll realize how great it is to not distract from the stiff aroma of your drink. Or, you’ll realize that you can vape Cordoba throughout the day, to calm your nerves similar to how your favorite drink does, sort of a vape aficionado cheat.

Halo Cigs Flavor Friday Menthol Ice Vaping

halo cigs coupon menthol ice e liquidTruth be told, we were pack a day smokers before switching over to vapor cigarettes. To be exact, we smoked Newport cigarettes, which happen to be one of the most popular menthol brands on the market. While we’ve been vaping Halo’s Tribeca flavor for over a year now and haven’t even tried many Menthol flavors, we had to finally explore the realm and the Menthol Ice flavor by Halo Cigs was at the top of our list. After extensively trying it along with many other leading menthol e liquid flavors, we quickly came to the realization that we’ve been missing out big time on Halo’s coveted Menthol Ice flavor. Where other menthol flavors were too over powering or too light, the Menthol Ice flavor seems to be a perfect medium blend that has us reliving our college days of Newport cigarettes.

Halo Cigs Flavor Friday Review Summary

Don’t get us wrong, the Halo Cigs Tribeca flavor has and always will be our go to flavor. It’s certainly nice however to switch it up every now and then with very particular flavors and pairing as listed above. We look forward to all the new flavors that Halo Cigs is sure to roll out over the coming months and we’ll be sure to let you in on all of our latest Halo E Cigs Review articles.

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