Halo Cigs offers Free Shipping on their products with simply one stipulation. That stipulation is the fact that you’ll need to purchase $75 or more worth of product on whatever particular order you’d like the Free Shipping Discount added to. Contrary to some of these other marketing websites that you may come across, you don’t need any sort of coupon or code to take advantage of free shipping, you simply need to make a purchase of $75 or more and shipping will automatically be discounted in the checkout area. If your new to Halo Cigs and are ready to put forth the investment necessary to finally transition from traditional cigarettes to electronic cigarettes via a quality product, we have the perfect order for you to make which will be both efficient and cost effective. Let’s talk electronic cigarette systems…

First off, you’ll want the Halo G6 Starter Kit in the color of your choice. The Halo G6 is the absolute best compact electronic cigarette on the market today, making it the perfect everyday e cig. We recommend buying the 78mm batteries for both of your G6 Battery options as they last nearly twice as long as the smaller but more compact 65mm battery option. You’ll also be able to choose the flavor and nicotine amount of your first 5 pack of Halo Cartomizers. Halo Cigs Electronic Cigarette Systems are so efficient, literally the only thing you’ll be needing more of is Halo E Liquid. We recommend purchasing at least 2 more 5 packs of Halo Cartomizes (our favorite is Tribeca, feel free to experiment with flavors) on top of the pack that comes standard with the G6 Starter Kit.

Secondly, you’ll want to purchase the Halo Triton for your home device. You can certainly use the Halo Triton anywhere you’d like, but it is a full size electronic cigarette system and sometimes isn’t the ideal solution for using while out and about. Of course, pick the color of your choice and feel free to choose between the 400mAh and 650mAh Triton battery sizes. Like the G6, the Triton battery sizes go hand in hand with the actual size. However, being that the Triton is best used as your resident e cig system, why not opt for the slightly larger 650mAh battery as fitting into your pocket at home isn’t exactly a must have feature. It should also be noted that you’ll need to purchase Halo E Liquid with your Halo Triton Starter Kit as it does not come standard with it. We recommend purchasing at least 2-5 e liquids to be used both directly into your Halo Triton Tank as well as in your Halo G6 Cartomers (when they run out). Lastly, your best bet in terms of a quality e liquid that you’ll actually like and be able to vape a ton of is Tribeca. It’s slightly sweet, but bold enough to flat out not ever get sick of.

Outlined below is the perfect Halo Cigs Order to cure all of your electronic cigarette needs:

  • Halo G6 Starter Kit
  • 2-5 Packs of Cartomizers (all or mostly Tribeca Flavor)
  • Halo Triton Starter Kit
  • 2-5 Bottles of E Liquid (again, all or mostly Tribeca)

If and when your coming back to purchase additional starter kits or e liquids and you want to make the best decision regarding shipping but don’t quite have a purchase order of $75 or more, we’ve had the best results with the Priority Mail Small Flat Rate Box. It takes roughly 2-3 business days and cost right around $5.80. Last but certainly not least, remember to take advantage of one of our Halo Cigs Coupons found at the bottom of this post to save an additional 5% off any order regardless of the purchase order amount. Happy Vaping!


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